Getting High PR Backlinks Is Still The ONLY Way To Land Big-Traffic, Big-Money Keywords… Period.

Many times it doesn’t really matter if they’re from “relevant” sites. It doesn’t matter if they’re even from sites with the same base language… If a site has verifiable PageRank, and you get a link from them… it honestly has more effect than getting 10,000 “whitehat” links from sites without PR.

Yes, it’s true that relevance is a good signal. Same with diversity. And if your goal is to establish nice, consistent, hard won, long term-rankings… then it’s important to build a well-rounded foundation of backlinks, along with a reasonable handful of powerful, high PR links.

But no matter what your business model is… and no matter how “organic” your backlink profile… the truth is, until you either build, earn or buy those high PR links – nothing is going to happen.

Introducing: High PR²


“The SEO Equivalent Of Throwing Gas On Fire!”


Why High PR² Is Different To Any Other Service Available!

High PR is “squared because we fuse together two very powerful elements:

1) Dedicated Blog Posts (that only contain your links)

With this service you get a dedicated blog posts that appears on the homepage of a real, High-PR blog, and then gradually roll off to the inner pages over time. (This is a natural linking signal that has proven very effective.)

2) Massive Link Reinforcement To Maintain Active Pagerank

You get massive link reinforcement on each of the actual pages where your links are places – which can sometimes even result in pages that have a higher PR than their root domain!

What this essentially does is it no only creates a natural linking profile (homepage links that gradually roll into inner-page links), but it also maintains the high-PR status of your backlinks in real time. (which means you won’t have to perpetually be submitting new posts!)

Now Let’s Talk Bout The Blogs Themselves!

Using our publishing network, you get access to over 9,000 REAL, high PR wordpress powered sites (all owned by actual webmasters, hosted on thousands of different servers), our team of English writers create professionally variated content that then gets published to real blogs that not only have PR – but that are also niche-relevant.

This network’s only “footprint” is the wordpress platform. So in other words, there’s none. All content syndication happens server-side.

It’s also highly segmented into isolated publishing blocks (only a fraction of the overall network is “publishable” by any given syndicator), and there are on average about 300 new sites added every month.

So by it’s size, growth and scale alone – this network is impervious to getting hit. Only small sections of it ever could be at one time – and just like the mythical Hydra, if one “head” gets cut off, it simply grows 2 others in its place.

High PR² Is The Only Link Building Service That Gives You So Many High-PR Links (That Will Actively Maintain Page Rank!) For Such A Small One-Time Cost.

It’s the perfect fusion of value and impact.

Using High PR², you can now actually afford to walk into any market – no matter how insane – and clean up those first page rankings like a ruthless tycoon.

(Minus the 5-figure monthly spend on renting high PR² links, nor the endless turnover of network blasts…)

Ready To Get Started?

We offer High PR links in batches of 15HPR² links, 60 HPR² links and 150 HPR² links at a time.

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