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Google Ads turns customer searches into sales. Our Google Ads Management service starts at just $495+GST per month. You get to work directly with our Brisbane PPC specialists. Everything our agency does is based on over 15 years experience & proven results (read the case studies).


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Case Study 1

Google Ads Campaign Generates Over 2,000 Leads in 90 Days. At $16 Cost/Lead.

Case Study Graphic 1
The Problem
The client built a brand new website and needed to get it found fast.
The Solution
Lead generation PPC campaign on Google targeting specific geo locations and services.
The Strategy
Search Ads Campaign intercepting people in buying mode for the companies services.
The Result
The campaign experienced a record quarter generating over 2,000 leads in just 90 days. The refinement of the campaign over time allowed us to generate these leads at just $16 per lead.
Case Study 2

$4.32/Enquiry running a retargeting campaing on Google’s Display Network

The Problem
The company had great success already using Paid Ads & SEO to generate leads. However missed a lot of leads that didn’t covert the first time.
The Solution
Design display ads with the company’s core offer and run these on Google’s display network using the retargeting feature.
The Strategy
Implement a retargeting campaign to recapture traffic that hadn't converted.
The Result
Over a 90 day period the campaign generated 633 enquiries with a ad spend of $2,740; generating enquiries at just $4.32 per enquiry.
Case Study 3

Website Rebuild and Shopping
Campaign takes eCommerce Website From 11K/month to 52K/month in sales.

Case Study Graphic 2
The Problem
The company’s old website wasn’t generating much organic traffic & not genrating the level of sales the client wanted.
The Solution
Rebuilt website on Shopify platform with basic SEO applied. Launched Google Shopping Campaign to maximise traffic.
The Strategy
Rebuild their website to make it rank & convert better, focus on the highest converting & volume products.
The Result
When the client started with Websites That Sell their average monthly sales were $11,000. After applying the strategy the clients campaign grew to $52,000 in total sales. Out of the 52K, Google Shopping generated $28.5K with an ad spend of $2,260.

Types Of Campaigns We Can Run For You.

Learn more about Google’s different ad placement options and which ones have worked the best for our clients in Brisbane.

Google Search Ads

Search ads are text-based ads on Google.

As part of our services, we will ensure that your campaign is properly set up or complete a new set up if required.

We write all of your ad copy and manage your budget to ensure you get the maximum return on investment from your ads.

Having run hundreds of campaigns over the years, we have learned that search ads work best for the type of companies that target customers in Brisbane.

What works especially well is "hyper-local" targeting, which focus on specific suburbs the company can service (e.g. Logan on the Southside, the CBD or Fortitude Valley in Central Brisbane, or Nundah and Chermside in North Brisbane).

The reason these campaigns work so well is because only the people in those areas who are looking for your products or services will see your ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads allow the advertiser to feature detailed information about specific products it sells. These are the little product ads that get triggered when people search for product-specific keywords.

While Brisbane is a major city in Australia, the beauty of shopping ads is the ability to get products and services in front of a national audience. 

A lot of our eCommerce clients started selling their products locally via a brick and mortar business and have used Google Shopping Ads as a platform to reach more customers across other major cities or even internationally. 

You'll find some of Brisbane's most iconic brands such as Lorna Jane, 99 Bikes & Culture Kings all run Google Shopping Ads.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are video promotions that appear before, during or after organic videos.

We provide direction and strategy from the ground up, including on the actual video. A lot of past clients have been able to shoot videos in-house with the help of marketing managers, however if this is not the case for you, we can provide full video services for the ads campaign.

Often, taking care of the whole process helps us to get the campaign up and running most efficiently.

Stand alone YouTube Ads can work really well for those companies or products with impulse buy potential, embracing a short sales cycle with a single ad. For those with a longer sales cycle, however, YouTube Ads are best as part of a multi-step funnel with other marketing methods to encourage a more reliable and higher return of investment. 

Google Display Network Ads

Google's display network allows advertisers to reach people across 35 million websites and apps using visual ads.

Our team will strategise, design & manage the placement of your ads on the right websites.

We have found that display ads as a stand-alone will not reap the best return. When combining them with the rest of the marketing mix, however, your entire advertising strategy becomes more effective. 

Display ads are the answer if you want to increase visibility and reach, improve audience targeting, and tap into the most cost-effective advertising method on Google's platform.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google remarketing allows your business to stay in front of your prospects after they have visited your website.

We will take care of the strategy, design & placement as part of our remarketing services.

We have found Google's Remarketing Ads to be effective when combined with Search Ads, Shopping Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Consistently, the highest return on investment has been generated when we combine remarketing ads with organic traffic generated via SEO. This is due to the two methods working together, not letting your website visitors forget your product or service once they have clicked away from your site. 

Google remarketing is the solution for when you want to be truly unforgettable to your dream customer. 

Meet Our Paid Ads Specialists

David Krauter
I started writing ad copy back in 2007
Landing Pages
Leticia Correia
I live and breathe ads, it's what I do
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google Shopping
Ad Creative Design & Development
David Krauter
I started writing ad copy back in 2007
Landing Pages
Leticia Correia
I live and breathe ads, it's what I do
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google Shopping
Ad Creative Design & Development
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Additional Services That
Complement Google Ads

Web Design

We have a team of in house website & development specialists. Sometimes the key to growth isn't just more advertising, but getting your website to convert better. If that's something your website struggles with, we can help fine tune your site so your ads perform even better. Learn more about our web design services.


