Google Plus Set Up

Google Plus Set Up

Time To Get Your Google + Business Page Up And Running?

Google has recently released it’s Google + feature.

This has got to make you wonder if this little magic “+” button will become as important to the other businesses around Australia as it is to us here at the Australian SEO Company.

Fact is you can now build your very own Google+ Page and start connecting with people in your market.

Probably the same as you we are just playing with this new feature of Google and we’ll report back just how much of an impact Google+ will have on your rankings.

What we’re seeing is that having a page already dramatically affects the effectiveness of your professional SEO services.

And the real good thing is… that there is not too much to setting up you very own page.

It only takes a 5 steps…

1) Create Your Page Type.

2) Add Your Info

3) Customise Your Page

4) Spread The Word

5) Add A Badge.

So… it’s time to get busy! Visit the link above and set up your own Google+ page for your business.

Also write to us and let us know how this is affecting your rankings.

Until another time… looking forward to seeing you on the first page.

Signing Off…

David Krauter

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