Website Development By The Hour

Our development services are for those that just need coding, development or website maintenance done.

Our clients make use of our development time for anything from updating and doing a monthly maintenance on their website to maintain it’s performance and security, to coding up custom functionality for their website.

Our development services are available by the hour $75/hr or can be purchased in blocks of 5 or 10 hours depending on the need of your project (see pricing below).

All blocks of hours purchased are valid for 6 months from purchase and you can use your hours on multiple projects. We will keep record of your hours and send you updates every time work was completed on your project.

What You Can Use Our Development Services For

Website Maintenance

Out of date plugins, old log ins and an unoptimised database can cause your website to not only become sluggish but a security risk.

You can hire us by the hour to fully maintain your website and ensure all it’s associated software is up to date.

Additionally many times an update from some software may cause problems for your site, you avoid this by having our team complete the update.

Content Population

Need more content integrated into your site, but don’t have time or knowledge how? We can help.

We know adding the content and making it display exactly how you want isn’t as easy as copying and pasting the words and images from word into the website.

You’ve got to make sure the right HTML code is applied and that all the mobile optimisation is applied. Save time and headaches by letting us help you integrate content based on an hourly rate.

All that’s required is that you give us the text, images, video, audios, PDF or whatever you’re wanting to integrate and your website log ins.

Website Migration

Need to move your website to a new hosting environment? If you need to migrate your website we can help you do so.

Many times this can be a tricky business. We’ll help you move your site efficiently and ensure it’s still working in it’s new server environment.

Lead Generation Form Design & Development

We can design and integrate a lead generation form into your website. This form will help generate a list of targeted prospects for you.

We will design the form, code it up for you, integrate your favourite mailing system into the form and ensure it’s all connected and working properly.

Custom Coding

You think it up, we code it up. Our developers have coded up various different functionalities for our clients. I

f you have a custom functionality in mind you’d like working on the Internet give us a call.

We can discuss this, help you in terms of understanding what’s possible online and probably even add a few extra ideas to make things work even smoother. Then our team can get to work to develop a custom solution for you.

Website Changes

Need changes done to your website but don’t know how… or too scared to break stuff.

That’s where our by the hour development services come in handy. Simply buy your hours, brief us on your requests and let us go to work.

3 Development Package Options

We have three different options available. If you just need a small change done, then simply hire us for an hour. If you need more work done then you can simply choose one of our 5 hour or 10 hour packages.

The 5 & 10 hour packages are valid for 6 months from purchase and can be used across different jobs. You don’t need to use them all on one job.

We will also keep record of your use of hours and update you on your balance after each job is completed.

How does it all work.

Our process for development work is really simple. You purchase the amount of hours you’d like or need. Upon payment you’ll be redirected to our support area where you can submit your request/brief for the work that needs to be completed.

Once you have submitted the brief our developers will act on your brief within 24 hours. If it’s a complicated job we will let you know the timeframe and time required to complete the work and ask for your approval. If it is a simple job we will get to work right away and complete the work as quick as possible.

Get started now and select the right package for your needs.

FAQ’s About Our Development Services

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