Best Keyword Research Strategies For Local Business Owners In Brisbane

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Welcome, it’s David Krauter head of SEO for Brisbane, welcome to this training video where you’re going to discover how to do keyword research for your Brisbane based business.

Now I have clients coming to me all the time just figuring out, okay how can we do some keyword research to figure out what we should be doing on our website to tap into our SEO opportunity?

So that’s what this video’s all about.

Now what I thought was I’ll do this as a case study for a specific keyword research service we offer, and you should easily be able to take away the principle.

So let’s get straight into this

In this case study I’m going to cover, let me write this down for you, a lawyer in Brisbane.

So that’ll probably be my top keyword so this is probably what you’d want to rank your homepage under.

So if we do the home page, I’ll move that over here so you see exactly how you should be doing that.

Okay, so we’ll be hitting lawyer Brisbane.

Now, if you’re a big law firm you probably offer different kinds of lawyer services.

So you may be offering family law, criminal law, then we’ve got injury law and all these kinds of different ones.

So I’ll just stick to 3 of these, and you can see now your main one is lawyer Brisbane, then you’re offering family law, criminal and injury law.

So what I do with the keyword research, I first go to Google and go lawyer Brisbane.

And you look at the first, this is probably your major keyword.

So the first good indication is that people are advertising here, so that tells you straight away that people are spending money on this keyword and they’re more than likely getting a return on investment.

So it’ll be a good idea to go for that for SEO.

So that gives you straight away an idea about that.

Then we have a look further down and see what people are optimising for.

So you can see lawyers in Brisbane, lawyers in Brisbane, that’s what Google thinks is relevant.

We’ve got lawyers, find a lawyer in Brisbane, find a solicitor.
So it is very interesting.

There’s something to look at.

See how Google actually highlights solicitors?

Google now thinks that solicitor and lawyer are exactly the same word.

And so not exactly the same word, but an LSI keyword.

So solicitor Brisbane.

So it’s important if your industry, if you have something, an example like this where lawyer and solicitor pretty much mean the same thing, or Google thinks they mean the same thing, it’s important that you go after both of these keywords.

And this will really help you out in your link building as well so you don’t use the keyword lawyer all the time to over optimise.

So a really good example here, solicitor and lawyer.

The same word, Google thinks it’s the same word.

So we’ve got here compensation lawyer, so Brisbane lawyers, fine law, that’s just a directory site, directory site.

Cool, so that gives us a good idea.

That gave us some insight straight away, lawyers and solicitors.

That took our keyword research to another level.

And the other place that I look at is searches related to a lawyer in Brisbane.

So find solicitor Brisbane, that’s what people are searching for, find family lawyers Brisbane so we already thought of that earlier on.

I would do a subpage around this, we’ll go subpages.

One of the subpages would be family law and the keyword that I’d be going after is family lawyers Brisbane.

You can see you get family lawyers in Brisbane, so that’s right here.

Davellin Lawyers, that’s a branded term, lawyers Brisbane jobs that’s probably not one you go for.

Immigration lawyer Brisbane, obviously people are searching for that too.

You could make another page, immigration lawyer Brisbane, which is on the immigration law page.

Immigration lawyer Brisbane, you could go after that as well.

Now you’re forming a nice topic around lawyer Brisbane.

All these subpages really support that.

This is the first thing that I do, I have a look at this page here.

Then I have a look at and see what other people are typing.

What other people are typing will show up right here.

Solicitor Brisbane, Brisbane lawyers, solicitor, immigration lawyer Brisbane, and lawyer Brisbane jobs.

Now if I type in lawyer in Brisbane, let’s see what else, a lawyer in Brisbane CBD, lawyers in Brisbane City.

These are all keywords that people are typing in because the only reason these keywords show up is that some time in the past someone has typed in this exact keyword and then Google thinks oh it may be again the same.

So this is called predictive text and it’s one of the things we use for our keyword research as well.

Lawyer Brisbane Australia, let’s just grab some of these keywords, and these are what we’d be targeting on our homepage. Lawyer Brisbane, what else was there?

Lawyer Brisbane CBD, lawyer Brisbane CBD, lawyer Brisbane, we wouldn’t go for jobs.

Find solicitor Brisbane, Brisbane lawyers solicitor.

Okay cool, so it gives us 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, we’re already up to 6 keywords that we can target on the homepage.

So rather than ranking for just 1 keyword, we could rank for, we could now target the homepage around all these keywords.

They’re all relevant, they’re all similar, but they’re not the same.

So now we’re not over optimising for just lawyer Brisbane, we’re not just saying lawyer Brisbane, lawyer Brisbane, lawyer Brisbane over and over again on the homepage, we’re actually mentioning a whole heap of different keywords on that homepage which will make it a lot more relevant because Google thinks these keywords are relevant to this main term lawyers Brisbane, but not the same.

So you’re going to stay away from a lot of penalties that you would get if you just kept mentioning lawyer Brisbane over and over again.

