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Our Local SEO Services allowed Beau Schutz secure 74 first page rankings for the exact words his prospects type into Google. As a result the business generates more customers than ever before! Join Beau in getting your business found too.

Beau Schutz
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Why You Need Local SEO To Get Found?

Heat map research studies prove that local searchers focus on local results. Additionally the top 3 results receive the majority of traffic.

So it’s important your local business isn’t just listed on Google but you implement a local online marketing campaign focusing on a radius surrounding your business address to attain top spots on the Google+ results otherwise known as the 7-pack.

Local SEO Results

Our 12 Step Proprietary Process
Gives You More Visibility In Your Local Area

1) Client Intake Questionnaire

We’ll send you our  intake questionnaire. However it’s much more than just a questionnaire… rather it’s our proprietary tool to uncover profit opportunities in your business. It quickly gives us all the information we need to give you the best ROI in your local marketing efforts.

2) Keyword Research

We dig deep into your business to uncover the exact phrases your customers search for. We’ll then set up benchmark reporting to measure the success and results of our work.

3) Health Check & Link Analysis

Times have changed… if you’ve ever done any kind of SEO work on your website before, chances are you’re under a penalty. So we complete a penalty audit and advise on fixes needed to gain maximum ROI from the continued work we complete.

4) Google Places Listing Optimisation

We’ll optimise your places listing, make sure all your Google business photos are meta and geo optimised and properly syndicated to Google’s favourite image libraries giving you power links and trust signals to your website. Additionally we’ll suppress any duplicate listings and ensure your listing is perfectly optimised.

5) Citation Audit, Clean Up & Start Of Rebuilt/Initial Build

Ensuring your business name, address and phone number (NAP) are correctly displayed across hundreds of sites around the Internet can be a nightmare – but when done correctly doesn’t just result in tons of local visibility but in a dramatic boost of your local rankings. We take care of this time consuming process for you. Additionally we’ll identify local, niche specific and power citation opportunities for you – and of course get your local business website listed on them 😉

6) Website Optimisation

We’ve found in all our testing, unlike the old days… now there is a direct correlation between the rankings of your local maps listing and your website. We will apply our Secret Sauce SEO system to your website and ensure you’ve got all the right authority pages, your site is mobile friendly and implement geeky optimisation and trust building factors.

7) Review System Integration

Getting reviews can be a major pain in the you know what… not to mention getting these reviews posted on local directory sites. We’ve got a system in place which makes it easy to collect reviews and get them posted. It’s one of our in-house processes our competitors wish they had… and makes your task of attaining and posting reviews easy.

8) Content Creation

Content is Key! So much so that Google’s “Phantom” update directly targets the quality of your content. Our writers understand how to write engaging content which the search engines love (more info here). We will provide you with the content you need which positions you as the expert in your local community.

9) Social Media Set Up & Website Connection

Social Media is another one of those “mysteries” for most of our clients. We’ll implement a complete social media syndication system for your business to gain maximum SEO benefit and additionally outline the best opportunities on key social media platforms best suited for your specific business/industry.

10) Online Promotion

We’ll make you famous! Now that we’ve done all the hard work it’s time to let the world know about your business. We’ll craft an engaging and attention grabbing press release for your business and we’ll syndicate it to all our local news station media partners for you. Giving your business exposure on some of the worlds highest trafficked websites.

11) Relevant Link Building Campaign

Link Building is still as important for local search rankings than ever before. We’ll uncover high authority and relevant link opportunities for you and yes you guessed it… ensure you get featured on these websites giving your business power, authority and trust signals.

12) Ongoing Strategy Development

We’ll outline an ongoing to do list to ensure you maintain your rankings long term. With the implementation of our Secret Sauce SEO system it’s as easy as getting behind the wheel and driving the vehicle – it’ll be fun, and your competition will wonder how you’re continuing to gain a wider search visibility and continually place before their business.

Why Choose Us To Help Get Your
Local Business Found In Search?

David Krauter Teaching Local SEO Strategies
We’ve been doing this a long time… David Krauter, founder of Websites That Sell has been ranking his local clients as far back as 2007.

We’ve seen the Internet change… algorithm update after algorithm update.

David Krauter has been invited by numerous organisations and event organisers such as Universal Events, Mal Emery’s Streetsmart Business School, John Dwyer’s WOW Days and an array of other organisers around Australia to teach business owners all about local Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing techniques.

David has and continues to invest thousands of dollars to be part of advanced SEO masterminds which gives our company access to data from not hundreds, but thousands of sites across various industries.

Imagine that… getting an instant snapshot of what’s working now across thousands of sites – talk about a competitive advantage!

In short, David Krauter is an authority on the subject and the results produced for our clients are testimony to this.

We believe in demonstrating and backing up everything we say with proof.

So rather than going on about how we’re the best at local SEO and how we can rank your site, here’s a behind the scenes look at our clients results…

1st Spot In Maps & Organic Results Held For Over 12 Months And Counting…

1st in Maps And Organic

Top Spots For Local Keywords Held For Over 2 Years… And Counting 😉

Top Spots For Local Keywords

7/10 Spots On The First Page… We call this 1st Page Domination!

Local Domination

First Page Rankings Across 43 Different Suburbs!

Rankings Across 43 Suburbs

(Please Click Images Above To View Full Size Image Of Results)

More Raving Fans Of Our Local SEO Services

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How To Get Started

All that’s required to get the ball rolling is for you to get in touch with us.

We’ll then:

  • Assess your situation – link penalties, competition level and website health check.
  • Discuss objectives of your campaign and best ways to move forward for quickest and maximum ROI.
  • Give you initial FREE tips to get quick wins right off the bat 😉

Our Local SEO Services Start At $495/Month (exc GST)

This is a holistic long term approach and there are no other ongoing fees.

Simply insert your information below and one of our experts will get in touch with you. We have a policy of NO HARD SELLS so on this initial phone call we’ll simply assess your situation and outline best ways to move forward – there is absolutely no obligations to hire us based on this phone call.

Insert your details below and let us help you get the phone ringing and gain better visibility in your local area.

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