Sunshine Coast Business Achieves Instant Ranking Boosts Across 49 Target Keywords And First Page Positions For 11 Keywords – In Just 2 Days!

Sunshine Coast Business Achieves Instant Ranking Boosts Across 49 Target Keywords And First Page Positions For 11 Keywords – In Just 2 Days!

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So what’s the big secret to getting results like this… and that fast?

It’s our Digital Marketing Services…!

We have developed a marketing driven approach to online marketing and SEO – these kind of ranking boost are really just a by-product of the overall picture.

Did we just say that… it’s not all about rankings?


While we all know getting rankings for a local business like this can dramatically change it’s profitability literally overnight – the bigger picture is all about sustainable long term online success.

You see results like this will increase your lead flow, enquiries and sales it can all happen real quick when all the sudden your website gets flooded with qualified traffic.

Especially when you’re operating in a niche like this sunshine coast business where the business is selling big ticket items.

Think about it… building a new home – many times something like this will easily run into the mid 6 figures if not 7 figures.

So it’s pretty impressive ROI when you get results like the above.

But that’s enough about us bragging about these results.

I know you want to know how we actually achieve all this.

Well here’s the exact process:

1) We interviewed the clients best clients and found exactly what their biggest fears, frustrations and hot buttons were.

2) We used this initial research to dive deep into this market and uncover what their competitors are doing, used our proprietary software tools to dig deep into the world of search to uncover the most profitable keywords themes of the clients industry/business.

3) We used this research to design and structure the website around these themes and set up the correct interlinking to silo/organise the website just the way Google loves it.

4) We created a presence on the most important social platforms for the client.

5) We created and set up a Brand Broadcasting & Syndication System.

And if you haven’t guessed it… all of the above is included in our Secret Sauce SEO Service.

But where can you go from here to profit from this information?

Do what the most successful business owners do!

Find a system that works (you’ve just seen that the above 5 steps work like gangbusters…) then simply copy, implement and tweak.

Start with step Number 1 you’ll learn stuff about your business or service which will give you incredible insights and marketing ammunition you never knew existed.

This step alone could revolutionise your business.

Then follow through the rest of the steps.

If you need more help with any of them, simply leave a comment below or contact us directly. We’re always happy to help.

So that’s it, let us know below if you like this case study and leave a comment if you’d like to know more or have any questions.

Until next time.

David Krauter.

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