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First, here's proof our Content Marketing Services get results.

Content marketing, the way we do it... still works in 2024.

Keep reading to discover how our content marketing agency helps businesses improve website rankings, drive more traffic & generate quality leads.

It's proof our approach to content marketing grows companies!
Case Study 1

Content Strategy Takes 720 Monthly Search Volume Keyword Into The No.1 Position On Google.

read full case study here.
The Problem
The client had no presence in the search engines for searches relevant to their business.
The Solution
Start a content marketing campaign combined with a targeted SEO strategy.
The Strategy
Create a content piece targeting a theme of keywords. Then optimise the content piece in a way that leveraged the websites authority to make it rank.
The Result
No.1 ranking on Google for a keyword that gets 720 monthly searches, and would have cost up to $5.43 per click using paid advertising.
Case Study 2

One Single Blog Post Generates 1,262 New Website Visitors In Just 28 Days!

The Problem
The company wanted more traffic to their website.
The Solution
Launch a traffic-focused content marketing campaign.
The Strategy
Research golden “opportunity” set of keywords and create content around these for quick traffic wins.
The Result
One “golden opportunity” blog post generated 1,262 new website visitors in just 28 days.
Case Study 3

Content That Sells Strategy Generates 507 New Leads* in a single month.

*phone calls, form submissions & opt ins.
The Problem
This customer wanted to increase the amount of leads generated by their website.
The Solution
The driver behind the marketing strategy was SEO backed by a solid content strategy focusing on commercial intent keywords, broader searches and lead-capturing strategies.
The Strategy
Launch specific geo-relevant landing pages, create engaging content posts (comparison guides, eBooks, infographics, information guides) and powered these with Search Engine Optimisation.
The Result
The campaign generated 507 new leads in a single month. 185 form submissions, 124 phone calls and 198 other various lead form submissions.

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How Our Content Marketing Service Works

Discover The System That Consistently Generates Better Rankings, More Traffic & Quality Leads
Step One

Content Research and Strategy

Better rankings?
Are you struggling with SEO due to content gaps or low-quality content written for search engines rather than "helpful content" written for your target audience?
More website traffic?
Do you need more content to reach more customers online and tap into new audiences?
Quality leads?
Do you lack content that builds trust, establishes expertise and encourages engagement?
Once we know your goal, we tailor the type of content for your campaign to resonate with your audience and implement your strategy. Getting this step right is crucial.
Step Two

Content Planning and Development

Based on the outcomes of step one, the next important step is to develop a plan.
“If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else.”
Yogi Berra
That’s why you need a content plan. We call this a “content calendar”. It builds rhythm & flow into your content marketing.
Step Three

Content Creation

This is where execution of the plan starts.

Depending on the type of content and the rhythm of your campaign, our strategists will provide copy & content angles for your website. We’ll then craft the articles, posts, videos or whatever the form of content for the strategy.

Our trained SEO’s or Social Media specialists then optimise the content before it’s distributed via relevant marketing channels.

You are involved and included (to whatever level of communication you feel comfortable with) at every stage of the process for feedback loops and approval.

This makes our content creation process fast & smooth and nearly hands-free for our busy clients.
Step Four

Content Optimisation

Getting our SEO team to optimise a blog post can be the difference between ranking or never seeing the first page of Google.

Having our copywriters edit the lead sentence of an already well-written piece can be the difference between hooking prospects in or getting that dreaded bounce.

We employ specialists in their field to work directly on your campaign. This job can not be outsourced to juniors or, worse, automated software. Many content marketing agencies falter at this step, prioritising profit over performance.
Step Five

Content Distribution and Promotion

Simply posting content on a blog, uploading a video to YouTube, or sharing an informational post on your social account isn't enough.
We believe in maximising the content marketing strategy.
That's why our SEO team ensures Google indexes posts, our social team distributes the content across top social channels, and our PPC team crafts campaigns to target the right audience through paid channels.
Step Six

Content Measurement

You can't improve what you don't measure.

This is where KPI's come in.

Is your content ranking and generating leads? Without tracking these essential metrics, you'll remain in the dark.

We set KPI's and establish a comprehensive reporting system to gauge crucial metrics, ensuring you understand the monthly ROI of your content for your business.
Step Seven

Refine, Repeat & Scale The Winners

At Websites That Sell, a core value is “better every day”, which we apply to every campaign.

We focus on amplifying successes and adjusting what doesn’t work.

Although not every content piece will excel, our expertise lie in refining underperforming content and scaling what does work.

It’s why we think our content marketers are a cut above the competition.

