Determining Your SEO Opportunity (Example Plumber Brisbane)

The training video above is kind of a "really basics" before you even think about investing in an SEO campaign, however, I've recently had more and more business owners still asking if SEO would work for them.

The fact is, SEO may not be suitable for every business.

Yes, lots of business owners will benefit from Google, and there's plenty of people searching for their products or service online.

However to be really sure... and to make sure you're actually investing into a media that's going to drive traffic to your site, I highly recommend you complete this quick check outlined in the video above.

In the video you'll learn how to use Google's free keyword planner tool to work out if there is opportunity and search volume for your business.

You'll also learn how to determine the right data for your local GEO area SEO.

So if you live in the area of Brisbane specifically, this training will show you how to get traffic data for only this geographic location.

Enjoy this short training video and please let us know if you have any other questions about SEO you'd like us to answer 😉

Talk more next time around.

FINAL NOTE: the data discovered in your video will also help you determine if you should start with Google Ads or SEO.