We have helped many companies rank for high competitive keywords across Brisbane. Not only is this an additional stream of search traffic but it gives you total dominance on the search engine results page. Dominating multiple positions on the first page of Google with a combination of SEO & Google Ads is what our most successful clients use to grow their companies. Find out more about our SEO Services.

Social Media Management

It's no secret - marketing converts better when there is trust in a "real brand". Our social media services will not only help you create a brand presence across your socials, it will complement the rest of your marketing to bring in better conversions. Learn more about our social media services.

Digital Marketing Services

We are a full stack digital marketing agency servicing all of Brisbane, for more details about our full range of services visit our Brisbane Digital Marketing page.

frequently asked questions

How much do Google ads cost in Brisbane?

We manage ad budgets from $2,000 to $50,000/month for clients in Brisbane.

This cost is the campaign's budget, your direct cost with Google. Our management fee starts at $495+GST per month.

The actual cost of the ads depends on the industry, keyword and how well the campaign is optimised.

Here's a breakdown of real-world Google ads costs in 2024.


cpc data mortgage broker brisbane

The cost to bid on the keyword "mortgage broker Brisbane" for a top-of-page bid in the low range is estimated to be $7.34 per click. The top-of-page bid in the high range is $21.92.

Based on those numbers, the average cost per click will be $14.63.

This means that if you are a mortgage broker who charges $5,000 per month, you can expect to receive around 341 clicks from your campaign.

That is based on the data Google provides via the Keyword Planner.

However, in our experience, we've been able to achieve much lower cost per click (CPC) for our clients with a well-structured and optimised campaign, high-quality ad copy, and the right bid strategies.

That's why it's worth hiring a specialised Google Ads agency to manage your campaign. Our goal is to minimise your Google Ads cost as much as possible while maximising your results.

Can we meet face to face?

Yes. While our head office is located on the Sunshine Coast, we have a satellite office in the Brisbane CBD located at 23/127 Creek St Brisbane, QLD 4000 - by appointment only. 

Many of our clients who don't want to travel to the city also opt to meet via Zoom or the phone. 

The main thing is that you'll meet face-to-face with your Google Ads Specialist, ask questions, and discuss strategies to maximise your campaign's outcome.

How are you different from other ad agencies?

One of the core things that sets us apart from other PPC experts is that we are a full-stack digital marketing agency.

We employ specialists across all of our departments; however, each department works collaboratively together.

This way, your website, social media, SEO, and paid ads all work in unison and complement each other, giving you much more consistency across your brand and better results across your marketing mix.

When it comes us as a Google Ads Agency here are the top reasons people choose us over everyone else:

  1. We are locals based in Brisbane, which gives us a strong understanding of the local market.
  2. With 15 years of digital marketing experience, we have extensive knowledge of various industries.
  3. Our agency offers affordability, with an initial monthly fee of just $495.
  4. We provide personalised support to our clients through in-house meetings, emails, and phone calls.
  5. We prioritise building long-term relationships with our clients, as evidenced by many of them staying with us for over five years.
  6. Our team commits to replying to client queries within 24 hours.
  7. Unlike other agencies, we provide monthly reports rather than just quarterly ones.
  8. Each client has a dedicated account manager, ensuring consistent communication.
  9. Our marketing specialists are Google-certified and regularly update their skills to stay current with market trends.

Google Ads or SEO which one works better?

Google Ads and SEO both have unique advantages and purposes within your Digital Marketing strategy, however the effectiveness will depend on a few things, including your goals, budget and timeframe for results.

The answer for which is best for your business ultimately comes down to two things: Timeframe and budget. Generally, Google Ads will yield a quicker result, bringing traffic to your website the moment the campaign is live, with targeted advertising and measurable results allowing for real time campaign adjustments. The results, however, will stop once the campaign is over or the budget runs out.

SEO, on the other hand, can provide long term, sustained traffic over time, bringing long lasting benefits to your brand and business. It is generally a lower cost than PPC, and can reach a much larger audience. Keep in mind, however, it can take more time to see results, and there is no guarantees SEO alone will result in the phone ringing or people buying.

Google Ads is best if you have a high or flexible budget and require quick results, have a very specific dream customer you want to target, or if you want to penetrate new or existing markets quickly with a time-sensitive campaign.

Go for SEO if you’re looking for long term growth, you have a budget with limited flexibility, and your goal is to build authority on your site overtime and improve your online presence.

For most businesses, a combined strategy is the most effective, bringing in both immediate ROI and traffic, while developing your long term authority and sustainable growth.

Can I manage my own Google Ads Campaign?

Yes! Google gives you the tools to set up and manage your own ads campaign.

It can be daunting to start, but Google does provide Google Ads Training to help you get started.

We have found that, at minimum, our clients have us set up the campaign for them to ensure everything is optimised for maximum capacity.

The majority of our clients, even those who could manage their campaigns, are too busy running their businesses to do so and prefer to hire us to manage their campaigns for them.

How does Google deal with fake clicks?

Google has advanced algorithms that automatically filter out invalid clicks before they reach advertisers' accounts.

These filters are designed to detect obvious patterns of fraudulent activity, such as multiple clicks from the same IP address or automated clicks.

Additionally, Google's experts manually review suspicious activity and take action against fraudulent accounts.

Google leverages machine learning and AI algorithms to continuously enhance its ability to detect and prevent click fraud. Third-party platforms like Click Cease can also integrate with Google to stop fake clicks.

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