Okay, so that gives me my initial keyword research.

Now the other place that we go is we go to the Google Keyword Planner.

Simply type in Google Keyword Planner and that will give you some nice ideas in terms of what else you could be looking for.

I’m just going to sign in real quick, you’ll have to have an Adwords account.

You don’t have to run Adwords, but you do need an account if you want to use Keyword Planner.

Let’s just load this.

To find a new keyword you simply search here.

What I usually do is lawyer Brisbane, or we just type what service you’re actually after.

So we’re lawyers.

And I’ll show you a little tricky because what you can do is you want to do a 2 type search.

You can type in lawyers in Brisbane as I did and target all of Australia because sometimes someone from Perth will be looking for a lawyer in Brisbane and actually fly them over.

So there may be that instance.

What I always do is just go lawyer on its own and then I target right down to Brisbane like this.

You go, Brisbane, Brisbane and I’ll remove Australia, sorry I removed the wrong one there so let’s type in Brisbane again.

Brisbane Australia, and then you can click and get ideas.

Now what Google’s going to serve up is just keywords from people that are actually within the vicinity of Brisbane, that their IP address is actually in Brisbane, and so it’s only people that are located in Brisbane that are going to show up here.

260 people a month are typing in lawyer so that would be a good keyword.

Find a lawyer, lawyers Sydney, lawyers Perth.

See people from Brisbane are actually typing in lawyers Sydney as well.

Compensation lawyers, lawyers Brisbane, 390 searches are happening.

So that’s a great keyword to go up to this, a good search volume, but it is going to be pretty competitive.

I would make this my homepage keyword if your whole site is about Brisbane and you don’t service any other areas around Australia.

You want to make this your homepage, and then your other supportive keywords your family law, criminal law, injury law Brisbane, criminal law Brisbane, they’re all supporting this main page.

Let’s have a quick look, see if there’s anything else, I’m going to type in lawyer Brisbane and get ideas.

And that will just open up and give us a little bit more confirmation.

Now, Lawyer Brisbane, I’m going to actually put an s on there, looks like that’s where the searches are happening.

So we’ve got lawyer Brisbane and lawyers Brisbane.

Here we go, now they’re all coming up.

Family lawyers Brisbane 390, immigration lawyer Brisbane 140, employment lawyers Brisbane.

There you go you can see that all these searches are getting done on a monthly basis.

Here we go, divorce lawyers Brisbane, that’d be under the family lawyer so you put that under the family lawyers.

But there you go, you’re getting a nice roundup of keywords that you can now target.

Family lawyer, I would target this one here as well.

I put divorce lawyers Brisbane in here, compensation lawyers Brisbane, that would probably be under personal injury law, then we’ve got right here personal injury lawyers Brisbane.

You can know we’re building these pages with all these keywords in there and it’s rounding up to be a really nice theme.

You know exactly what you should be putting on your pages.

Lawyers in Brisbane, that’s another keyword for the homepage put that one right there.

Conveyancing Brisbane, I’m not a lawyer but from memory, it’s to do with some more with property law so we’re not targeting that in our area.
And here we go, no win no fee lawyers in Brisbane so that’s great.

That could be nearly a tagline because this is what people are searching for.

No win no fee lawyers in Brisbane.

This is how I would, now we’re going a little bit beyond keyword research, but this is probably how I would write the title tag on your website.

Lawyers Brisbane, and then no win no fee guaranteed.

That’s pretty compelling, that would probably get people clicking through to your website.

Lawyers Brisbane, no win no fee guaranteed.

Great a little title tag and it gets lawyers Brisbane in there, it gets no win no fee lawyers Brisbane, in there and it’s all happening.

So that’s kind of what I look at in terms of keyword research.

Now, to go a little bit deeper we also have tools, and you can’t do this for free so if you wanted to engage us we can help you do so.

But this will really give you a foundation for your keyword research.

Now I’ve kind of delved into the whole LSI thing where we actually uncover different keywords, so lawyer Brisbane and solicitor Brisbane meaning the same thing.

We actually have tools where we figure out exactly what your LSI’s are, what Google thinks they are.

We also have tools where we actually go and we type in lawyers Brisbane, we actually figure out the first 100 pages, what are the most common terms that people are using?

So what’s Google looking for and what Google thinks is relevant. So we implement all of that in the keyword research, and we also have a lot of other data from other data centres that we draw from.

But to really get you started and give you kind of a baseline in terms of keyword research, this is what I’d do.

I’d look at the first page and see what’s happening there, Are there ads there?

Are people optimising for different keywords?

What are people typing in?

What are some of the related keywords?

And then go into the Keyword Planner and see if there’s search volume to back it up.

So that’s all you need to look at if you’re trying to get your keywords ranking for your Brisbane business, that’s the keyword research I would go for.

To now optimise your website around these keywords it's time to engage in some Onsite Optimisation.

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