Content That Ranks

If you’re looking to break onto the first page of Google and finally unlock that No.1 spot. This is what helps you get there.

We don’t just write for the sake of meeting a word count... our writers collaborate with SEO’s to create Google magic.
Keyword-focused service pages
Transforming your pages into “helpful content"
Making your site E-EAT friendly
Bridging content gaps
Creating clusters for theme relevancy

Content That Sells

We create the type of content visitors can’t help but spend hours consuming.

It could be in the form of blog posts, guides, case studies, emails, a regular newsletter, white papers, e-books or video. What makes all the difference is our ability to make this content sell. We know how to write headlines that grab attention. Craft leading sentences
that pull prospects in. And serve up irresistible bullet points that leave readers asking for more. All wrapped up in a strategy that turns lookers into leads.

It's direct marketing at its best and all about generating conversions. This content ranks. It drives traffic. And it generates leads. This service is the “Rolls Royce” of content marketing.
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Reviews from happy clients

Why Us? Here’s why Websites That Sell is the content marketing agency of choice for Aussie business owners.

Australian Writers

We invest in Australian writers.

Our copywriters are locals who understand the market in Australia and communicate in your language. Instead of outsourcing overseas to save a little bit of money, we think reducing frustrations and delivering quick results is worth much more.
AI Writing Technology Used By Team

We believe A.I. should not replace, but make things better.

The human touch is what makes good content great. While we leverage the power of tools like ChatGPT and other A.I. to make things better, it is ultimately human emotion, creativity, and intuition that transform good content into something truly exceptional.
Content Experts

We are experts but we understand you are the Expert.

Our writers are experts in the creation of engaging content. You are the thought leader in your field. Our proprietary process downloads your knowledge, in your voice, to our team. The result is a level of content that can't be created from a quick Google search.

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Meet Our Content Marketing Team

Mark Pereira
Content is king.
Strategic Content Writing
User Experience Flow
Website planning and wireframes
Denika Broad
shining light on your business through social media
Strategic hashtags
Social stats & data analysis
Social content & posts syndication
Marina Krauter
positioning you for a purpose
Social reels & video creation
Social media coaching
Social stats & data analysis
Mark Pereira
Content is king.
Strategic Content Writing
User Experience Flow
Website planning and wireframes
Weaving SEO principles into UX Design
Denika Broad
shining light on your business through social media
Strategic hashtags
Social stats & data analysis
Social content & posts syndication
Marina Krauter
positioning you for a purpose
Social reels & video creation
Social media coaching
Social stats & data analysis
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frequently asked questions

What role does content play in marketing?

Content is the voice of your company. It communicates the benefits you provide. It tells your story. It builds brand awareness. Content is what draws your prospects in. Content converts a prospect into a lead and an engaged subscriber. Content is what holds your marketing together.

How much do your content marketing services cost?

We don't offer any packages. We work on a transparent $150+GST per hour rate. On average, from start to finish, it takes our writers 4 hours to write a piece of content.

What does a content marketer do?

The content marketer is the ideas man. Not just a writer. The content marketer understands your objectives and can strategise the right campaign using the right type of content distributed in the right media channels to achieve growth.

How can I measure the success of my content marketing efforts?

We measure rankings impact, traffic & leads generated.

What are the advantages of outsourcing content marketing?

Outsourcing means you get more time to do what you do best. You also get the advantage of tapping into our proven system that gets results.

You are the best at what you do. We think our content marketers are the best at telling your story.

What should I look for when choosing a content marketing services provider?

Do they have a formula for success? You want to find a partner that has a passion for your products or services and understands everything about your market. On a practical level, being able to reach people during office hours here in Australia is a bonus that's going to save you lots of time and frustration.

Can’t I just use ChatGPT or other A.I. tools to write my content?

That's the dream.

While we use these tools ourselves, they don't understand human emotions (just yet).

What this means is that they can't have a conversation with your customers, figure out the emotional pain points and then write an article with the right message that taps into all of this.

Will content marketing work for my industry?

We have not come across an industry where content marketing doesn't work. However, one of the things we always do is check on your competitors to see what's working for them. How are they using content? Is it for branding, lead generation or conversion of leads into sales? We take great care to understand the best way to use content, which enables us to get results in every industry we've worked in.

What other services do you offer?

We are a full digital marketing agency. We offer logo design, web design, web development and paid traffic management to support your content efforts.

How can I get started?

Click this link to get a quote. We'll do an analysis of your website. Provide suggestions for the type of campaign we would run. The investment involved and how to get started.
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