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Our Google Ads Management services start at just $495+GST per month. You get direct access to our certified Google Ad Specialists, each with a proven track record of generating more leads & sales while lowering your cost per click.

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We’re a certified Google Ads Agency. Our focus is driving more qualified leads & sales while lowering your cost per click.

Why Google Ads?

Google ads gives your business the ability to be seen in many ways.

Google Search Ads help drive more traffic, leads & sales by getting your business found on Google by those actively looking for the products or services you provide.

Google Shopping Ads display your products to people in buying mode.

YouTube Ads lets you tap into billions of video views every day.

If you’d like one of our Google Ads Specialists to explain each platform and which one will work best for your business, get in touch today or give us a call on 1300 188 662. We work with clients all across Australia, with headquarters on the Sunshine Coast we also have satellite offices in Brisbane & the Gold Coast.

"Google ads changed our business"
We finally decided to give paid ads a go. The result was impressive. The team strategised, launched and managed the entire process. Best part, we started getting leads within a few hours.
Glen Fludder - Stilus Design & Construction
Leticia PPC Strategist

Our Google Ads Services

Learn more about Google’s different ad placement options and how our management services for each platform, or speak to one of our Google Ads Specialist to get more personalised help.

Google Search Ads Management

Search ads are text based ads on Google. Depending on competition, Search Ads can take up anywhere from 1 to the first 4 results at the top of the search results page.

Search ads are keyword driven, which means your ads will only show up for keywords that are relevant to your business.

As part of our search ads management services we find the best keywords, help you craft high converting ad copy and optimise your campaign for maximum ROI.

Google Shopping Ads Management

If you have a retail store Google Shopping ads can add a brand new stream of customers to your business.

Shopping ads are image-based ads and each products details is set up inside Google's Merchant Centre.

As part of our Google Shopping ads management services we help you properly set up your campaign so it doesn't get suspended and optimise your your product listings to ensure your products only get found by your best and most targeted potential customers.

YouTube Ads Managment

If you want your video ads showing up before, during or after the most popular & relevant videos on YouTube, YouTube ads allows you to do so.

YouTube ads can be image or video based. In our experience the key to making YouTube ads work is getting your markets attention with the right hook in the first 6 seconds of the video.

As part of our YouTube ads management services we help you craft your creative, choose the right placement and type of ads to run. Getting this right is key to maximising your ad budget.

Google Display Network Ads Management

Google's display network allows you to reach people across 35 million websites and apps.

In our experience what works best for Google ads is building the campaign around specific goals then allow Google's AI to select the best ad creatives for best performance.

As part of our Google Display Network ads management services we help you craft your headlines, your images and set the entire campaign up for you.

Google Remarketing Ads Management

Google remarking allows you to stay in front of your prospects across all of Google's platforms after someone has initially engaged with your brand.

What we have found is that customers are more likely to buy after they've seen your ad several times.

As part of our remarketing ads management services we help you create all the ad creatives required as well as set up and manage your remarking campaign.

Mobile App Camaign Management

Google App campaigns gets your app ads in front of device owners that are interested in similar apps as yours.

We have found app campaigns best work to reach new potential users and your most valuable users highly engaged.

As part of your Mobile apps campaign services we will craft your ad copy, set up and run your campaign.

Gmail Ads Management

Gmail ads gives you the ability to "send promotional emails" to people that have previously visited one of your online properties.

What we have found is that Gmail ads work especially well in converting traffic that has shown interest in your offer but not completed any campaign goals.

As part of our Gmail Ads Management services we help you strategise your entire campaign, from targeting to the email ad copy and relevant landing pages to turn those clicks into leads & sales.

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Proof our Google Ads Agency gets results.

Case Study 1

Google Ads Campaign Generates Over 2,000 Leads in 90 Days. At $16 Cost/Lead.

