Penguin Crazy Much

Penguin Crazy Much

crazy-penguin-mdFirst Panda, now the penguins are loose… seems like Google has gone “ZooCrazy”!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about… these are the code names that have been given to the latest Google algorithm updates. Google updates their algorithm all the time to do one thing… and one thing only!

To get one step closer in reaching their mission – Organising the world’s information and make it universally accessible. And to achieve this they have to be able to display only quality and relevant content when people search for it.

However it seems, with this latest update, not just low quality and spammy sites have lost their positions, but even some of the most authoritative sites that have held their page 1 rankings for years!

So I thought I would write this quick post and let you know the 5 things you can do to make sure your site doesn’t drop or if your site did get hit… what you can do to bring it back stronger then ever.

So here we go…

1) Google is doing a great job at scaring web owners, and letting their self conscience eat away at them. They want to see who is going to run out and make drastic changes to their sites….self guilt so to say.

Making ANY rash changes this early on in the algorithm change will be detrimental.

2) I’ve been around the Internet for a fair while now… this is not my first algorithm change. Each change they make seems to be basically about the same goal…to make the search results better for the end user….period.

This change will bounce around a few weeks just like the past changes Google made.  Sites will go up, then down, then OUT then back in again, sometimes higher ranking than originally.

What you need to do in this situation even if your sites have gone down is simply be calm and wait out the storm. Again making rash changes to your website is the worst thing you can do.

3) Check to make sure your site is offering the end user the best experience you can give them.  Site structure, unique content, privacy, legal disclaimers etc.

Also ensure you’re not over optimising your site for a keyword.

4) Diversity is the key, and always has been. Do you use your URL as your anchor text in back links? Do you vary the back link anchor text, are you in all social media circles and have social following “social proof”?

This is a big ranking factor in the algorithm and if you are overdoing one are and are neglecting another your site may be the next to get hit.

5) Simply stay the course! Continue giving your prospects and customers a great experience on your site, publish good content and continue building authoritative high quality links to your website.

Here’s the truth!

In the latest algorithm change Google has killed many sites for no good reason. Many people will run out change content on their site and never return. Others will stay the course, continue publishing great content, building a diverse range of links to their sites and come back stronger then ever.

And here’s the good news!

Our Google Recovery Services are working better than ever… even with the latest algorithm changes.

Just last week we had another great success where a client not only got 1 page ranking but 2.

They were both at Spot No.1 on the first page and here’s the kicker…

For one of the keywords the client even secured spot No.1 and 2 on the first page.

Obviously these aren’t typical results… but if you want to find out what is possible with our recovery services I highly suggest you check out our Google Penalty Recovery service page.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about the algorithm changes, how Penguin will affect your site and what you can do to combat the old Penguin algorithm to attain high rankings and more traffic.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post… and if you’ve got any more questions about the old Google, what they’re up to and what you should do if you’ve lost a lot of rankings then simply write an email to us here.

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