7 Best SEO Companies In Brisbane - By Reputation (we reviewed over 50 of them)

We have personally reviewed over 50 SEO companies in Brisbane.

We went deep into every aspect of the company's website & online presence to factually present the good and the bad (and leave out the ugly).

For each company we evaluated:

  • Years in Business
  • Company Size
  • Notable Clients
  • Hourly Rate
  • Specialisations
  • Customer Support

If you’re looking to switch SEO companies or hire an SEO company in Brisbane for the first time, make sure you read this review to the end. That way, you can choose the best agency for you.

Established Company Size Notable Clients Hourly Rate Number Of Specialisations Customer Support
Reload Media 2008 10+ employees Yamaha, Go-To, ESMI N/A 8 Face to Face, Phone, eMail
Websites That Sell 2013 10+ employees Gillette, Steel-Line, Solahart Brisbane $150+GST 6 Face to Face, Phone, eMail, Zoom
Jarred Bennett 2016 1 employee Nourish’d, Aqua Fresh, Premium Pilates & Fitness N/A 2 Face to Face, Phone, eMail
Excite Media 2006 25+ employees Quotec, The Tarsi Way, Whitehill Keir N/A 8 Face to Face, Phone, eMail
Due North N/A 7 employees Fort Knox Self Storage, Smart Pay, Merchantlink N/A 4 Face to Face, Phone, eMail
Shout Digital N/A N/A Baby Bunting, Repco, Porsche N/A 4 Face to Face, Phone, eMail
Sonder Digital Marketing 2016 3+ employees Queensland Government, Pedders Suspensions, Archway N/A 5 Face to Face, Phone, eMail

Company Review By Reputation Overview & Criteria Explained

Before we get deep into the review of each agency, it’s important to understand each criterion and why we chose it.

Because of the ever-changing landscape on Google, what worked last year, does not work the same this year. Without an understanding of this, not having a team to move quickly on changes and having expertise in the field, an SEO campaign can quickly fail.

So here are the main evaluation categories, why they should play a part in your decision-making process and why they are important to the success of an SEO company's services.

Years in Business

Google has dramatically changed since its inception. The more an SEO company has been part of this change, experienced this change and most importantly understands how & why Google has changed the more likely the agency will be to adapt to future changes.

It’s not good enough to merely know the latest ranking hack anymore.

Without a thorough understanding of how search engines work, your website is only ever one algorithm update away from losing its top spots.

Experience and years in business give a good indication the SEO agency possesses this understanding.

Company Size

Too big and you’re just a number in the system… hire a one-man-band or freelancer and you probably won’t have enough resources made available to you to move fast with your campaign.

You want the company to be small enough so you have an SEO specialist working on your campaign, but big enough so the specialist doesn’t complete all the basic tasks and never have time to strategise and study your site.

A sweet spot to aim for is a boutique agency of 8+ people.

Notable Clients

It’s not just about name-dropping here, but has the agency helped other businesses in Brisbane? Knowing the Brisbane market, understanding the surrounding geographical space, socio economic impact on different areas all play a role in making a SEO campaign successful.

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate more or less determines the amount of work you’ll receive as part of your campaign.

Here’s a quick comparison of the average salaries of SEO’s in Brisbane:

The average salary of a senior SEO specialist in Brisbane is $93,901.

The average salary of a content strategist in Brisbane is $93,633.

The average salary of a web developer in Brisbane is $91,360.

To get a positive result from your SEO, you need all 3 of these specialisations working on your campaign.

Anything under $150+GST and you’re not likely to get all 3.

Customer Support

This one is simple.

Does the company offer phone support?

Brisbane is one of Australia’s bigger cities.

Meaning more than likely, you can’t just drop into the agency's office if you live on the south side of Brisbane and the agency is located in the CBD or somewhere on the north side.

So it’s really important to test, when you pick up the phone during office hours and ring the company's number, do you get someone answering the phone?

And this one will top it all… do you get to speak to the SEO strategist working on your campaign?

If the answer is yes to all the above the agency provides great customer support.

