Google Ads Assets

Google Ads Assets are content pieces that enhance your ad with useful information.

The assets give people more reasons to choose your business over competitors.

They are used on Google Search Ads Campaigns. The more assets you add to your campaign, the higher your campaign optimisation score should be.

What Google Ads Assets Types Are There?

There are 10 different types of Google Ads Assets that can be created on a campaign. Here is a breakdown of what each one does and real-life examples of the assets in action.

Sitelink Assets

Allows searchers on Google to browse pages on the advertisers' website via search ads.

Sitelink Assets Example

Callout Assets

The Callout Assets allow for different Unique Selling Propositions to be displayed alongside the ad.

Callout Assets Example

Call Assets

Call Assets allow people to call the advertisers business directly on the search ad via a phone call button.

Call Assets Example

Structured Snippet Assets

Structured snippet assets allow the ad to review a list of your products or services.

Structured Snippet Assets Example

App Assets

App assets allow visitors to visit or download the advertisers mobile app page directly.

App Assets Example

Promotion Assets

Promotion Assets allow ad viewers to get a discount on a product.

Promotion Assets Example

Lead Form Assets

Lead Form Assets allow visitors to complete a form which gives the advertiser more information about the enquiry and the customer.

Lead Form Assets Example

Price Assets

Price Assets allow search ad viewers to browse the advertiser's products or services and review prices directly on the search engine results page.

Price Assets Example

Location Assets

Location Assets allow visitors to discover where the advertiser's business is located and get directions to get to the premises.

Location Assets Example

Image Assets

Image assets allow the advertiser to upload images to complement existing text ads.

Image Assets Example

Quick Tip When Choosing Google Ads Assets

Since the Assets are not entitled to be used in every campaign, it is important to know when to apply them correctly.

One mistake to avoid is to add all of them in a campaign that will not be relevant. E-commerce websites rarely use a Lead Form for instance because the primary purpose is to promote products and bring sales.

Our tip is to decide if the chosen asset will help better achieve or complement the original objective of the ad before applying it to the campaign.

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