7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Isn't Dead

Too many people are kicking and screaming that email marketing is dead.

But for those in the know how the contrary is true.

And here's just a side note: if you're paying for Adwords, Facebook Ads and or a SEO Company to help you rank your website why wouldn't you put every effort into squeezing every last ROI out of your marketing dollars?

Email marketing helps you do exactly that... if people aren't going to buy then the next best thing is to get the traffic subscribing to your email list so you can stay in front of them this way.

So let's face it...

Email marketing is alive and well and the proof is in the numbers.

In 2016 the number of business and consumer emails send and received per day totalled over 215.3 BILLION, and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 4.6% in coming years reaching over 257.7 BILLION by the end of 2020. Considering this... it sure looks like email marketing is on the rise rather than decline. So here are 7 statistics that clearly show that email marketing is a marketing strategy that you can not afford to miss in your online marketing efforts.

7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Isn't Dead

1. Staggering Returns:

It’s too early to signal the death knell of email marketing. Contrary to it, email marketing is still alive and kicking, and the narration is in the numbers. With so many emails in transit or in the inboxes of intended and sometimes unintended recipients, it surely indicates that email marketing has not faded. Well, to prove this, let’s take a look at seven statistics that clearly show that email marketing is a force that other needs to actually reckon with.

2. Email On The Podium:

Presently Email stands tall as the most popular activity online, considering the fact that despite social media posts having a larger reach with sharing options, it is possible to stay assured that 90% of emails do actually get delivered.  Now that is something which can not be compared by social media, as there is no way of actually knowing.

3. Newsletters Are Actually Read and Found To Be Useful:

Recipients sign up for newsletters, and research indicates that more than 90% of recipients of newsletters find them to be of some use at some point in time. This statistic, by itself, proves that 90% of recipients read the newsletters. Make sure to use some email validation service like Zerobounce so as to keep your list clean and avoid any bounces. This is really important to improve the overall email deliverability rate of your domain.

4. Email Promo Codes Encourage Shoppers To Spend More:

This is possibly one of the strongest reasons to prove the success of email marketing. Studies show that shoppers who received promo codes through emails are happy to spend more than a third of what shoppers who did not receive promos would spend.

5. Business Users Prefer Email:

The rise of social media may have challenged the role of emailing personal communications. However, in business communications, email remains unchallenged as the undisputed choice of users, with seven out of the users preferring email communications.

6. More Than A Billion Gmail Users:

The number of Gmail users alone is staggering, with other email services accounting for another one and a half billion registered users. The reason for the increasing popularity of email is the fact that smartphones offer experiences similar to that of laptops and computers, making it easy for users to access on the go.

7. Most Cost Effective Channel:

Compared with other methods of generating leads, Email marketing wins hands down as the most cost effective channel to market products or services, priced cheaper than other options by one third. With the right kind of engagement, it is possible for organizations to establish steady relationships with customers.

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