Has Your Website Been Penalised By One Of Googles’ Furry Animals?

Let Us Help You Recover From Panda, Penguin Or Hummingbird Penalties.

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Panda Recovery Service

The Google Panda update was the first of many major algorithm updates to shake up the Internet. Panda is a site wide penalty. 99% of business owners websites which we’ve analysed have some sort of Panda penalty against them (many times without the website owner even realising this). Panda is all about website quality and engagement.

As mentioned it’s a site wide penalty, and once corrected, has the power to boost rankings across all your keywords. If you need help with Panda, or you’d like us to analyse if you have a penalty against your site, contact us on 1300 188 662 or click the button below to get in touch.

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Secret Sauce

Penguin Recovery Service

The Google Penguin update was another major algorithm update Google released. It literally crushed thousands of business owners websites, who trusted shady and toxic linkbuilding techniques to gain short term rankings.

The Penguin update is page specific and penalises over-optimised pages and link profiles (toxic low quality links pointing to a website).

If you need help with recovering your website from a Penguin Penalty, or you’d like us to analyse if you have a penalty against your site, contact us on 1300 188 662 or click the button below to get in touch with us.

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How Does This Whole Recovery Process Work?

If you’ve experienced a hit from Panda or Penguin or you’ve come to this page because you’ve either experienced overnight losses of traffic or your traffic has all but dried, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve helped numerous business owners who have felt the brute force of Google’s updates. Both Panda and Penguin crushed thousands of businesses literally overnight. Not only did it shake normal business owners, but it also rocked the SEO industry.

Companies employing shading optimisation and link building practices lost client rankings and had no way to recover – and business owners have been left clueless alongside those now non existent SEO companies until now.

But what if we told you there is a way to recover all your rankings… a step by step proven system, which follows all of Googles’ guidelines and has boosted business owners sites who have trusted us to help them recover their rankings?

Just imagine for a minute you found this website a few months ago… by now you could be enjoying rankings and traffic as if it was 2010. Well many times this isn’t far from the truth, our clients many times see immediate rankings boost from our Panda site improvement services and see dramatic boosts after link detox campaigns and Penguin refreshes.

But the question you’re probably asking yourself now is…

How Will Our Penalty Removal Services Work For Your Business?

Well here’s the thing… 99% of websites we analyse have a penalty against them. Whether it’s a small Panda factor or a totally toxic link profile – these penalties restrict a site from reaching it’s true traffic and ranking potential. So whether you know you’ve got a penalty right now, or if you’re looking to be proactive and increase your sites quality and health of your website, this service will help you.

In fact your website fits one of the below categories, you need to take advantage of our services. Our services are perfect for websites which:

1) Have lost rankings because of a manual action penalty.

2) Was hit by the Penguin update

3) Are victims of negative SEO campaigns.

4) Have unexplained rank losses troubling their business.

5) Need a link profile clean up, to further secure their websites long term success.

As we said… 99% of sites we have analysed have some kind of penalty against them and almost always experience rank improvements after our services are applied.

What Do We Actually Do?

Penguin Link Detox

It’s actually a quite simple process. We grab your websites link profile form your Google Webmaster Tools account and other major link detection tools we have at our disposal.

Once we have a complete list of your link profile we’ll analyse them to see which ones are toxic and hurting your rankings right now.

After this we’ll manually get in touch with the web masters and site owners of the sites that have these toxic links published on them. We’ll actually repeat this process up to 3 times to ensure we remove as many links manually as possible.

However if we just can’t get in touch with any of the sites that host these toxic links, we’ll prepare a disavow report outlining all actions taken thus far, which we then submit to Google on your behalf. If we identify that your site is currently under a penalty, we’ll also prepare a reconsideration report to submit to Google as well.

Once this service is underway, and we see further Panda issues with your site we’ll help you address these.

Matt Cuts Talks About Panda

Panda Site Improvement

We will scan your entire website and look for sticking points which may cause a Panda penalty against it.

We look for the following factors:

  • User Engagement Metrics
  • Website Bounce Rate
  • Site Load Speed
  • Duplicate Content
  • Thin Content Pages
  • Correct Website Architecture
  • Semantic Optimisation
  • And many more secret factors.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, out of all the website penalty analysis’s we’ve completed, we’ve never seen a website compliant to all factors and not benefit from our services.

How Are We Different To Other Google Penalty Recovery Services?

Well first of all we are a complete solution. Not only do we help you clean up your toxic link profile, but we are also experts at improving any Panda issues you may be experiencing. On top our process is much safer and reliable than automated link analysis & removal software programs.

Here’s the thing. If you’re currently under a penalty you’ve probably ended up there because you trusted a automated link building solution (like SEnuke, Ultimate Demon or GSA) or a SEO expert who used these tools. So why would you make the same mistake twice and trust automated machines which are notorious for false reports and analysing links incorrectly?

We’ve received reports of instances where these tools actually reported high quality and costly earned links as negative links. Remember links are still the No.1 offsite ranking factor – and high quality links is still the only way to get right to the top… but once you submit a link to Google to be disavowed it becomes lost forever – along with any ranking juice it gave your site. No matter how costly, hard earned or genuine the link.

Let’s get real here… more than likely you’ve ended in the place you’re in because you’ve trusted automated tools, while human powered link building has always been more expensive – all our clients sites which have used our manual link building services have not experienced a single penalty – it’s because human powered campaigns will always outperform a software driven campaign.

Just think about it… while the software developer probably gets the process right of identifying your links all over the – they have no idea about SEO or what makes a link toxic and they definitely don’t have years of experience and knowledge of how Google works and values links…

All our link clean up campaigns and site reports are completed manually by experienced SEO professionals. We know what makes a site high quality and a link profile to contain exactly what Google is looking for.

So if you’d like help recovering your site, we encourage you to contact us for more information and our pricing.

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