If you want more leads and sales fast...

Then Pay-Per-Click Ads is what you need.

Our PPC Agency offers paid ads management from just $495 per month. You get direct access to our paid ads strategists, each with a proven track record of generating more leads & sales while lowering your cost per click.

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If it’s your first time advertising online, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads is where we recommend to start.


Our PPC Agency has worked on over 385 digital marketing campaigns to date. We have found that pay-per-click advertising is the quickest and most consistent way to generate more leads & sales.

SEO works, but it takes time.

Social Media also works, but it also takes time to drive ROI.

And if you still need to build a list, email marketing is out of the question anyway.

Paid ads builds your revenue and gets your business to the point where you can invest in long-term digital marketing strategies.

"I was skeptical, but the results speak for themselves!"
We finally decided to give paid ads a go. The result was impressive. The team strategised, launched and managed the entire process. Best part, we started getting leads within a few hours.
Glen Fludder - Stilus Design & Construction
Leticia PPC Strategist

Our PPC Services

Learn more about each of our paid ads services or speak to one of our specilaists to help you decide which platform will drive the best results for your business.
Google Ads ManagememtSocial Media AdsMicrosoft AdvertisingLinked In AdsRetargeting Ads Platforms

Google Ads

Google has a variety of advertising options available across their platforms.

Google Search ads are perfectly suited for lead generation & direct sales.

Google's shopping ads are perfect for eCommerce store owners to drive more sales fast.

Google ads get your business found on Google as soon as the campaign goes live.

Learn more about our Google Ads Management Services or speak to one of our specialists to see how Google ads can grow your business.

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads will get your business featured on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & TikTok.

These platforms are great for lead generation & building your brand. Learn more about each social ads platform at the links below or speak to a specialist to help you decide which one will be right for your business.

Facebook Ads | TikTok Ads

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is a under-utilised Ads platform. While Bing doesn't have the reach of Google Microsoft Ads have a much wider reach than just Bing.

Speak to one of our certified Microsoft Ads Specialists to see if this advertising platform is right for your business.

LinkedIn Ads

If you're operating in the Business-to-Business space LinkedIn ads is a good fit for you.

In our experience the way to make LinkedIn ads work is through a content/sales funnel.

Just running direct ads to an offer has not worked in our experience. If you have quality content and a conversion funnel attached to this content Linked In Ads could become a lucrative advertising platform for you.

Speak to one of our ads specialist to see how we can help you make LInkedIn ads work for your business.

Retargeting Campaigns

You've done the hard job of getting your prospect to visit your website or click on your ad for the very first time. Now it's time to stay in front of them wherever they go online.

Retargeting ads allow your business to stay in front of prospects that have engaged with your brand before across a variety of platforms, from Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Speak to one of our specialist to set up a results drive Retargeting Campaign for your business.

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Proof our PPC Agency gets results.

Case Study 1

Google Ads Campaign Generates Over 2,000 Leads in 90 Days. At $16 Cost/Lead.

Case Study Graphic 1
The Problem
The client built a brand new website and needed to get it found fast.
The Solution
Lead generation PPC campaign on Google targeting specific geo locations and services.
The Strategy
Google Ads Campaign intercepting people in buying mode for the companies services.
The Result
The campaign experienced a record quarter generating over 2,000 leads in just 90 days. The refinement of the campaign over time allowed us to generate these leads at just $16 per lead.
Case Study 2

Website Rebuild and Shopping Campaign takes eCommerce Website From 11K/month to 52K/month in sales.

Case Study Graphic 2
The Problem
The company’s old website wasn’t generating much organic traffic & not genrating the level of sales the client wanted.
The Solution
Rebuilt website on Shopify platform with basic SEO applied. Launched Google Shopping Campaign to maximise traffic.
The Strategy
Rebuild their website to make it rank & convert better, focus on the highest converting & volume products.
The Result
When the client started with Websites That Sell their average monthly sales were $11,000. After applying the strategy the clients campaign grew to $52,000 in total sales. Out of the 52K, Google Shopping generated 28.5K with an adspend of $2,260.
Case Study 3

Social Ads Campaign Generates 487 Leads At Just $13 Per Lead.

Facebook Ads Case Study Graphic
The Problem
The client didn’t have a website but needed to drive leads fast.
The Solution
We utilised Facebook/Instagrams lead generation capabilities to drive leads directly from the platform without needing a website.
The Strategy
Facebook/Instagram lead generation campaign.
The Result
After some refinement of the campaign, the campaign generated 487 leads, at just $13 per lead.

