Guest Blog Posts On Key Industry Sites

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Our Guest Blog will give you high domain authority links on Industry, Topic and keyword theme related websites.

Did we mention they are REAL sites?

That’s right traditionally it was easy to get links from sources such as private blog networks (PNS’s) which are artificially created sites for ranking purposes.

You would need to buy your own domains, hosting and create your own sites... with the hope they look natural to Google with all the right signals to make them give you a ranking boost.

And while this works (and still does) it’s hard work - and risky at that.

With our Guest Posting Service you’ll get links on already established sites!

Not only are they established... they are ranking in Google, they have a social presence and links being built to them recently (not 5 years ago) and they have high quality diverse content on their sites.

You can’t get much better than that. We know from all our testing that Google applies much more weight to sites that are actually ranking in Google - we also know that a link from a site that has a relevant theme to what you’re trying to rank packs much more of a punch than an unrelated site - and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the risk factor pretty much drops to zero when you’re getting links from real sites instead of fake ones.

Don’t underestimate the power of a handful of our Guest Post Links!

They are very, very powerful. just a handful of these kind of links have boosted our sites and our client sites right to the first page.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get As Part Of Our Guest Blog Posting Service

Our designated outreach managers and artful writers coordinate with each other to create a powerful publicity campaign that stretches out to key industry sites and authorities we can get our hands on for powerful links.

We only approach established sites.

This means that not only do these publications add tremendous power to your link profile, but in most cases, each individual posting can become a long-term traffic source in and of itself.

– We only publish on 100% real sites
– We ensure the content is carefully crafted and unique

This is the one of the most affordable and powerful options you can have for legit “whitehat” links that have been done through true outreach and hard-earned relationships.

The content will be of excellent quality and we make sure to tailor it to the site we are posting on –  no SEO focused articles but actual value to readers of the content.

Here are some vital details of these guest posts:

  • Domain Authority Minimum Options: 10+, 20+ to 30+ and 40+
  • Real sites ranking in Google (powerful)
  • Real sites owned by real webmasters
  • We will post your link within a unique article onto a niche site (and a news site if we can’t find a related site who will work with us)

The bottom line is that these are the kinds of links you can’t “buy”. They need to be earned, favour-traded, negotiated… or otherwise strategically acquired. (This is literally as powerful and legitimate as it gets in terms of SEO).

Entry Level Domain Authority 10+


(exc GST)

Entry-Level Guest Posting On Key Industry Sites
DA 10+ (True Publicity)

Uber Expert Level Domain Authority 50+ (40+ min)


(exc GST)

Guest-Posting On Key Industry Sites

DA 50+ Target, 40+ Minimum

Here's A Few Examples Of LIVE Guest Posts

IMPORTANT: Please understand that due to the complexity and time required to source these posts, that no review of, or changes to the content written, or anchor texts used, will be allowed.

Key Options: Real quality links from real sites ranking in Google – obtained via manual, time-consuming blog outreach.

Reporting: Every report contains the URL where your content has been published. Turnaround times are approximately 30 days plus or minus a few either way.


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