Review Of The 7 Best SEO Companies In Brisbane 
(In No Specific Order)

First Reviewed SEO Company


Company Name: Reload Media

Location: Level 5, 11 Finchley St, Milton, Queensland, Australia 4064

Area of expertise: Performance Marketing, Brand Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Transformations, eMail Marketing, International Growth Marketing

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile

Jess Abraham

Reload's team were fantastic to work with for our Google advertising. We had several people across our account, and all were a pleasure to deal with and the results speak for themselves, the best I've had with any agency. We only disengaged their services as we brought on a full-time employee to manage our SEM. Would happily recommend Reload Media to anyone.

Ellie White

The Reload team are extremely knowledgeable and passionate with all things digital. Since engaging Reload as our Google ads partner over a year ago, we have seen a great return and can always count on the team for any queries/tasks.

Q Advertising

The team at Reload Media are our key partners for digital marketing, we have worked with them for close to 2 years and highly recommend their services. They have constantly returned fantastic results for both our clients businesses and our own business.

Their range of knowledge and understanding regarding online marketing is second to none and they continue to amaze us with their expertise.

Second Reviewed SEO Company


Company Name: Websites That Sell

Location: 23/127 Creek St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Area of expertise: SEO, Web Design, Development, Social Media, Content Creation, Paid Ads

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile

Naomi Twyford

Our company has been using Websites That Sell SEO Brisbane and have been dealing with David and the team for just over 6 months, prior to this we were stuck in a rut with no clear path for our websites and SEO. We engaged Dave to take over all of this for us (as we are a high functioning business with very little time .....isn't everyone!) Davids team listened to how we work and the pace we work at and adapted themselves to suit our high pace. Davids follow up is incredible, (he kept bugging us to get raw materials) he turns around our jobs efficiently and the team easily adjust when we need to switch priority jobs on them at extremely short notice....the last unique feature about the team is that they also have a marketing background and brain, so Dave has great marketing advice we he knows I have missed an aspect which I shouldn't have...he thinks of our best interests and doesn't just do....Naomi Twyford - Real Estate Coach/Glenn Twiddle Training/QREAS/Be Phenomenal

Daniel Frecker

Our organisation has used Websites that Sell for many years for website design, SEO and all things marketing. They have been incredible flexible, professional and helpful. There is never a problem too hard for their team and they always execute incredible results. They are friendly, easy to work with and always diligent. They have done this all at incredible value, and we see every dollar spent incredibly worth it. If you are looking for a company to help with anything to do with your website or SEO, I cannot recommend David and the team enough!

Tamra Forde

WOW, David is the man, he knows his stuff inside out. I've used SEO companies in Brisbane for years and have never had results as good, as fast or as effective as Websites That Sell.

When it comes to driving traffic in Google via Search Engine Optimisation, Websites That Sell and hands down the go to service provider and I'd recommend him to anyone who wants results.

Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services

CASE STUDY: Search Engine Optimisation Campaign Takes Brisbane Based Financial Services Company To 7 Figures Recurring Revenue.

Third Reviewed SEO Company


Company Name: Jared Bennett

Location: 51 Lambert Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068

Area of expertise: SEO, Web Design

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile

Jason Oz Loading Ramps

I highly recommend Jared for SEO services! He is incredibly responsive and always willing to help. He provided our company with great suggestions for improving our digital marketing strategy. Working with Jared has been a pleasure and has definitely helped our business grow.

Hannah Frankish

We have been working with Jared since mid-2019 and couldn't be happier with his professionalism, positive attitude, flexibility and, most importantly, the results he has achieved for clients across our portfolio. We would not hesitate to recommend him to any business looking to improve their SEO and run Google Ads and remarketing campaigns. Thanks Jared!

Emily Berkelmans

Jared Bennett Digital has worked on my business for the past several years and has done an incredible job with our search engine optimisation. Our company is now ranked very high in almost every keyword ranking possible and as a result, our business is very easily searchable. This has done wonders for our website views, brand awareness, marketing, not to meant our sales. Jared delivers a very detailed monthly report which includes information on rankings, organic traffic to our website, suggestions to improve our SEO and so much more. He goes above and beyond with his work. I can not recommend him highly enough!

Fourth Reviewed SEO Company

excite media logo

Company Name: Excite Media

Location: 69 Hale St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Area of expertise: Websites, Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Branding & Logo Design

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile


Great website team. Personalised design of website with high quality work. Very experienced in marketing strategies, SEO and digital strategies. Communication is superb and rapid response to any queries. Highly recommend Excite Media to anyone who is thinking about designing and building their websites.