Case Study Graphic 1
The Problem
The client built a brand new website and needed to get it found fast.
The Solution
Lead generation PPC campaign on Google targeting specific geo locations and services.
The Strategy
Google Ads Campaign intercepting people in buying mode for the companies services.
The Result
The campaign experienced a record quarter generating over 2,000 leads in just 90 days. The refinement of the campaign over time allowed us to generate these leads at just $16 per lead.
Case Study 2

$4.32/Enquiry running a retargeting campaing on Google’s Display Network

The Problem
The company had great success already using Google Ads & SEO to generate leads. However missed a lot of leads that didn’t covert the first time.
The Solution
Design display ads with the company’s core offer and run these on Google’s display network using the retargeting feature.
The Strategy
Implement a retargeting campaign to recapture traffic that hadn't converted.
The Result
Over a 90 day period the campaign generated 633 enquiries with a ad spend of $2,740; generating enquiries at just $4.32 per enquiry.
Case Study 3

Website Rebuild and Google Shopping
Campaign takes eCommerce Website From 11K/month to 52K/month in sales.

Case Study Graphic 2
The Problem
The company’s old website wasn’t generating much organic traffic & not genrating the level of sales the client wanted.
The Solution
Rebuilt website on Shopify platform with basic SEO applied. Launched Google Shopping Campaign to maximise traffic.
The Strategy
Rebuild their website to make it rank & convert better, focus on the highest converting & volume products.
The Result
When the client started with Websites That Sell their average monthly sales were $11,000. After applying the strategy the clients campaign grew to $52,000 in total sales. Out of the 52K, Google Shopping generated $28.5K with an ad spend of $2,260.

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Additional Services That
Complement Google Ads

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

If your website isn’t converting cold traffic into leads or sales our team can help make this happen. We have a specific conversiion elements that we have deployed across hundreds of sites with great success. We will employ the highest converting elements first and then keep working the optimisation of conversions on your website.

Landing Page Creation

If you haven’t got a landing page for your campaign you can utilise our copywriters, designers & developers to create a landing page that will convert more traffic into leads for your campaign.

Advanced Tracking Set Up

Go beyond your basic GA4 set up. Our tracking set up let’s you track phone calls, purchases and any other conversion and narrow down exactly which campaign, which creative even down to the keyword level drove the conversion. If you want to know true ROI of your ads account, you’ll want our advanced tracking set up.

Advanced CRM Integrations

Want your campaign data fed directly into your CRM? Our software engineers have worked with the most popular and even some not so well know CRM systems.

Click Fraud Prevention

Do you feel your budget is wasted on fake clicks? Our team can help with specific protection mechanisms beyond the Google Ad Traffic Quality Team’s efforts.

Complementing Social Ads

If you want total dominance across Google & Social platforms our Facebook Ads Services are a great addition that will complement your ads campaign. View all additional PPC Campaign options here.

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Meet Our Google Ads Specialists

David Krauter
I started writing ad copy back in 2007
Landing Pages
Leticia Correia
I live and breathe ads, it's what I do
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google Shopping
Ad Creative Design & Development
David Krauter
I started writing ad copy back in 2007
Landing Pages
Leticia Correia
I live and breathe ads, it's what I do
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google Shopping
Ad Creative Design & Development
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frequently asked questions

What ad budget do I need?

Our recommended starting point in ad spend is a minimum of $50/day, which works out to $1,550 per month. With competition increasing ad clicks have increased in cost, from this change we have seen to see impactful results from your campaign a minimum of $50/day is required to work with us.

How much do Google Ads cost in 2024?

Google determines its ad costs on a pay per click model. The advertiser sets a maximum bid willing to be spent on a click which determines the ad placement. Each industry differs in terms of average costs. We specialise in reducing your cost per click by optimising your account eg. Improving your quality score, CTR, bidding strategy, ad extensions, audience targeting, ad scheduling & ad copy.

How does PPC affect SEO?

Google has voiced that "participating in Google AdSense does not affect your site's rank in Google search results and will not affect the search results we deliver." (https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/9717?hl=en) What we have experienced is that when a company runs Google Ads and a SEO campaign, the ads positively impact SEO rankings because site metrics improve from the additional traffic and engagement with the websites brand.

Is your agency a qualified Google Partner?

Yes. Please check our certification page. Not only do we meet all requirements to be a Google Partner in addition all our ad specialists are certified and up to date in their Google certifications.

How does GST affect my Google ad spend?

As of 2016 Google started issuing invoices as Google Australia Pty Limited, therefore all sales in Australia from this date onwards are subject to goods and services tax of 10%. In short your ad spend with Google attracts GST.

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