Keyword Autopsy

Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability. Also include your team and employees in this process. With keyword research we don’t just want to get one view, we want to discover as many views and ways people may search for your business as possible.

Based on this information we will start the process of Ainding the best money words you should target in your online marketing campaign to give you the biggest return on investment.

So let’s get started…

  • These should be your most profitable, lucrative and the kind of customers/clients you really want more of.
  • What are they really after, obviously they are in pain, stress or have a problem and your product solves this problem, so you need to remember that their primary desire isn’t spending money and getting access to your products or services. Their primary desire is the outcome your product or service gives them. So please list the primary outcome and desire your ideal customer/client is after.
  • (Brainstorm these ideas with your team. The more ideas you generate the better)
  • (please list your target towns or cities)
  • Simply enter your FAQ's above and add more rows by clicking on the round + button.
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  • SAQ's are Should Ask Questions. Above you have listed the most common questions your market has, but many times to get the solutions to their problems there are different questions your prospects should ask.

    Quick example: in our market many times we get the question will you get me to page No.1 on Google - what people should be asking is "how much extra traffic can I expect, how many extra calls will this generate or how many new customers can your system generate?"

    Makes sense rigtht? So please list as many SAQ's as you can think of.
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  • Please list your competitors website that are ranking above you and on the fiirst page right now, but also those that aren’t ranking, but you know they are your competitors. It’s important we get a good snapshot of your whole competition.