FACT! On average, Australians spend $2,616/year online.
FACT! 63.9% of Australian Internet users use search engines as the first step in making a buying decision.

FACT! 93% of Australians’ searching online use Google.
FACT! If your business can’t be found when prospects all over Australia search for you… you’re losing money to your competition!

Making Your Business Successful Isn’t Just About Being Online Anymore… It’s About Being Found!

Our National SEO Campaigns Will Help You Get Found Australia Wide!

But let’s make one thing clear. SEO is not just about rankings either! Good SEO anyway… It’s about driving more targeted prospects to your website to engage with your business.

So making your business successful isn’t just about ranking for the most completive phrases like “home loans” “car insurance” or “cheap flights”. (keywords chosen for illustration purposes only)

When clients come to us wanting to rank for a super competitive terms (as in the example above) we treat them as more of a starting point to reveal what’s really possible.

That’s because, once we dig into a keyword theme, we always uncover hidden treasures. Hundreds of money words hot and hungry prospects use everyday to try and find your business or the product and services you provide.

What you need to understand is that just ranking for a super competitive term, often is not a sound financial decision. Competition is fierce and the traffic could be a lot more targeted and qualified.

If you think about your own habits when going to Google to search for a solution you’ll realise that you use all sorts of words and phrases to find what you’re looking for. And it’s in these phrases where the true money in SEO is hidden. That’s because, while these phrases don’t necessarily generate the most traffic, they definitely generate the most revenue and highest return on investment.

Exploring your possibilities online like this is included in all our national packages. We call it Secret Sauce SEO. It’s the foundation of all successful campaigns, and what ensures long term success and profitable traffic flow to your website.

It’s what turns every campaign into a custom project, built and designed around our clients business. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, simply give us a call on 1300 188 662 and one of our specialists will explain how a national SEO campaign will work for your business. In the meantime, you can read more about what’s included in our packages below.

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What’s Included In All Our Packages

Before any campaign begins, we ensure your entire campaign is laid out for you in an easy to understand manner. That’s right… we’ll speak plain english and not try to baffle you with “techy” terms.

In our digital strategy we’ll work out the best campaign for your specific situation. SEO is different for every business and different strategies should be applied to give best ROI.

We will strategise the most suitable way to get maximum amounts of quality traffic to your website and outline what activities will occur (detailed priorities, deliverables and timeframes when different milestones will be achieved).

We don’t just choose a search phrases and consider this your keyword research done.

Here at Websites That Sell we dig deep, to ensure we know everything there is to know about your market and campaign.

So here’s a short outline of what we do:

– We analyse your most profitable keyword themes based on the products or services you sell.

– We then take these themes and dig deep for the most profitable search phrases within each cluster. We use our own proprietary tools to search the top 1000 websites across the Internet related to your main keyword. We identify related terms and keywords which will give your site the authority it needs to rank for your keyword themes.

– We then move into competitor research. We look at where your competition is spending money, what keywords they are continually bidding on (this demonstrates these phrases are profitable) and work out which are the most profitable themes to target in your campaign.

Then we move into website architecture to fully build out your money tree.

Find out more about our complete market domination blueprint, called Secret Sauce SEO.

It’s not just about links anymore! Don’t get us wrong… links still play an important part in ranking your website, however we take more of a digital marketing & broadcasting promotional approach to gaining links for your site.

However before this can happen, we need to take a look at your current websites link profile.

This is important to analyse whether there is a risk and existing penalties against your site. If there is, the first thing to complete is clean up your profile to ensure only authoritative websites are referring to your website.

Without this step, and removing any penalties any additional link building will loose it’s effectiveness.

Find out more about our Google Penalty Services Here.

So if your site healthy and has a great looking link profile, here’s how we promote your website around the web.

We build a brand broadcasting syndication system into your website. So all content you create gets syndicated and shared around the Internet.

On top of this we also make use of press release promotion, guest post article promotion and social web property creation strategies.

