We built a website website that generates 124 phone calls and 377 web form enquiries every month.

And here’s where it gets exciting…

The website generates these results at just $10.5 per enquiry.

All from people who have never heard of the business before, but reached out because the website lead them to do so.

And here's where the rubber meets the road.

The business owner is able to convert 3/5 enquiries into a sale.

That's how qualified these enquiries are.

We generate traffic to the website via Google and here’s proof these outrageous claims are true:

For those that like the numbers… this website converts 33.49% of people that land on the website; visitors whom have never heard of the business before.

We did all this without a big social media following, without a comprehensive online marketing strategy and without the latest “funnel hack”.

What’s our secret?

We understand what it takes to build a website that sells.

If you’re here because you’ve had some level of success in your business, but you want to take your business to the next level… next level as in breaking through multiple 7 figures a year, then having a website that consistently converts ready to buy prospects into leads, enquiries & sales is what will get you there.

Here’s how we’ve done exactly that again and again and again…

The good news is, we’ve documented what we’ve done for these clients below, so you can achieve this kind of success too.

So, let’s get into it.

What you have to understand first is that, you the homepage on your website is the entry point to your business.

The first impression.

It’s the grand entrance that determines if someone will spend money with you or not.

So you better get it right.

While having words that catch your customers attention, a great looking site that works on desktop, mobile and tablet are all important… there are 2 questions you must answer (and get right) before you start building or rebuilding your website.

  1. What’s the purpose of your website?
  2. How will people find your website?

Believe it or not, before drawing up any wireframes or sketches… before designing a single thing - you must answer these two questions first.

That’s because the answers will determine exactly what your website will need to make you more sales.

Let me explain.

Once you know what you want your website to do (eg. generate leads, educate or direct people to another place) you can work out exactly what elements need to be on your site to achieve this purpose.

Once you know where people are coming from, you’ll know what message your website needs to send.

And... here’s how you best answer these 2 questions for your business and your website.

What is the purpose of your Website?

There's really only 3 things a website will do:

1) A Website That Sells

The purpose is for the website is to generate leads, enquiries, phone calls or sales. This kind of site has a laser targeted message that grabs attention, educates and pushes the traffic to a specific goal or page.

(HINT: if you’re a business owner selling products and services you want a website that sells, keep reading to discover the 7 key ingredients of a website that sells)

2) The Website That Splits Its Market

This kind of website is for companies who sell to two completely different markets.

Real Estate Agents are a great example, because their website must cater to “buyers” & “sellers”; two completely different markets.

Since one message is totally different from one market to the next, the website needs to serve as a gate to direct this traffic

3) The Website That Informs

These are websites such as blogs or newspapers. The whole purpose of the website is to catch the readers attention and get them to stay as long as possible to consume as much content as possible.

The reason it’s important to understand the purpose of your website is so you can set objectives and goals for it.

Since the majority of our readers are business owners & marketing managers it’s likely you’ll need a website that sells.

… and we’ll show you everything that goes into one of these next, but first there's one more thing we need to clarify.

How will people will find your website?

The reason this question is just as important to answer is because this information determines how to present all the ingredients that will make your website make you more money.

How will people find your website?

This is the first question we ask all our clients before any strategy is discussed.

It’s one of the most important steps of the process as it sets the stage for the exact words that your customers need to hear to stick around and buy.

The answer to this question allows you to determine where in the buying cycle your traffic is at.

Let me explain.

In 2022 the “crypto” space was still very new.

I remember watching the Super Bowl with our team in the office that year.

Check us out.

During half time there were a whole heap of crypto ads.

The first thing to note is that Super Bowl ads are watched by millions of people.

The second thing to note is that the majority of people watching Super Bowl ads that year, probably didn’t know what to do with crypto, how crypto works or even know what crypto is.

What we in the advertising game call this, is targeting the Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Think of it as one big massive bubble of people.

Like this one...

The TAM is usually unaware that they even have a problem, let alone that there is a solution.

Hence the blitz, bang kaboom kind of advertising that’s required during the Super Bowl to grab peoples attention.

This strategy definitely works, but the message on the website that these ads drive people to need to be very broad, educational in nature and cater to a wide variety of people. It’s very hard to get this right and usually makes the website a lot less effective in the short run if other marketing channels aren’t in play.

On the other extreme, if that same crypto company was driving traffic to its website via warm referrals or people were finding the website via Google after typing in “best crypto trading company” the message on the websites would need to be totally different.

Typically people looking for a Crypto company on Google, already know about crypto, they already know how it works and are just looking for a company they can use and trust to help them invest in crypto.

The next level to this would be referrals, which are even more qualified prospects, as they not only know about crypto, they also know how it works… and on top of all this, they've been pre-sold by the referrer to trust this company with their money.

We in the advertising game call this market, the Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM).

It’s made up of prospects that are “ready to buy”.

The SOB market includes those people most aware of their problems and actively looking for solutions to these problems.

You can attract these kind of people online pretty easy using Google ads or SEO.

If you’re a business turning over anything less than 3 million a year, this is the sweet spot of the market we recommend targeting with your website.

Keep reading to discover the 5 point checklist your website must tick to sell to this market.

IMPORTANT: The "Million-Dollar-Website Playbook” available for free further down the page, will assume the majority of your website traffic will consist of people who have either found you via Google, Word of Mouth or other targeted advertising consisting of the SOB market.


