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Content Creation Services

How Does It All Work?

The art of writing and engaging and informative article is something that takes time and a number of years to perfect.

If you are looking to publish content on your blog or website that is bound to get shared and liked on social media channels whilst still being impact driven and well researched then finding a content writing team/service that can fulfil these needs in a regular and timely manner is essential.

Here at Websites That Sell we have such a team on board that not only meets these requirements but can also weave together content that is well crafted and conversion orientated.

We follow all your requirements, write to your exact specifications and meet deadlines no matter what size, big or small, your order is.

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Types Of Content We Can Create

Our team of expert content writers are available to craft the following types of content:

Whatever your needs, our content creation service will quickly bring your project to life and within your budget.

Our “Secret Sauce” Content Service

The content we create is publish ready, 100% original and crafted to ensure high rankings in the search engines.

But here’s what makes our team of expert content writers stand out.

Over the years Google and other search engines have refined and tweaked their search algorithms so much that their ability to read and classify content has become extremely advanced.

One major technique they use, and have been using for a few years now, is something called Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI for short.

For the past 5 years, our writing team has been perfecting a writing strategy that produces articles, blog posts and any other type of content that fits in with Google’s quality requirements.

1) We will require you to provide us with a content brief which outlines fully your content requirements including thing such as type of content required, seed keywords, content title etc.. But don’t worry, one of our team will contact you and go through this with you.


LSI Keywords

2) Our content team will then plug your seed keyword/s into our in house research system and MANUALLY analyse the top 30 results in Google. This is where the nuts and bolts of a quality article (or other content) is born.

Most article services will quickly churn out cheaper articles based solely around one or two keywords. Our research methods allow us to create content that is ‘littered’ with LSI keywords that are tightly focused around the subject matter at hand.

3) We then start to craft your content based on this extensive and thorough topic research to ensure that the content you receive from us not only meets but BEATS your expectations!

Great Content

As a result, when you publish your content you may be surprised at how quickly Google gobbles it up and indexes it.

And as a added benefit… over the power of our writing system will really take hold and you’ll start to pull in crazy amounts of free traffic to your site via many long tail keywords.

What This Does For You

It’s a fact that any business that wishes to gain more business online has to engage it’s potential customers with compelling content that ranks highly in the search engines.

Our one of a kind content writing service has helped many clients achieve this goal by:

  • Providing engaging and informative content
  • Improving search engine rankings
  • Enhance natural traffic flow
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve sales and conversions

…all done with 100% unique material.

Why We’re Different To Everyone Else…

Chances are that you’ve worked with other content creation companies and so understand how frustrating it can be when you receive sub-par content back from them.

Believe it or not there are still a lot of services around that still base their content on a ‘keyword density’ of 2 – 4% and hoping that keyword stuffing is going to help their clients!!

Our content team prides itself on delivering a service that is continuously in line with Googles algorithmic changes no matter how often they come around.

Hiring the best content team not only means getting the right results fast but it also means you only need to get it done once.

Our Prices & Packages

Whether it is one article you need, website content for your pages or ongoing content to fire up your blog and drive traffic – we have a solution for you.

Please click on service range below to find out specific pricing. For any services not yet advertised on this page, please contact us for a quote.

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