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Just What Are Press Release Articles?

Press releases are newsworthy articles that are normally forwarded to the media.

These newsworthy press releases are fashioned in a journalistic style and showcase a professional tone that will hopefully inspire the reporters targeted to share the news conveyed with the entire world!

The truth is though that in today’s world they can be submitted in a number of different and clever ways, and this is good news for all small businesses and all those seeking to market their items and services.

We’ll Make You Famous!

The truth of the matter is that there is really no more powerful tool for business than positive media coverage.

If you have a message you want to share and get across to the rest of the world, then a well constructed press release article is going to get the job done, and when it comes to generating web traffic, they truly are hard to beat.

You get your message across to the distribution services, and when they share it within their network, the coverage you get is truly great.

You will literally get all sorts of backlinks that will be carefully directing and leading the public right to your website.

IMPORTANT: It’s Vital You Know How
To Write A Good Press Release Article

It goes without saying that in today’s busy world, reporters find themselves constantly swamped and always fighting deadlines, and the competition for publicity is truly fierce.

You want to make certain to make every effort for your press release is going to stand out and shine immediately, or it may find its way into the garbage.

The same all holds true if you are using an online service, so you want to make certain it will stand out at first glance!

What Does A Good Press Release
Article Look Like?

A good news release article is concise, sharply focused, and totally informative. All content must be totally fact based and written with an active voice engaged to deliver it.

It is vital that the press release contains a gripping headline and strong news hook that will guide the reader smoothly and enthusiastically through it. You also want to pay attention to the style and layout used so as to maximize efficiency.

Any mistakes in this area can lead to failure of the intended goal.

Hire Our Professional Press Release Writers

Let us assist you in getting the message you want conveyed across in a positive way that will drive people to your website and business. Our writers are so well versed and anxious to get the job done for you, and are standing by now.

We make sure your press release will be:

  • Headline focused
  • Informative and engaging
  • Catchy and edgy when required
  • Written in the active voice that is required for your industry
  • Has the right professional tone to match your companies goals
  • Correctly formatted and ready to submit to distribution services

Order an eye-catching news release article right now, and get that message out that you want to share with the rest of the world!

Our Prices & Packages

We have two options available for you. You can simply take advantage of our writing services, or you can get us to write your release and syndicate it using our network partners. Your press release will be featured in Google news and picked up by hundreds of our news site partners.

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We will craft a professional press release covering a newsworthy story about you or your business. Our writers will craft a attention grabbing headline and content that will get journalists taking note and prospects reading. Additionally you can select to have us syndicate your press release using our news distribution & syndication partners.
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