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What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a internet advertising model first launched in 1996 by a web deirectoy called Planet Oasis.

Since then the model has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the world. In 2024 Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & TikTok are the front runners in the race to dominate the pay per click market.

The reason PPC advertising has become so popular is because rather than paying a fixed fee like traditional advertising methods, Pay Per Click advertisers pay a publisher only when the ad is clicked.

How We Can Help You

Our agency acts as the marketing strategist, creative designer & media buyer all in one.

What this means is that we help you:

Choose The Right Ads Platform
We will help you decide which platform will be most profitable for your bisiness (eg. Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.).
Develop Your Strategy
Based on what we know works, we will strategise what type of campaign will work best on the chosen platform for your business (eg. Lead Generation, Shopping, Brand Awareness, etc.).
Craft, Launch, & Refine Your Ads
We will craft all your ad creatives required, set up your ads campaign, launch it, and manage the campaign for you.

Reviews from happy clients

Meet Our PPC Specialists

David Krauter
I started writing ad copy back in 2007
Landing Pages
Leticia Correia
I live and breath ads, it's what I do
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google SHopping
Ad Creative Design & Development
David Krauter
I started writing ad copy back in 2007
Landing Pages
Leticia Correia
I live and breath ads, it's what I do
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google SHopping
Ad Creative Design & Development
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Why Choose Websites That Sell

We aren’t just media buyers. We are marketers first and Google/Facebook/Instagram geeks second. Anyone can set up an account on Google or Facebook and start spending money. But will that add budget give you a positive return on investment?

Will you get $10, $20, or even $30 back for every dollar you spend? Because that is what good advertising should do!

Having run campaigns across all kinds of industries, we have found the only way this is possible is if the PPC Agency understands marketing AND understands how to buy clicks at the cheapest rate possible.

When you combine marketing smarts with advertising platform knowledge, the result is a campaign that drives leads & sales at the lowest cost-per-click possible.

That’s what you get when working with Websites That Sell.

We are an agency that focuses on results, we don’t just oversee your budget. Each month our goal is to maximise the return you get from your advertising dollars.

Ready to launch your ads campaign?

Speak to our team and we will help you choose the best platform & strategy to successfully run your ppc campaign.

frequently asked questions

What does a PPC Agency do?

A PPC agency helps advertisers generate maximum results for minimum ad spend.

Our PPC agency will help you choose the right advertising platform based on what you want to achieve (drive leads, generate sales or build brand awareness).

We then strategise a campaign that fits into your current sales process.

The next step is to create & design ad creatives.

Once all of this work is complete we can set up your ads campaign.

This is when the real work begins.

We then study your campaign, refine it and continue to optimise every aspect of your campaign to generate maximum results for minimum ad spend.

What are the advantages of hiring a PPC Agency?

Experience, Understanding & Connections.

We know what worked based on having worked on many different campaign across different industries.

As Google or Facebook changes their targeting or advertising rules we are the first ones to figure this out to get you the best results.

Knowing what works and what doesn't work is the difference between a successful ads campaign and one that bombs.

Lastly... because we spend a LOT of money with Google & Facebook we have special connections with their team that others don't.

This gives you priority access to resolve any potential problems your campaign may have.

You don't just get those kind of connections without having to build trust and reputation with these platforms.

How much do you charge for your services?

We charge a one time set up fee of $1,500 for basic campaigns.

Our management fees start at a fixed price fee of $395+GST up to $3,000 ad spend. As you scale your adspend we move into a percentage of adspend arrangement as the work will scale with the amount you're spending.

How long does it take for a campaign to show results?

In our experience it's not uncommon to start driving leads within hrs of launching a Facebook campaign.

We've seen shopping campaigns starting to generate sales within 1 day of going live.

However, every business & campaign is different.

Once we have studied your business, your marketing and your offer we'll be able to set proper expectations of results.

What do I need to start running ads?

For Google ads you will need a minimum of a landing page.

For Google shopping ads you will need a eCommerce functional website.

For Facebook ads you don't even need a website and we can start driving leads for you.

For more funnel based campaigns and long sales cycles type offers you will need at minimum a landing page & sales funnel.

And what we have learned is that having a high quality websites that builds trust, authority makes your ads convert much better after your prospects have researched your business.

The best way to work out exactly what you need is to get a free quote or speak to one of our give us a call on 1300 188 662.

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