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We help your website get found by more ready-to-buy customers looking for you in Brisbane. Our local SEO services will help you get found on Google, in the maps and across hundreds of other websites people in Brisbane visit to find the products & services they need.

Discover The Power Of  Local SEO Services in Brisbane

Whether you want to increase foot traffic to your storefront in Brisbane, get more leads for your services, or make more sales, our Brisbane SEO company can help.

In 2023, we helped one Brisbane company drive 1,470 new visitors to their website, which generated 39 phone calls & 36 new enquiries in just one month.

Local SEO Results For Brisbane Company

We helped another local company in Brisbane get found in the maps pack, resulting in 165 new website visits and 309 phone calls for that month.

Google Business Profile Website ClicksGoogle Business Profile Phone Calls

That’s the power of Local SEO.

Here is why local SEO works so well.

Brisbanians” flock to the internet when they have problems or need things.

The most recent study on internet usage in Brisbane found that 86.4% of households had at least one person access the internet from the dwelling (ABS.gov.au - 2016).

Another study found that Brisbane’s Digital Ability Score (the ability to access & use the Internet to do and find things, like going on Google to look for your business) is 46.9, 1.6 points higher than the score of all of Queensland combined (45.3).
(Digital Inclusion Index, 2021)

Local SEO helps you tap into this local opportunity and secures your place in not just one but two spots right at the top of Google when people search for your products or services.

Our team at Websites That Sell can help you get found, too. Keep reading to discover why you should choose us over other SEO companies in Brisbane.

Here’s how a few of our SEO clients put it

Why Choose Websites That Sell?

Since 2013, we’ve worked with 162 local Business owners in Brisbane.

That means we know how to rank your website for local searches, the specific areas & suburbs to target, and the angles different demographics respond to.

We know the hot spots.

We know what works.

We’ve already taken the expensive learning curve in figuring all these details out, so you don't have to.

For example…

We know that business owners operating on the southside of Brisbane don’t like crossing the Gateway Bridge (aka Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge), so we focus on driving jobs for them in their local area rather than getting jobs in the northern suburbs of Brisbane like Chermside.

You’d be surprised how many other agencies that don’t live in Brisbane and, therefore, don’t know the local area miss these small details.

The problem is that even if the site starts ranking for searches related to Brisbane, most lead keywords like that drive would be impossible to service due to geographical restraints. This makes SEO very expensive rather than a lucrative digital marketing channel.

The same goes for local operators with a storefront, e.g. Dentists, Restaurants & Retailers.

Understanding how to target specific suburbs rather than wasting budget on a Brisbane-wide campaign could be the difference between Local SEO growing your business or causing your marketing to run at a loss.

We know how to do SEO in Brisbane.

We understand local SEO and what drives results.

That’s the difference between working with a local SEO Agency in Brisbane like us and a big agency from Sydney or Melbourne.

Websites That Sell Team At Work

Industry-leading Local SEO Tools, We Use To Reach Your Goals

Our Local SEO Blueprint


On-page local optimisation

On-page local optimisation is crucial for any business aiming to attract local customers. Local SEO increases your website's visibility by ranking it higher in local search results, making it easier for potential customers in your area to discover your products or services.

We optimise your website to rank in Brisbane by making it relevant to your area.

If you target all of Brisbane, we’ll optimise your title tag, descriptions, header tags, URL and other content on your pages for Brisbane or the suburbs you’re targeting.

For example.

This page you’re on is targeting the keyword “Local SEO Brisbane”.

We’ve optimised the title tag around this, as we don’t want this page to rank in other areas. We don’t want to compete with companies in other cities for this search.

This dramatically reduces competition and makes our site hyper-focused around this local area.


Produce local relevant content

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant results to users, especially in local searches. Therefore, to rank high in your local area, it needs to be evident where you operate. By optimising your content for local keywords, your website will become more visible to local customers and perform better in local searches.

Catering to your local audience will also set your business apart. On top of this, it will enhance the user experience and build trust in people living in your area, ultimately leading to more traffic and conversions for your business.

Our local SEO experts know the area and the people living in Brisbane. So, it’s easy for us to find ways to tap into what’s already going on in your market’s mind and speak in a way that relates to them.


Internal linking

Implementing internal linking the right way is essential for succeeding in SEO. Your website pages need to connect strategically to bind relevant pages together. Doing this will ensure the isolated pages are accessible. It also helps your users consume the information that is relevant to what they're looking for.

In the local SEO context, internal linking is even more valuable, creating an interlinked hub of locally relevant content. For example, topics relevant to Brisbane and surrounding areas should closely link so the geo relevance gets stronger.

One core strategy that drives traffic and builds the authority for the bigger city terms is creating a hub of suburb pages that interlink to the big city page.

For example, if you choose Logan as a suburb to target, the "Logan page" ranks and drives traffic on its own. However, because of the interlinking, it also drives relevance and power to the Brisbane page.

We prefer to get the internal linking done right from the start; the sooner this is done and Google understands your website better, the quicker your results will flow.



