Choosing Keywords

Choosing Keywords

 What kind of keywords should you optimise your pages for first?

SEO is a long term project. If you don’t have a professional agency doing it for you like the Australian SEO Company then sometimes you can loose faith and give up too early.

The fact is… it’s hard to dominate competitive keywords and it takes time.

website-seo-optimisation-300x269That’s why if you’re setting out for the first time to get your website ranking for keywords you should start with longer keywords that aren’t as competitive.
eg. “Your Service in Your Town”
These local keywords are still pretty easy to dominate – although this is changing every day as well.
However as you start to rank for these keywords you are building your foundation. What this does is that search engines such as google see that you your website is relevant to “your service” and “your town”. So as soon as the search engines realise that your website is relevant to these keywords and this topic that you’re trying to rank for it’ll get much easier to get your site ranking for more competitive keywords such as “Your Service”.

The more pages around your website are optimised around certain keywords the better. If you rank high for many pages it’s a good indication to the search engines that you have relevant content on your site and that you are a trusted source of information for more competitive keywords as well.

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