Case Study | Wiggly Tail, Port Maquarie

Case Study | Wiggly Tail, Port Maquarie

Database Growth Of 5,500 Prospects Boosted Sales By An Extra 34%

Details Of Case

Wiggly tail came to us as they were looking for a Sydney Web Design Company. The business was facing a never ending battle with the larger stores such as Woolworths. So during the website marketing strategies we identified the business to be of superior quality and strategiesed a rewards based customer return system.

With this plan we revamped the entire website to give the business a superior quality look through their web design. We integrated the customer return marketing system into the website as a lead generation & return system. Finally we featured the business owner in a professional clean way to position him as the superior expert to what the big brands can provide..

Case Breakdown

  • Built a list from ZERO to 5,500 laser targeted prospects
  • Ability to contact and market to prospects totally FREE whenever he wants
  • Boosted his sales by an extra 34%

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