Andrew Petty

Excite has demonstrated exceptional expertise in various areas such as website development, digital marketing, SEO, and marketing strategy. Their team is highly responsive and dedicated to aligning with our goals and achieving them. We enthusiastically endorse their services to any organization seeking professional guidance and comprehensive management in the fields of Marketing and Website Design. The entire process, from initiation to completion, with Excite, is characterized by remarkable professionalism and a seamless experience.

Kym Ryan

We have used the services of Excite Media for 2 of our companies and would highly recommend thier services for any organisation looking for expert advice and management with all aspects of Social Media, and Website Design. The Process from start to finish with Excite is extremely professional and seamless. We have dealt with a number of staff but have been super impressed with the help and support of Andrew Pritchard and Shane Rose - both will go out of their way to make your experience at excite positive and productive. We would highly recommend Excite Media services to prospective clients. Looking forward to a long and fruitful working partnership. Kym Ryan - Business Manager AusRoof Qld Pty Ltd.

Fifth Reviewed SEO Company


Company Name: Due North

Location: Level 1/1024 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Area of expertise: Google Ads, SEO, Website, Content, Consulting

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile

No Reviews Available

Sixth Reviewed SEO Company


Company Name: Shout Digital

Location: 431b Riversdale Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Area of expertise: SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, eCommerce

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile

Homedics Australia

Shout Digital are a dedicated group of professionals we would highly recommend for anyone who is seeking to scale up their business through advance digital strategy. Michael, Megan and the team are committed, responsive and innovative in delivering positive results and have done so across 3 of our brands, Homedics, The House of Marley & Revamp Hair. True experts of their trade.

Jo & Belle

Enjoying our experience with shout so far - we are a women's fashion label and was really impressed with the reviews and results from other fashion labels they had previously worked with and help grow. It was really important for us to find a team that we could partner with to grow as a business + we have thoroughly enjoying the onboarding process so far. We are excited to see where the next step takes us + are very happy with the communication and commitment that the team has provided us.

Tontine Australia

I've been working with Shout Digital for a number of years and they have achieved great things for us, managing all of our SEO and SEM. The Shout team are very professional, know their stuff and are responsive and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them.

Seventh Reviewed SEO Company

Company Name: Sonder Digital Marketing

Location: 2/9 Chester St, Newstead QLD 4006

Area of expertise: Websites, Video Production, SEO, Pay Per Click

What makes them the best? Customer Feedback From Google Business Profile

John Donohue

We've engaged Sonder for developing a new website but more recently to get us unstuck when our company emails stopped working and we couldn't get any help from the email host!! Only through Sonder's intervention did our emails come back online which we were very grateful for.

Subsequently Sonder are now hosting our website and, via a new 3rd party, looking after our email.

Always a pleasure dealing with Tom & the Sonder team. They are very responsive which was not the case with our long term email host.

Scott Nicholas

Our company, Arden, commissioned Sonder for works on the construction of a new corporate website. The team were super helpful and great to work with, they have a brilliant dynamic. We would recommend them to anyone. Ask for Tom, tell them the stair gurus at Arden sent ya :)


Absolute A1 developers and designers, very up to date with in trends and formatting, and always very understanding and time efficient. After project support and communication is also outstanding. Would and do recommend to everyone!

Final Thoughts & Next Steps

Finding the best SEO company in Brisbane doesn’t have to be frustrating. Yes, there are hundreds of companies out there. We’ve already done all the heavy lifting and provided you with the top 7 companies based on our recommended criteria.

Your next step is to choose the agencies that best resonate with you and your business goals, then call each one so you can see how they respond to your business needs. You can view Websites That Sell's SEO offering for Brisbane companies.

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Disclaimer: This blog post includes information about various competitors in the industry. The purpose of this content is to provide an objective analysis and comparison based on publicly available information and chosen criterion. The opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the author. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment when making decisions related to the SEO providers mentioned in this article. The author and the website shall not be held responsible for any actions taken based on the information provided.

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Websites That Sell
Safari Digital
Excite Media
Due North
Shout Digital
Sonder Digital Marketing
Jared Bennett
SEO Partners
Scott Shorter
White Peak Digital
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