New & Exclusive ‘Done-For-You’ AUTOPILOT service so you

Get Seen DAILY On

Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

with Engaging Content (By Local Writers)
That PRIMES Your Prospects For The Sale

The ONLY Data-Driven Aussie-Based
Social Media Team That Guarantees R.O.I
and DAILY Posts Or It’s 100% FREE!

Picture this…

We have your biggest competitor on the phone…

(They seem nice)

… Pleading with us to run all their social media content for them, like we are doing for you.

In a frustrated tone they confess, “We see the amazing work you’re doing for our competitor (you) and they’re dominating social media in our industry”.

“Go on”, I say.

“Well, they’re absolutely crushing it all over Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter…”

“…and their posts are getting incredible engagement… with ‘Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, even quality enquires in comments… right before our eyes… The rest of us can hardly compete”.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised. No one else does what we do”, I spruik, then ask. “So why can’t you do this yourself?”

“We don’t have time to do this, and we know you do 100% of the work, right?” they said.

“That’s right”, I replied.

“Great, and besides… We’ve tried EVERYTHING. We worked with a local social media team and found out 6-months later they were using writers from India and the Philippines. No wonder our posts weren’t getting read. They pretty much got ZERO engagement. Complete waste of time and money”

“Very common story”, I sympathised.

“Also, I’ve heard that since working with you guys, they doubled their business and aren’t slowing down…

… Plus, their sales conversion rate is through-the-roof, highest in our industry, because they have authority online and prospects already trust them before they get to their website…

It’s INSANE and we need your help FAST. Can you help us?”

“I’m sorry, but we can’t help you”, I said.


“But why? We’re happy to pay you more”, they said.

“It doesn’t matter. You see, we’re very loyal to our clients and we signed an ‘Exclusivity Agreement’ where we don’t work with their competition in a certain radius. So as much as we like helping people, the answer is no for those reasons”

– – –

Okay, I’ll stop there…

– – –

Believe it or not… Scenario’s like this WILL happen, when we start working together.

See – I’m not sure if you picked this up… But there’s a magic element to the success of what we do….

And don’t worry…

Once we start making YOUR BRAND the #1 Trusted Authority ONLINE in your industry…

… You’ll realise what this ONE magic element is.

Want to guess?

Come on…

Have a try?

Okay, I’ll give you a clue.

Surprisingly, it’s NOT only because…

  • We do ALL the work for you (without you lifting a finger)
  • We track and measure EVERY single engagement for you
  • You’ll have a simple dashboard to clearly see what’s working and what’s not
  • We constantly learn and improve from the ‘REAL-TIME’ data we pull from our system
  • We use quality Australian writers who study viral content daily
  • You will be seen DAILY on the BIG THREE social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter AND Linkedin

YES – All those are AMAZINGLY valuable…

And pretty much NO ONE is doing it like us, yet…

…Have you realised the INVISIBLE benefit of us working together this way?

Okay, enough teasing…

The answer is…


We PRIME Your Prospects For The Sale

Think about it…

We pull a Leonardo DiCaprio INCEPTION move on your prospects… before you have a sales-conversation with them.

We go 4 levels deep and subtly build:

All BEFORE your sales-conversation…

See, when we work together…

Cold enquires will be a thing of the past.

Warm enquires will be more common.

RED-HOT enquiries will be the norm!

We bridge the gap between unknown to trusted.

We manufacture DESIRE in prospects so they WANT to do business with you.

Best part?

You don’t even need to lift a finger. Our service runs on AUTOPILOT behind-the-scenes.

While our neat little social media engine is pumping your business to the BRIM with new, ready-to-buy prospects…

… You can do what you do BEST… FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS.

While we do what we do best;

Point is, the opportunity to target, attract and prime your IDEAL customers with this kind of leverage has never been available before.


… so HOW exactly do we help you do that?

GREAT question

In simple terms, we’ve developed a content-rich social media system that creates and sends out your posts to your target audience…

In a fun and compelling way.

Imagine this…

We write and compose intriguing posts that create interest about your business…

(I’m not talking silly time wasting posts that circulate Facebook these days, like why dinosaurs are still existing in a remote part of New York City).

I mean content, images, text – anything… that makes you and business stand out in a professional, trusting and appealing manner.

Here’s what will happen when we do this…

Your customers will surf Facebook (as they normally do). They’ll see your message and your post. They’ll get engaged and then visit your website. On your website, they’ll find out what you do, read your testimonials and see your offer.


That’s where the magic happens, all of a sudden, you are now a business on their frontal cortex radar.