Optimising your site's local citations and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is important for local search engine optimisation. Consistency and accuracy in your business's NAP information across online directories, listings, social media and websites help search engines understand your business location and build trust with potential customers.

Google needs to know that you are a REAL business in Brisbane.

Citations help demonstrate this to Google.

We ensure that all mentions of your NAP are consistent across the internet.

First, across your brand profiles: Google Business Profile, Facebook Business Page, Instagram, etc.

Then the big directories such as True Local, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog etc.

And then the secret sauce ones we have found over the years that not many SEOs even know to exist or simply ignore the power of.

We call them hyper-local directories.

For example Brisbane-Australia.com/directory or BrisbaneSmallBusiness.com.au

Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of these hidden gems and used them to help our clients outrank the competition.


Backlink building

Backlinks are links pointing from another website to your website. Search engines will look at these links as votes of confidence - they signal legitimacy, credibility and trustworthiness. The more relevant and authoritative backlinks you have, the more valuable your website is in the eyes of Google. Since search engines want their users to be pleased by their search results and exposed to high-quality content, they will reward you by making you rank higher.

Building backlinks is one of the most challenging parts of Local SEO.

We’ve built relationships with both high authority websites around the world to attain backlinks.

However, we’ve also got ways to attain “impossible” links on other local Brisbane websites.

Speak to one of our local specialists to learn how we are able to do this.


Optimising Google Business Profile

One of Google’s services, Google Business Profile (GBP), is a key component of local SEO.

The basics of optimising your Google Business profile means:

  • Your name, address & phone number are consistent with your website
  • The listing is connected to your website
  • The listing has relevant content in it
  • The listing has positive growing reviews
  • The listing is active

And of course, the rest of our more advanced strategies.

Your GBP is a key part of local SEO because the local maps pack takes up a big portion of the top of Google for local searches.

This means if you’re there, more people find your business!


Generate Leads, Calls & Sales

One of the key things we implement for local SEO campaigns is proper tracking.

We will set your website up with a local Brisbane (07) tracking number. We set up conversion goals so you know which web form submissions came from the specific local campaign, and where possible, we’ll track your sales the same way.

At last, you’ll know the exact ROI your Local SEO drives for your business every month.

Ready to speak to one of our local SEO specialist and discover how a SEO campaign will work for your business?


Discover how we used a local SEO Strategy to take a financial services company to seven figures in recurring revenue.
Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services

A Brisbane-based Bookkeeping and Accounting firm was looking for new ways to grow its market share.

They reached out to us to help them rank their website on Google and further optimise their Google Business Profile.

Read Full Case Study Here


  • They didn’t have a presence across the Internet for their Brisbane location
  • They didn’t show up anywhere on Google for Brisbane-related searches
  • Their Google Business Profile was not optimised


Implementation of a full local SEO campaign targeting Brisbane as a city, multiple suburbs & ranking in the maps pack.


  • Proper OnPage Optimisation deployed
  • Creation of Brisbane Brisbane-specific landing page
  • Creation of supporting suburb pages
  • Optimisation of Google Business Profile
  • Implementation of local link-building strategy
  • Implementation of authority link-building strategy


  • Increased new users to the website by 61.66% from one year to the next
  • Increase in sales from 6-7 figures in recurring revenue.

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Why Choose Websites That Sell For SEO?

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What is the difference between local seo and traditional SEO

Local SEO is a strategy aimed at targeting customers in different geographical locations. This can be achieved by using keywords that include location names (e.g. Local SEO Brisbane) which makes it ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses or businesses offering services within specific areas. It includes optimising your Google My Business, NAP/citation consistency, and localised on-page content to boost rankings and visibility within a local area.

In contrast, traditional SEO has a more extensive reach, focusing on a national or even global audience. It usually includes a broader keyword strategy and a wider array of link-building and content marketing techniques. Both are crucial for enhancing online presence, however, the choice between local and traditional SEO depends on your business model and target audience. Some businesses may benefit from a combination of both to cover all bases effectively.

Who needs local SEO?

Any business that is serious about growing its local presence, driving more foot traffic or getting more leads. 

If you have a physical location, such as a Brisbane salon, shop or clinic, and you want more people through your doors, ranking on local searches is essential.

For service-based businesses such as plumbers, real estate agents or accountants targeting people living specifically in Brisbane, ranking high on related searches within a certain radar will bring more high-quality leads. 

To sum it up - if you serve a specific geographic area and want to outrank your competitors, investing in Local SEO is essential in 2024.

What is a local map pack?

A local map pack is a term used in the context of Google's search results page (SERP). It refers to that section of the SERP where Google displays the top 3 businesses (along with the company's name, reviews, company address, phone number, trading time, and links to the website and directions) and a map on the right side with the location markers.

How can my business appear on a local map pack?

To appear on the local map pack in local search results, businesses need to claim their Google Business Profile (GPB) listing. To do so, they need to provide accurate and consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information, select relevant categories, and add high-quality photos and engaging posts. Lastly, businesses should prompt their customers to provide positive reviews to boost the trust and visibility of local customers.

How much do local SEO services cost?

Our local SEO services cost $150+GST/hr and local SEO campaigns start from $2,000+GST/month.

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