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(In the above examples (left to right) Facebook Page ranking for business term, YouTube Video ranking for business
review term, Video ranking On YouTube for competitive keyword, Google+ Page ranking at No.1 on Google)

Whether you want to protect your reputation, drive more traffic when people search for your business or rank on the first page… it’s all proven to work when piggy backing BIG BOX Authority sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube.

From: David Krauter, Founder of
Websites That Sell
Location: Kings Beach, On the Southern End of QLD’s Sunny Coast

I’ve got a question for you.

Have you been told you MUST be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and every other social media platform in order to succeed online?

Seems like everyone is talking about it… so it must be true.

But here’s the problem.

While everyone says “YOU MUST BE ON THERE”… no one’s actually sharing how to leverage these platforms to drive traffic and sales!

So I’m going to change that today.

And I’m not talking about paying for ads… getting likes, shares or the odd thumbs up.

I’m talking about a secret loophole a handful of smart operators are cashing in on right now.

You see Google has somewhat of a soft spot for authority sites like Facebook, Twitter and of course YouTube & Google+ which they own anyway.

So imagine this…

… what if there was a way to leverage these authority sites to drive free traffic to your business…

… what if it wouldn’t require wasting hours writing updates…

…And what if you could be up and running in a matter of days for the minuscule investment of just 20 bucks?

Well Here Goes The Good News…

Here at Websites That Sell we regularly help business owners like you easily get found on Google for a one time fee of just $20.

And even if you’ve already got a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ page, I promise once you see our proprietary “Authority Piggy Back System” you’ll be amazed at the amount of extra traffic and clicks you could be getting from your properties.

That’s because our system has been tested and refined to a science and the process becomes simple.

We build “done for you” Google optimised pages for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other social media platforms and help business owners get listed in the search engines!

But more on that in just a bit.

First I want you to know this is not just another social media or SEO service…

This Is Facebook, Twitter & YouTube On Google Steroids!

Let me quickly break down why this strategy works so well.

It all comes down to our systematic 3 Step process:

STEP 1: The Opportunity Dig

Before we touch any platform we work out your strategy. Are you trying to get found on Google, build a 5 start reputation of Reviews or get found for particular keywords?

Once we’ve worked out the best opportunity in your market we find the right keywords to Google Optimise your authority profile.

STEP 2: Design To Convert

That’s right… design matters. You don’t just want people to find a plain Facebook page or a cheap looking video when they search for you.

We build sexy looking Pages and Blockbuster videos that convert.

STEP 3: The Tune Up

We use our years of SEO experience to optimise your social media property exactly the way Google loves it and can’t help but reward with online exposure.

The reality is… we do this over and over again… for every thinkable business, niche, market and industry.

And you’re probably wondering…

If This System Gets Such Extraordinary Results Why Aren’t More People Doing It?

SIMPLE: Many SEO agencies don’t know this loophole even exists!

…or they haven’t got the exact science down pat like we do…

and to tell the truth… when business owners attempt to do it on their own 99% of the time they miserably fail for the lack of one critical step or a missing secret ingredient.

I personally don’t recommend you go out there and mess with your Facebook page or Twitter profile without having a proven plan and test results from hundreds of campaigns like we do.

I mean it…

DO NOT Attempt To Optimise Your
Social Profiles Without Our Help!

You may have heard the expression: “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper?”

Well this also applies in this case!

Truth is… the best use of your time is selling your products or services.

The last thing you need on your plate is spending weeks testing strategies when we’ve already done that for you… especially at the risk of jeopardising the success of your social media profiles.

We do this stuff for a living!

That’s why we’re careful to document exactly what works and what doesn’t work from hundreds of tests BEFORE we ever publicly offer our services.

Additionally we don’t leave BETA stage before we can see results across a bunch of our client and portfolio profiles.

This removes all risk from you and puts all the pressure on us.

And now it’s your turn to exploit this Google Loophole.

Normally none of our SEO services start below a minimum monthly fee of $500.

