Case Study | Dr. Maura McGill, Gold Coast

Case Study | Dr. Maura McGill, Gold Coast

Doubled prices, quadrupled referrals, tripled income, within a few short months!

Details Of Case

Dr. Maura McGill came to us as she was looking for a Gold Coast Web Design firm. Her current website just didn’t create the kind of sales she was after. And the sales it did create was of patients which were not willing to pay the fees Maura needed to charge to create a sustainable business. So she wanted to revamp her website to reflect a higher level service, integrate a lead generation system and position her as the expert when it comes to Menopause.

During our website marketing strategy session we devised a full marketing plan for Maura’s website. We totally revamped her website from the ground up to reflect a higher level brand and position Maura as the expert. We integrated a lead generation and back end conversion system into her site which enabled Dr. Maura to take her business global.

Case Breakdown


  • Built a list from ZERO to 5,500 laser targeted prospects
  • Ability to contact and market to prospects totally FREE whenever he wants
  • Boosted his sales by an extra 34%

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