1) Say What You Do (FAST)

Some of the highest converting websites we have built have simple to the point headlines.

Remember, the market is ready to buy and actively looking for a solution.

Don’t fall into the trap of writing a “cute” headline.

They just need to know they are in the right place.

Here’s a few examples of this working in action.

Example 1) A construction company

Example 2) A bookkeeping business

Example 3) A local lolly shop

2) Give Them A Reason To Choose You

Your website needs to clarify what makes you different and what benefits your product or service provide.

You need to answer:

“Why should the visitor choose you over every other business out there?"

We call this "tapping into the customers core desire".

Think “sell the sizzle, not the steak”.

Then package this with all the reasons that makes you different.

For example is it price, location, speed of service, product range... are you a one-stop-shop... do you go above any beyond?

Doing this exercise alone will give you better clarity about your business and what kind of message to lead with in your marketing.

HINT: Having a list of "7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US" is a proven website element that works very well. Just list the 7 reasons why you're different/better than everyone else - simple as that.

3) Build trust and establish your business as the authority.

This is one of those points often overlooked by mediocre web designers who don’t understand marketing.

When serving the SOM market you need to understand that this is a skeptical market.

They want to know like and trust you… remember they have a problem to which you have the solution… however they need to know you are trustworthy and the most authoritative person to help.

Make sure your website brags all about how good you are.

Advanced Tip: we encourage you to go to town telling your visitors how good you are at what you do and why, but make sure you don’t forget communicating what this means to them.

For example.

We, here at Websites That Sell, are a Google Certified Digital Agency.

Our individual certifications include:

Google Search Ads CertifiedSearch Advertising
This includes creating, managing, measuring and optimising Search campaigns.

Google Video Ads CertifiedVideo Advertising
This includes creating, managing and optimising Video campaigns.



If we simply said “Certified Digital Agency”, yes it would add some level of authority to our website, but to the majority of our market this doesn’t mean much. 

On the other hand...

If we said “We are a Google Certified Agency, which means we have been trained to get the best result for your hard earned money, making your ad campaigns more profitable” all of a sudden not only have we achieved authority status, but we’ve communicated how our certification makes & saves you more money! And that's got to be a good thing.

Establish yourself as the authority while wrapping this in benefits that make people buy.

4) Prove your case

If your website does a good job of positioning what you sell as desirable, you will no doubt have made claims about how good you are (remember I encouraged you to do this in step 3)

The important thing now is to actually prove what you’re saying is true.

Early on in my marketing career a mentor taught me an important principal around this.

For every claim you make, you need to back it up with proof.

It’s no different for your website. You may not get another chance to prove your case, at a click of a button your visitor could be gone.

There’s various ways you can prove your case and we’ve outlined some of the best ways suitable for a website to do so in the Million- Dollar-Website Playbook available further down the page.

5) Handhold your visitors & lead them to their next step

Remember on the internet we are dealing with click trigger happy, fast scrolling, attention deficit people - I’m one of them.

So at every step of the way we have to give our visitors directions.

If you want phone calls, make sure you feature your phone number loud and clear.

If you want enquiries via email, have a enquiry form on the site with a call to action to fill out the form.

If you want people to download something, tell them how to download it.

Whatever the goals and objectives you want to achieve on your website, make sure you give people direction on how to go about it.

All of the above steps need to be choreographed and set out in a specific way and order.

When done correct it makes your website take the visitors by the hand and guides them to taking their next step.

If you’re wondering how exactly to achieve this, here’s some good news.

Over the years I’ve trained my staff in this exact process and have now documented everything into a predictable and repeatable system.

At Websites That Sell we call this our "Million-Dollar-Website Playbook".

Even better I’ve put together a short video training that walks you through the whole process.

But it gets better. 

Here at Websites That Sell we don't make our living from teaching.

We actually do the work.

This means I can afford to give this information away freely without having to charge you for it.

My hope is that it helps everyone that gains access build the last website they'll need; for a very long time!

Some people will even hire us to help, but that's not what this training is for.

It's designed to remove the confusion that many business owners face when it comes to building a website that generates more enquiries, phone calls & sales.

Scroll on to learn how to access this training totally free.


Here's more of what you'll discover:

  • How to halve your marketing spend, while doubling your website sales (or more).
  • 7 MUST-HAVE website conversion elements. Plus examples, explanations & instructions for you to easily use on your site.
  • How to copy & paste our entire "Million-Dollar-Website" system to your business.

It's the ultimate blueprint that ensures this whole website stuff doesn't become a nightmare for you or eats up your precious time.

We have families too and know your precious time belongs to them.

Lastly it just feels good to own the website that makes the competition jealous wishing they had one just like it.

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Hey if you’re still reading this… maybe you just want to test if your website is actually broken?

We’ve developed at 10 second website test you can take right now.

I’ve put this test into another blog post which you can read here.

Click over and see if your website passes the test.

That’s all from me for now.

I hope you enjoyed this post, that it was informative and you’ve got the information you need to start your journey to building a "website that sells" for your business.

David Krauter

PS: I’m really proud of our “Million-Dollar-Website Playbook”. It’s over 20 years of website & marketing experience packaged into a less than 10 minute actionable video.

And… it’s free!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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