David Krauter

Founder of Websites That Sell, Head of SEO & Website Strategy 

About David Krauter

David first cut his teeth on direct response marketing back in 2007. After realising that the principles & strategies implemented offline have an even more profound effect online, he quickly steered his expertise to all things digital marketing.


Over the years, David shaped Websites That Sell into what it has become today - one of Australia's leading digital agencies that companies can trust to generate meaningful & impactful results via their website & Google. Specialising in Websites & SEO, David heads Websites That Sell from their Sunshine Coast headquarters with satellite offices all around the country.


Bachelor of Business (Queensland University of Technology)

Google Certified Partners

Interesting & Fun Facts
  • Most weeks David works out 5 days a week at the gym (his wife sometimes questions the importance of this) but in his opinion it's a way to clear the calculator and be more efficient for the rest of the day ;-)
  • At the age of 12 David moved to Australia not knowing a single word of English.
  • David played bass guitar in a "punk ska" band in pubs & venues around Brisbane from the early age of 15 (yep this included 18+ venues...)
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