When We Need Quick Ranking Power High PR Backlinks Are Still The Go-To Source For Quick Spikes In Rankings!

Many times it doesn’t really matter if they’re from “relevant” sites. It doesn’t matter if they’re even from sites with the same base language… If a site has verifiable PageRank, and you get a link from them… it honestly has more effect than getting 10,000 “whitehat” links from sites without PR.

Yes, it’s true that relevance is a good signal. Same with diversity. And if your goal is to establish nice, consistent, hard won, long term-rankings… then it’s important to build a well-rounded foundation of backlinks, along with a reasonable handful of powerful, high PR links.

But no matter what your business model is… and no matter how “organic” your backlink profile… the truth is, until you either build, earn or buy those high PR links – nothing is going to happen.

Introducing: High PR Blog Posts, Powered by Niche Relevant, Unique Content!


“Send some serious PageRank to your sites by utilising our range of gray-hat High PR Posts.”

Here’s How High PR Niche Blog Posts Work!

These links are posted across a network of approximately 35,000 independently owned websites, totalling millions of pages. The sites are scattered across thousands of servers and unique IP’s. Our system constantly spiders the entire network to ensure that your link remains live.

There are occasions where a site will drop out of our network, or Page Rank will change and we have to move your post from the URL originally displayed in your report. This can take 3-5 weeks for our spiders to crawl the entire network, and validate every single link. We do this as fast as we can.

Get Quality Links From  Tens Of Thousands Of Independently Owned Blogs, Using Original Content. All Blogs Are Individually Owned, On Different Servers, And Hosted Around The World (All Have Google Page Rank And Are Well Indexed In Google.

Here’s Your Options!

Distribution: Your links will be distributed on either PR1-3 blogs, or PR4+.

Blog Category: Please choose the category of site that you would like your link(s) submitted to. We suggest matching your choice to the site you’re promoting as closely as possible, so as to increase link value.

Important: While every attempt will be made to post to a targeted blog there will be occasions where the post is sent to a more general blog that has categories specific to your niche.

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We offer High PR posts on blogs from PR1-3 or PR4+ options.

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