And even if you tried to look for a design service for your social media profile or a video creation service it’ll still set you back a bare minimum of 200-300 bucks.

But for a very limited time, we’re going to offer you this entire service for 20 dollars.

YEP, Just 20 Bucks…

You could literally be driving traffic from Google in a matter of days and here’s everything you’ll receive as part of it all:

  • Your Choice Of ONE Target Social Profile (choose from a Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, Google+ Page or YouTube Video)
  • The Opportunity Dig. We do your Keyword Research and will outline the best opportunity strategy & keyword targets.
  • A Design To Convert. We'll create a WOW design for your profile around your business branding. Or if you choose a video we'll create a video that converts for you.
  • The Tune Up. We'll optimise your profile exactly the way Google Loves it based on our secret proven formula.
  • And so much more I can't mention here...

In other words, you’ll finally tap into the REAL opportunity these authority sites offer – FREE Traffic & Rankings!

Now, the choice is yours.

You can keep pretending to have a presence on Facebook… keep posting and writing updates without much results – except for maybe a few shares and likes…

Or you can FULLY leverage your profiles for traffic, clicks & phone calls.

The choice should be easy…

We’re talking about 20 bucks.

You’ll spend that on an average lunch, a stinkin cab ride or after office drinks with the crew…

Kinda sounds dumb to say no to an offer like that.


Well I feel you… so here’s what you need to do next.

Click the “Add To Cart” button and start leveraging the big social sites to tap into Google’s traffic honey hole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why Just 20 bucks?

If you're thinking "20 bucks… what's the catch?" then here's 3 reasons that'll put your mind at ease.

1) $20 makes this kind of high level service accessible even to the smallest business. From the work at home entrepreneur to start ups… traditional brick and mortar business and even Fortune 500's. (Plus at just 20 bucks you shouldn't have to get approval or fill out a purchase order to hand up the hierarchy.)

2) We don't like wasting our time. In order to get results for our clients we have to work with serious business owners who take action. In our experience even just charging a few bucks gets rid of anyone not willing to commit to their success and let's the cream rise to the top.

3) We tested it, and $20 generated the best overall ROI. (What? You thought we just pull these numbers out of our backside… you'd be wrong… we're marketers so why not tell it like it is?)

I also think that once you see your custom Google Optimised Social Profile or Video… you'll be blown away with our service. And maybe… just maybe… you'll come back and trust us to help you implement your entire SEO blueprint to drive some serious traffic to your website.

But that's it…

No small print… no "free trial membership"…  Just our Social Profile Optimisation Service served up on a silver platter for you to enjoy.

Q) Can you optimise all my social profiles (more than just one)?

Of course we can, we don't offer package deals to the public as they are usually part of our SEO service packages, however if you're interested in having more than one property optimised by our team, simply order this offer to secure your spot and let us know about your additional requirements.

We'll then simply work out a fair deal and proceed with the package order.

Q - Do you offer a Guarantee.

Yes of course… you get our full money back satisfaction guarantee.

In other words, in the unlikely event you're not 100% satisfied with the design or creation of the video and the optimisation work, simply let us know and we'll organise a quick and courteous refund - no questions asked.

In terms of a ranking Guarantee - we DO NOT Guarantee a first page ranking with this service. While we've seen many of our clients social profiles pop up on the first page - it all comes down to keyword selection.

If you're thinking you're going to rank for "payday loans" with this 20 dollar service - this service is not for you.

However if you're looking to build your brand online so when people look for your business they find not only your website but various social profile for social credibility… or if people are looking for reviews of your business you'd like videos to show up… or you're targeting a hidden keyword with no competition then this service is right for you.

And we guarantee you'll get the results you're looking for.

Q) What's my next step? How soon can I get started?

Your next step to secure a spot to this offer is to click the button below and invest 20 bucks into your business.

We'll then get in touch right away with information that we need from you, we'll then outline the best strategy we believe will get results for your business.

As soon as we get your approval to proceed we'll start with the design and optimisation process.

It's simple and totally hands off for you…

So get started right now by clicking the "add to cart" button below.

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