Link Building The Right Way

Link Building The Right Way

Ok… so over the past few posts we talked all about optimising your website for the right keywords.

So we haven’t done any work outside of your website.

seo-link-buildingSo now once we know that our site is ranking for our keyword (this doesn’t have to be on the first page, any page is fine… we just need to know that the search engines are showing our site as relevant to the keyword search) it’s time to get into link building.

But before you do… you need to know one thing.

Not all links are equal!

So you don’t always need more links to outrank your competitor, you just need more authoritative links that pass on stronger votes to your website.

The first thing you can do to make your links more powerful is to use anchor text to link back to your website. What this means is that you use your keyword and link your website to this keyword. So now when people click on this keyword it redirects people to your website. Just like this: Australian SEO Company

This shows the search engines that the site which is linked to the word is relevant to this keyword.

So you should altogether focus on quantity. Rather focus on getting some really authoritative links from high quality sites. This will be much more effective than getting low level links from spammers.

And what you’ve got to realise is that… you’ve now not only optimised your own website for your keywords, but now you’ve also got links pointing from other websites around the Internet towards your site.

This gives you two factors which will make ranking much easier, rather than if you just focused on link building alone.

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