Black-Hat Power Meets White-Hat Safety!

What If You Could Rank As Easy As You Did Back In 2003… Without Ever Worrying About Link Penalties?

Automated Links, Mass Spamming, Public Blog Networks all have been thrown out… the mere though of using them should send penalty shivers down your spine.

The new formula for ranking your site is all about a light touch of authority.

More about that in a minute…

First let’s get one thing straight.

You can no longer be lazy, and beware if you’re still trying to pull “fast ones” on Google… eventually they’ll catch up, and your rankings will disappear overnight.

Even if you do find a cheap loophole that may be working now… low-cost, low quality solutions will end up costing you more in the long run.

But at the same time you still need quality links to diversify your link profile and yes Web2.0’s are the perfect solution. But too many low quality web2.0’s and before you know it your site is nowhere to be seen…

So… is there any scalable strategy left for the “everyday Joe” – and small business clients – that won’t break the bank?

Thankfully YES – there is.

We call them super 2.0 web properties! And here’s how it all works.

Because you only ever want high quality relevant content linking to your money site we use a series of “buffers” (aka tiers) to focus the accumulation of Domain/Page Authority and Link Juice from thousands of backlinks into just a handful of fully legitimate publications on high authoritative websites – which then focus & funnel all of that “juice” directly to your target website.

It’s actually a perfect representation of what happens in the natural Internet. Site A links to B, and B links to C which in turn says site D does this.

Think about it…

When an authority/news site publishes content, that content is then referenced, cited and otherwise linked to from hundreds, sometimes thousands of other “smaller” sites and social activity all over the web.

We manufacture this same effect for you – and we do it very well 😉

But we could talk tech SEO and link talk all day… why don’t we just paint a picture which’ll break this whole process down into instant clarity.

Here’s How It All Works!

Here’s What Makes This So Powerful

Every Link That Actually Points To Your Website Originates From Trusted, Highly-Established Sites.

The 5 or 10 (depending on which package) PR5+ web2.0 authority sites, the top social bookmarking communities where our team is active, and the official online news outlets that publish your press release (by the hundreds, even thousands)…

Everything that actually links to your site is top-shelf to the extreme.

All Conteent is 100% Unique And Handwritten By Skilled ALL-Native English Writers.

We’re talking every publication, press release and article – on both the 1st and 2nd tiers!

This isn’t barely-legible content from some offshore outsourcing mill. And neither do we take shortcuts by “spinning” content on the 1st tier. Nobody else comes close to this level of professionalism and safety. Some might call it redundant, or overkill… But we’d simply call it great value for quality & peace of mind.

The Press Release Campaign (Creation & Distribution) Included With The Platinum Pyramid Would Normally Cost At Least $150-300 On It’s Own…

This isn’t some lame, second-rate distribution service like PRLog. We actually get your professionally-produced PR published (with working links) on hundreds of major news sites, such as Google News, the Boston Globe, Business Insider, SBWire and hundreds of other of the same calibre.

This is a very powerful way to add a ton of legitimate diversity to your link profile, while also getting you re-world backlinks from very powerful news sites. Since this PR is widely distributed, you can use it to build brand or naked anchors in mass, right off the bat, to help shield your site from any “Penguin” penalties.

The Social Bookmarks on Tier1 Add Legitimate Social Signals And Much Needed Diversity…

If your only backlinks come from high-authority properties (with steadily increasing PageAuthority), it’s going to raise a few eyebrows. This is why we include not only the Enterprise-level PR service, but also hundreds of hand-crafted social bookmarks on the 1st Tier, in order to lay down a strong, natural and diversified backlink foundation.

This mimics the way “real” sites gain web exposure organically, and it adds yet another layer of safety into this campaign.

For The 2nd & 3rd Tier MassLinks, We Use The Only Platform That’s Consistently Proven Itself To Drive Substantial Link Juice: Blog Comments.

The truth is that other platforms commonly used for high-volume backlinking simply don’t pack the same punch – or any punch, for that matter. Specifically, our testing has consistently shown that mass “Wiki” and “profile” link campaigns have such effect (even as a tiered strategy) that they’re not even worth including for the sake of diversity. Comments are still the king, by a mile.

And using our semi-automated “SmartSocial” technology, out team can produce relevant, interactive comments that don’t detract from other site’s visitor experiences, and generally have very good stick rates.

We’re Fast!

You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can turn these campaigns around – even with all the moving parts involved. Our maximum turnaround time is 17 days, but we generally beat that deadline by several days.

Comprehensive, Detailed Reporting

You’ll get detailed reports & spreadsheets with every live web 2.0 property, article, social bookmarking activity, Google News confirmation and key distribution examples (for the PR campaign), blog comments and everything else we do for you, on all 3 Tiers.

You’re In Control

We provide you with all the login/password information for every Web2.0 Property and Article Directory where we publish your content – should you ever need to adjust your content, anchors or link destinations.

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