Onsite Optimisation For Competitive Keywords

Onsite Optimisation For Competitive Keywords

onsite-optimisationA short while ago I wrote a post about onsite optimisation and how this affects rankings for non competitive keywords.

Make no mistake, if the keyword is competitive you will still need links. However the big mistake I see many people make is that they completely neglect onsite optimisation and simply concentrate on building links.

So even if your keyword for a page is competitive, you still need to do your onsite optimisation.

It is the foundation of your campaign. You should always let the search engines know what keyword you would like to be ranked for. And you can do this by doing your onsite optimisation correctly.

Here at Websites That Sell, no matter what kind of SEO campaign we run – the first thing is to always optimise the page first… then start the link building, social activity etc.

So again… no matter what campaign you’re running… Optimise your page first, then start to get into your link building to grab the top spot for your keyword.

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