Is SEO Important For Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can sometimes be known as a "smoke and mirror" type marketing strategy but is now becoming an important factor, if not a must for business.


After COVID-19 shook the world in 2020, getting found online and particularly on the search engines has become essential to survive.

We'll discuss why SEO is important in more detail but in short it comes down to 5 main reasons. 

5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Business

Reason 1: SEO Builds Sales!

Search Engines, particularly Google, are still the biggest source of ready to buy traffic online.

There's over 5,000,000,000 searches happening on Google every day (source: Internet Live Stats; 2021)

That's 5 Billion with a B!

If you want your business to get found by people searching for you on Google... you need SEO!

That's the short answer.

Get more Google Stats here; they'll really drive the importance of SEO for your business home.

So those are the stats but....

What about results?

We'll talk about the nitty gritty of SEO in a minute.

For me as a business owner, results are all I care about.

And if you're here considering SEO as a marketing strategy for your business, I imagine that's high on your list too.

So let's talk about the return on investment (ROI) that ranking in the search engines gives you.

Reason 2: SEO Gets ROI

SEO (if done right) generates incredible ROI

Well here's the thing...

A well executed SEO strategy will drive more high quality traffic at a lower cost than any other marketing channel online.

Hands down!

Our clients invest in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many other marketing channels.

However, when they look at the monthly report that we send them...


We actually provide the level of reporting necessary for our clients to determine their ROI from our SEO efforts every month.

So, when looking at the data across their marketing channels, our clients can quickly see that Search Engine Results beat every other marketing channel and website traffic source.

Not just in terms of quality of enquiries & phone calls, but also on cost per acquisition and life time value of the customer/client.

You can see the kind of results that our SEO clients have experienced here.

Please note— while Search Engine Optimization is a core part of our clients marketing mix, our most successful clients utilise a full digital marketing strategy.

The beautiful thing is, our SEO techniques support all other Marketing efforts and vice versa.

Here's how:

Reason 3: SEO Increases Your Marketing Efforts Effectiveness

People don't always buy right off the search engines. Multiple touch points across different Google search results are a must!

Google Analytics, while not perfect, allows conversion attribution at different stages of the customer journey.

Put simply, not all visitors to your website are going to buy the first time they visit your site.

They might find your business after hearing about you on the radio, seeing an ad on TV, clicking on a paid search ad or via other paid advertising methods.

SEO ensures that these people land on your website again after the first visit.

The search engine algorithms are incredibly complex; however, when you study how Google search works, you'll notice that after you click on a website once, that site is more likely to appear higher up for you when searching for anything related to that website again.

A well thought out and executed SEO strategy ensures that your website has other relevant pages that will bring visitors to your website in the first place.

Having a great SEO strategy like this will not only drive more website traffic on its own, it will also ensure that visitors easily find your website & business again after the initial interaction via other Marketing channels.

This works especially well if the secondary searches are brand related searches.

SEO isn't just about search engine rankings... it's also about building your brand.

Which leads us to Reason No.4.

Reason 4: SEO Builds Your Brand Presence

A good SEO firm should nail this as part of your digital marketing campaign. The game is no longer about SEO tactics alone.

Whether establishing yourself as an authority online or for local searches, a SEO professional worth their salt will also build your organisation's brand presence.

Here's how:

A key factor Google looks for in any website, but especially in local SEO websites, is whether a company is legit or not.

Does the company actually exist?

Is it a brand people are searching for?

While on page SEO, off page SEO, and technical SEO are all important elements, having a well-established and recognised brand plays a big part in whether a website ranks high in the search engines or not.

Local SEO involves creating listings, which means your business' brand gets mentioned and found on more and more website across the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization isn't just about getting your website found on search engine results pages.

Great SEO services, delivered by an SEO firm that understands marketing, will get your brand found and mentioned everywhere!

It's why we don't just measure rankings for our clients but also, organic traffic increases and the campaign's effectiveness in attracting customers.

What's really going to build your brand is great customer service and high-quality user experiences.

Which, again... the right SEO company that understands digital marketing will achieve for you.

Reason 5: SEO Provides Better Customer Service

Organic Search is so much more than just getting found for local searches or for your top keywords in the search engines. Nailing your customer service experience across search results, is the game changer!

If you were told that Search Engine Optimization is just about rankings and driving more traffic, you're missing the bigger picture.

Why does a well thought out SEO strategy place such importance on in-depth keyword research? Well, it's not simply because we want to target local keywords that have high commercial intent or long tail keywords that drive more qualified traffic. It's also not about targeting short tail keywords that have the potential to dramatically increase traffic to your website traffic.

These are all good reasons, but the bigger picture is this...

Creating relevant content, intended to help potential customers in your target market at every step of their journey, is exactly what Google rewards. Quality content also answers your target audience's questions and helps them make better buying decisions.

SEO experts understand this and know SEO isn't just about link building, alt tags, meta tags, site speed and all the other technical stuff.

Today, at its core, successful SEO is achieved by providing great customer service and answers at every step of the customer journey.

Hint: Great SEO isn't simply about getting found in the search engines at the hottest buying moments. It's about getting your keyword research on point. It's about understanding digital marketing at a deeper level in order to get in front of your target audience before they ever knew they needed your product or services. It's about attracting customers back to your website even after they've purchased with you.

It requires stepping outside of SEO tools, switching on your marketing brain and creating high-quality and relevant content that addresses every step of the customer journey. From the moment they type something into a search engine right up until they make a purchase or decision.

If you forget about every other point covered in this article, get this one point right...

When you focus on customer-centered SEO, you will not only reach that first page of Google (or any of the search engines) faster, your SEO will become more cost effective and drive more revenue.

As SEO stands right now, the majority of agencies are still focusing on traditional SEO like on page & off page SEO, high quality content (without a proper strategy) and completing basic SEO work that provides limited benefit to reaching the top of the search engine results pages.

Whereas, the focus should be on the customer as a priority, then traditional SEO practices secondary.

If you'd like to know more about how this process works, check out our keyword research services here.

And with that being said... this brings us to the end of our discussion around why your website needs SEO and why local SEO is important.

Now... if you asked this question, more than likely, you're early on in your journey of deciding whether or not SEO work needs to be a critical component of your business' marketing activities.

In that case, we have more great resources that will help you along the way.

If you're still confused about how SEO works or what SEO is, there's another resource on our website called, "What On Earth Is SEO?" that provides more great information on this topic.

If you're trying to decide what SEO company is best for your business, our

"17 [Easy] Tips To Find The Best SEO Company For You" will also help you make a great decision at this stage of your process.

Or, if you'd like to discover how we can help you with SEO for your website, visit our SEO services page here.

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