Increase your organic traffic, sales, and leads with SEO

We are an eCommerce SEO Agency that generates more shoppers for online brands.

If you’re just starting out or you are an established brand our eCommerce SEO agency will help your website get found by more people. But not just that... you get a full marketing team with a proven track record of delivering proven eCommerce SEO services that make your website generate more sales & repeat customers.

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Snapshot of success our eCommerce SEO services have achieved for clients

"We boosted Keto Lean's revenue from a few local sales to $7,000 in weekly sales across Australia."


"We helped Gillette nail the technical SEO for their new eCommerce website."

"Proctor & Gamble loved what we did so much they hired us again to do the same for OralB's website."


We boosted a eCommerce sites organic traffic by 15% year on year. This resulted in 1,051 transactions (up 18% Year on Year) and $1.15Million in sales (up 36% Year on Year).

And we’ve delivered the same SEO results for many more emerging & established eCommerce brands.


We aren't just technical SEO geeks... We are marketers & online sales professionals first!

The reason we can get results like this and have systemised our strategies into a "Google Growth System" for eCommerce websites is that we focus on what matters.

Results for clients.

We are not your typical eCommerce SEO Agency.

We live and die by results!

In short, this means that if we can't help online stores grow, we don't get paid.

If that's the kind of eCommerce SEO Agency you'd like to partner with, keep reading to see how we work with online store owners.

Beat Your Competitors With A SEO Growth System That Generates More Customers

Our goal for any client shopping site is to generate organic revenue quickly.

That’s why our systematic SEO process starts very simple. With eCommerce websites, key changes are required to get big results.

here’s how we do it over and over again.


Step 1: Go for the low hanging fruit first.

If your website is already generating some level of organic revenue, more than likely, you’re in a great position to generate a quick revenue boost with SEO.

In this first step, we look for those product keywords your website already ranks on the first or second page.

We then implement quick 4-8 week “sprints” to have these keywords in the top 3 and drive buying traffic fast.

Usually… all it takes is a bit of on-page optimisation and targeted link building to push high commercial intent keywords into the top positions on Google.

Once the site produces revenue, we keep spinning this wheel and find more low-hanging fruit opportunities while tapping into the next level of opportunity.


Step 2: Tap into next level opportunities.

Next-level opportunities are those people in the market who are searching for the solutions you provide but either don’t know that your product exists or are searching for your products in a more general way.

On an eCommerce website, this is usually called your “category page”.

Here’s the big problem.

Shopping Website CMSs like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & Magento usually generate these on autopilot.

However, if you leave these pages just as they are, you will lose out on the big opportunity.

Your category keywords usually drive 10 if not 100 times the search volume that your product keywords will.

That’s why, as part of our eCommerce SEO services, the next step is to identify broader opportunity keywords that we can rank category pages.

You can read our full category page SEO guide here: How To Use eCommerce Category Pages For SEO.

Like in Step 1, we now rinse and repeat Step 2 repeatedly until we run out of category opportunities.

SIDE NOTE: Most eCommerce brands will go from 5 to 6 figure months simply by getting steps 1 & 2 right over and over again.

However, if you really want to supercharge your brand, step 3 is for you.


Step 3: Supercharge your brand.

If your website is consistently driving organic revenue, you’re ranking in the top spots for your products & category keywords the next step is to make your website the authority in your niche.

This is where we turn on the content machine for our clients.

We find broad topics that your market is already thinking about and then find ways to insert your products & brand into these topics.

We do this by writing user guides, checklists and other types of articles & blog posts that position your brand as the authority in the market. See our full Blog Content Guide for eCommerce Stores for more ideas.

While this step isn’t going to generate “ready to buy” traffic, when we stack all 3 steps together systematically all of the pages support each other and not only supercharge your rankings but also your traffic & revenue.

Ready To See How Our eCommerce SEO Services Will Generate More Transactions For Your Website?

Request a quote at the link below. One of our eCommerce SEO Specialists will research your industry and your SEO opportunities and suggest an SEO strategy to grow your business: no pesky sales calls or Zoom meetings. We'll record everything in a short and easy-to-understand video for you (others charge up to $500 for this). If you like what you see, we can work out ways to help you implement the information we discovered in the video.