You become someone they know…

Someone they’re familiar with and thinking about.

Now what’s the go when you keep connecting with them?

You become…

Just the way ‘you’ feel about a particular business in your area that you like to buy from.

It’s a natural connection.

And you’ve created a positive result.

(Aka, an interested lead, prospect or customer).

This is the added benefit of using an ongoing efficient social media posting service like ours that delivers and creates more prospect engagement – MORE OFTEN.

When this is done properly, it allows you to get MORE exposure than your competition, every day of the week, period.

It just plain works.

PLUS, with our exclusivity agreement (which I’ll talk about in a minute), you’ll get an even bigger advantage.

It means your competitors WON’T be benefiting from this kind of activity and/or exposure that you are…

It’s like your OWN ‘blue ocean’ where no-one’s fishing…

… Which equals more market share.

And as I’m sure you already know, the best way to win market share is to first win mind share, right?

This is how you achieve that.

Pretty cool, eh?

Now it gets even better.

Rock Solid

Yup. You heard that right.

You see, we don’t see the point in you investing in a social media service that…well…doesn’t work.

We believe that if you’re not seeing this system increase engagement with your prospects and elegantly priming them before they even visit your website…

… It shouldn’t cost you a thing.

That’s why we promise…

Guaranteed DAILY Posts, Higher Engagement and an Increased Social Media Presence…
Or You Don’t Pay!

Note: This takes a little amount of time to take full effect, OK? It won’t happen overnight.

If you’re the kind of client who rings up after a week and asks for a refund, then please do not apply to become a client of ours.

If however, you understand that a successful campaign requires focused attention, proper structure (and some patience)…

And you’re serious about truly getting ahead of your competition…

And you want an online presence with a foundation that’s set in stone, not sand…

Then this is for you.

Especially if you’d like us to help you engage with your prospects at an online level ‘before’ they even contact your business…

Imagine the difference it would make when, before your prospects or customers contact you, they have already;

  • Seen you on Facebook every day
  • Watched some kind of video about you
  • Received messages from you on social media
  • Viewed one of your product demonstrations
  • Listened to one of your interviews or podcast

And… you get the point.

Wouldn’t this by default make them much more willing, eager and accepting of what you have to sell – BEFORE they pick up the phone or fill out an online contact form?

The answer is ‘YES’.

When you and I catch up on the phone, together we’ll nut out what best type of content you could and should be putting out there.

For now, are you starting to see how this can significantly help you reach and send some pre-buy love further, deeper AND wider into your target audience?

This is a BRILLIANT little social media system I’d love your business to benefit from.
But, more importantly…

I want you to be 100% certain your investment in this service is going to deliver you outstanding results.

Which is why as soon as you join us today…you’ll have full, unrestricted access to your own personal, data-driven, social media dashboard.

Numbers don’t lie, right?

You get to see (in REAL TIME) exactly how many $$$ we’re driving toward your business.

In other words, the service is 100% transparent.

There’s no-where for us to hide.

If we don’t deliver, it’s our heads on the chopping block.


That gives you the confidence that we’ll be doing everything in our power to help make your business name and marketing message sing like a canary in your customers’ minds when it comes to your product or service.

Sound good?

So, here’s my promise to you (and it’s a BIG one).

If we miss a SINGLE daily post…

If we fail to produce high quality content that your customers love…

If we, for whatever reason whatsoever, don’t target the right audience (heaven forbid)…

You get the whole month on us.

That’s a GREAT deal any way you slice it.

Okay, so by now you’re probably wondering…

What Does Social
Do For You?

Glad you asked…

Well, you may have heard this before but I’m going to reiterate something here – building strong customer relationships starts with engagement, engagement, and more engagement!

Engagement is the chemistry that creates the attraction and intrigue about you.

How do you test how well you engage?


By the number of Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets and Enquires.

So for us to fulfil OUR promise on helping you become the #1 trusted authority in your industry, there are TWO main things we do;

1. Post “High-Quality” engaging content (not fluff or absurdity that’s only designed to entertain)
2. Post “Consistently” every day to keep your message and business name high on your audiences’ familiarity list.

On a macro scale: Isn’t it the goal of any business to help you get where and what you want in life quicker?

Eh, no brainer there. Well on a micro scale, this service is designed to get your message out to your target audience faster, easier and in a way they love to hear it.


We get the maximum engagement effect by squeezing all that social media goodness into lucrative channels that PRIMES your customers before they buy!

In short, this service will allow you to engage more people than you’ll ever be personally social enough to engage (please take that the right way).

Click To Request A FREE Call & Social Media Audit With One Of Our Experts

Here’s What’s Included
In Social Autopilot

  • Campaign Establishment Fee. This includes complete setup of your campaign, intake, connect all your profiles and total portal creation to allow you to go in and navigate through your account deliverables and features… (Valued at $1,495)
  • High-quality engaging content posted twice
    daily to Facebook 7 days a week…
    (valued at $297.00)
  • 4 daily, customer-pulling tweets (specifically created
    for wide, reaching social impact) …
    (valued at $140.00)
  • 1 Hr strategy call with our senior social media expert. This highly valuable call will invite you to the option of being able to share your own custom content of choice through our service…
    (Valued at $250)
  • All content uniquely and specifically created for your business
    (by our in-house content creation experts. We NEVER use cheap,
    outsourced staff)… (priceless)
  • All articles and images carefully chosen to
    interest your target audience…
    (valued at $250.00)
  • Consistent use of hashtags to increase your
    chances of being found in social
    searches… (priceless)
  • SEO and conversion optimisation across all
    your social media platforms…
    (valued at $997.00)
  • Australian based support team.
    Call or email us anytime…

Total value = $3,429.00

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Now lean in close.

Here’s where it gets REAL interesting.

The Social Media Service package includes everything above.

For a limited time only, for qualified business owners (limited to 10 businesses), we are waiving the;

SETUP COST $1,495.00

When you take advantage of Social Media Service today, you will not pay the setup establish cost.

That’s a saving of $1,495.00.

In addition to the limited time establishment fee grant, you’ll also get the following two bonuses:

That brings the total value of
Social AUTOPILOT up to $4,069.00

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost of NOT DOING THIS is potentially LOST BUSINESS.

This includes less sales, fewer customers and overall poorer exposure.

And by “LOST” I mean gone to your competitors who are out-marketing you online, because you were too slow to take action.

If you let this happen, you’ll be losing the opportunity to get in front of your prospects…

While your competitors GAIN that opportunity.

I call this ‘crying over the one that got away’.

Don’t let that happen to you. We don’t want that, so instead of talking about cost, let’s chat about your INVESTMENT.



Let’s hop to it!

But first, this is important…

By Application Only,
is Limited to The First 10 Businesses ONLY!

Click To Request A FREE Call & Social Media Audit With One Of Our Experts

This is an exclusive service open to a small batch of first-come-first-serve businesses.See, my team are limited to the number of clients they can actively manage each month.

Right now, I’m only opening the door to the first TEN businesses that apply.

And only qualified businesses that meet my strict criteria will be accepted!

Here’s who we DON’T work with:

  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Adult Theme Material
  • Start Ups Without Funds

Who we DO work with:

  • You already have an active healthy business
  • You have a solid product or service and a good reputation
  • You’re already making sales

Apologies if you don’t qualify, but we only want to work with business owners where I’m 100% certain that Social Autopilot will deliver the most impact.

If you’re one of the 10 businesses we take on…you’ll be eligible for a heavily discounted rate…starting from just $275+GST per month.

How to Get Started

Click on any of the yellow buttons on this page to request your FREE SOCIAL-AUDIT CALL with one of our senior Social Media experts now!

You’ll be taken to a simple four question survey on the other side of this page.

This form gives me and my team a sense of your business and the goals you want to achieve.

There’s no obligation… but I do expect you to be serious about getting results.

Upon completion of the survey, I’ll be in touch with a time for our call, where we’ll discover if we’re a good fit.

If you are, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the service. If not, that’s cool too. We part as friends and move on.

To find out if you qualify, you need to complete the quiz by clicking the button below.

My friend, I urge you to take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer before it’s gone.

This will be one of the best decisions you make this year.

No hype.

No BS.

No false promises.

Once we’ve on-boarded TEN new clients into Social Media Service, doors will close until further notice.

Right now, if you act fast, you’ll not only save $1,497 on the establishment setup cost…


You’ll also be able to claim your professional FB, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles worth $490.00.

PLUS your monthly emergency “real-time” content posting opportunity ($150 value per month).

After reading this page, a lack of engagement by your business to your target audience is self-imposed.

Go ahead, click the yellow button below…and give your business the unfair competitive advantage it needs to grow and prosper long term.

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David Krauter
Founder, Websites That Sell

P.S. This results-based exclusive done-for-you social media service is ONLY open to the first ten qualified businesses.

P.P.S. Remember, you’re covered by my bullet proof, prime-and-profit-or-it’s-free guarantee.
If we miss a single post or tweet…you get the whole month FREE.