SEO is an ever changing landscape and many times a campaigns course changes. It’s not a set and forget method. It takes extended periods of time to get long lasting and sustainable results, and to get to this stage it takes lots of tweaking and fine tuning of the campaign.

We ensure you get monthly reports of progress and work completed and benchmarks met.

This allows you to get the best understanding of where the campaign is at and we get a chance to consult and advice you on the best steps to achieved the agreed upon outcome.

Additionally Google updates it’s algorithm nearly on a daily basis… through our monitoring it allows us to adjust any strategies accordingly to reach the goals of the campaign.

We don’t look at SEO merely as SEO anymore! We look at your campaigns at digital marketing and brand building activities. We help you build a stackable brand broadcasting system which continuously builds your online presence.

As your campaign progresses we continue to add more media channels to this web ring to allow you to reach online market domination.

Business success has and always will be determined by your authority. Our campaigns help you become the authoritative voice in multiple online media channels.

The benefit of rankings and profitable search traffic is just a massive cherry on top 😉

FAQ’s About Our National SEO Services

We don’t usually limit how many keywords to target. Because of our “Secret Sauce SEO” approach all our campaigns usually rank for hundreds of keyword phrases.

Yes obviously all these keywords are relevant to your major topic keywords (the big heavy ones) but we have found rather than just trying to rank for one competitive keyword, ranking for a full keyword cluster drives much more traffic and more importantly targeted traffic.

Having said this, we are more than happy to accommodate any size campaign. With a full SEO workforce at your disposal, scalability is not a problem!

We are not just another SEO company… we don’t just build links and rank you for keywords. Our foundation is based on marketing. That’s where the real money is… rankings without marketing will never get you any ROI.

All our campaigns have a digital marketing approach with the added ranking factor to drive the traffic you need to make SEO profitable.

Moving forward, this is the only way SEO should be done anyway… only thing is we’ve always had this approach and are now experts at this, while the rest of the industry has either decided to throw in the towel or are busy catching up.

We have standard packages which are designed to give you an idea of our costing. Having said this we know that every campaign is different. So based on this we need to decide how much of our workforce we need to allocate, how much time will be involved in strategising and implementation of your campaign.

So our pricing is based upon the value and expert guidance we provide and labour work delivered to achieve your projects outcomes.

This really depends how you measure results/return on investment.

To start with, every business is different. If you operate in a non competitive niche and already have a authoritative website or market presence, rankings and increases in traffic can come very quick. However if you’re just starting out, you’re in a highly competitive niche and have a brand new website, some time and work may be required to achieve rankings.

With that being said, because our approach is based on driving profitable traffic, with less focus on rankings, we are usually able to achieve an increase in traffic flow over the first few weeks of a campaign.

However again… every business is different so unfortunately there are no guarantees for every campaign to deliver similar results.

Let’s get one thing straight! We will NEVER promise a number one spot in Google! We don’t own and control Google and neither does any other SEO company around the world.

Having said that… we have come very good at predicting and implementing exactly what the search engines want to see and have achieved hundreds of first page rankings.

But as we continually to say… rankings don’t necessarily drive results… so it’s not the main factor we concentrate on in a campaign.

So what we will always guarantee is a considerable increase in rankings, increase in visibility of your brand across the Internet and increase of traffic to your website and online assets.

Every bit of work we complete in our SEO campaigns targeting your main money site is transparent and in line with Googles’ guidelines. We employ “White Hat” SEO when it comes to your money driving assets.

There is too much risk to do anything else… and when considering long terms success it’s the only road you should take.

Having said that here’s some of the strategies we use to drive the kind of results our clients fallen in love with.

  • Secret Sauce SEO (market research, website architecture and brand broadcasting and syndication systems).
  • Quality and Shareable content creation.
  • Social Marketing/Sharing
  • Link promotion through building relationships with fellow websites in your market
  • Building digital marketing/brand assets for your business. (web 2.0 properties, online videos, social properties etc.)

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