Tailored SEO Services For Shopping Websites


We aren't just another agency... 

We are a team of eCommerce SEO specialists powered by marketing brains.

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Is eCommerce SEO worth it?

Post COVID 19… it’s a big YES!

The world has gone online.

And online marketing is the key to building a profitable business today.

Read our full guide on eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation here, as it reveals just how big the opportunity for stores online is and why it’s only getting bigger.

What is Seach Engine Optimisation and how does it benefit a shopping website?

SEO short for Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting a website found on Google for specific keywords. The reason this benefits eCommerce websites is because it allows them to get in front of internet users who are actively looking to spend money on such products.

In short, SEO benefits eCommerce sites because it generates more sales.

How much do your ecommerce seo services cost?

eCommerce SEO campaigns start at $2,000+GST. It all depends on how many keywords you’d like to target, if you’d like to target more category words or if you’d like to go all out and also employ a content marketing campaign to power all 3 steps of our system.

We are big believers in clients getting a return on their investment. That's why it's important to know upfront what your business goals are and what budget/amount of money you'd like to allocate to achieve objectives and meet our client expectations.

How do I get started?

If you’d like to DIY this whole thing you can start with our extra resources outlined at the bottom of this page.

If you’d like a specialist eCommerce SEO agency to help you, get in touch with our team at Websites That Sell on 1300 188 662 or request a free quote here.

We have eCommerce SEO Specialists all over the country you can learn more about our Sunshine Coast eCommerce SEO arm, visit our Brisbane eCommerce SEO Team or learn more about how we help Gold Coast Companies with their eCommerce SEO.

How long does it take to see results from your services?

Typically we like to start seeing results from product keywords within the first 3 months of the campaign. It all depends on the competition level, however, generally, the SEO campaign starts to produce positive ROI for clients within 6 months.

How can I tell if my campaign is successful?

Great question.

Full transparency is key.

Your SEO Company should provide you with transparent reporting that clearly shows you each month how your keywords are improving, how this is affecting traffic to your website and what organic revenue was generated from these efforts.

Learn more about our SEO Reporting Services here.

How will eCommerce seo improve my store’s visibility and traffic?

After implementing our 3 step eCommerce SEO system, your site will gain visibility for its products, the category type keywords your market is using as well as authoritative topics people are researching to learn more about your industry (this is where the content strategy comes into play).

Does PPC work for eCommerce

Hand in hand with search engine rankings there's nothing more powerful than running Google ads at your website. Combining SEO strategies in conjunction with paid advertising is what our most successful clients do. You can read more about them on our SEO case studies page.

Will my campaign also focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

This is a separate service we provide for online business owners. For this kind of service, we need to get deep into your target audience, look at your product pages on a marketing level to help these convert maximum traffic into sales and understand and map out a full SEO Plan that will also target people who don't buy the first time to convert traffic at a multiple touchpoint instance.

Good conversion rates are key to maximising your eCommerce businesses. The next step after the website traffic is flowing from our agency's work is to work on maximising your website's sales.

What tools do you use?

We employ a whole suite of tools to give us access to data and the resources we need to get results for clients.

Tools specific to your SEO campaign include Google Search Console, Google Analytics, aHrefs, SEMrush, MOZ etc. We also have a suite of in-house tools to give us the data points we need to beat out your competition.

What shopping platform do I need to rank on Google?

We've been able to get results on just about every SEO platform online, and we have specific guides available for the following platforms:

In addition to the platforms, you need to ensure the right functionality is available to make sales on your website, e.g. merchants facilities, PayPal, drop shipping, customer support, supplier integration etc.

How do reviews influence Search Engine Optimisation on a shopping site?

Reviews play a big role in building authority for your products. Especially before you're a well-known brand if you don't have a big social media following or you're not a Fortune 500 company.

Having reviews allows your site to display stars in the search engine results pages for your products. This dramatically gives you click-through rate improvements (more clicks) and better conversions and has been shown to positively influence other SEO metrics as well.

We use tactics in the SEO industry called "schema markup" to achieve this for our eCommerce clients.

Additional Learning For eCommerce SEO: