Sometimes Onsite SEO Is Enough

Sometimes Onsite SEO Is Enough

When implementing a SEO campaign as part of the SEO Services we provide the first thing we ever do after selecting our most profitable keywords is SEO optimising the page.

on-site-optimisation-300x199You actually have to tell Google what keywords each page should rank for…
YES! I know you can get a page to rank just by building enough anchor text links to the page.
But why make the job so much harder on yourself.
If you simply optimise your page around your keyword the search engines will associate your page with that keyword.
We’ve even seen in some of our tests that if the keywords is not very competitive, all that’s needed is good onsite optimisation and sometimes your page will rank just based on the quality content on that page and the onsite optimisation around it.

This is one of the main strategies we implement when doing local SEO services, because the keywords aren’t always too competitive.

However it is also the same strategy we implement for corporate SEO services. First we get the page ranking so we know that the search engines have associated our page with the keyword and are ranking it for this keyword.

Once we know this we get started on the link building campaign to drive the ranking towards the first page and that No.1 spot.

So Optimise your Content and pages first then begin your link building campaign.

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