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What Makes For High Quality Links

Link building services have come a long way. Anyone that's been in the industry from the start would remember how anyone could simply run automated link building tools like SENuke, GSA or Scrapebox sit back, relax and watch websites rank overnight.

Well those days are long gone... and in a moment we'll discuss what link building looks like in the 2020's and what defines a quality link building service.

Before we do, let's have a quick look at how the industry ended up where it is.

Over the past decade, Google has launched several algorithm changes that specifically targeted black hat link building efforts & other shady techniques.

Here's a quick outline (not all) of Google updates that have shaped link building as we know it today.

Page Rank Update

Google launched their browser toolbar and along with it Page Rank. And low & behold the SEO industry was born. The only strategy anyone cared about was how they could increase their websites Page Rank




Google started to look at basic link-quality issues. High volume linking from co-owned domains was in the firing line alongside hidden text and hidden links


The concept of "link neighbourhoods" was born, alongside what sites were surrounding the site that linked to a website, Google started looking at what anchor text was used for the link.




Google, Yahoo and Microsoft band together and introduced the "nofollow" attribute. This algorithm narrowed in on unvouched links and spammy blog comment links.


This update targeted low-quality links, reciprocal links where sites agreed to link to each other, link farms and paid links.




This was the ultimate "Webspam Update" that took out/affected 3.1% of English queries. The target of this update was various spam factors.

Penguin 4.0

Googled moved to a model where the algorithm simply devalued bad links rather than penalising sites that have spammy links pointing to them.


Now that we understand how the "quality" of a link means has been refined over the years... Let's more on.
You're about to learn the exact formula for high quality backlinks that positively influence search rankings and the only way Websites That Sell builds links via our link building services.

Anatomy Of The Perfect Link

how we do link building at our seo agency
The sites we build links on must have:


Local, Theme & Topic relevance


The site must be an Actual Brand with Social Followings


The site must be Driving Traffic


The site must have power, good Domain Authority (MOZ signal) & Domain Rating (aHrefs signal)
There are more "secret sauce" factors that come into play in the actual link placement, however this is secret squirrel business we don't want other SEO agencies to find out about. So we'll reserve this information for our clients only.

Results Our Link Building Services Have Achieved

PLEASE NOTE: we are not like other link building companies. We are a Marketing & SEO agency. The results below are achieved by a well thought-out link building strategy. Not just throwing link building packages at a site. These results were achieved by a successful link building campaign well backed by high quality website factors.

Case Studies

proof we get seo results

Reporting: You Get Link Building Transparency

a refreshing approach compared to other link building services
We're proud of the link building we complete for our clients. Yes, building links is time consuming, it's repetitive and although there is an art to it... it is grunt work. However we're proud of our link building services and in fact... proud of every backlink we build. That's why you get:
You'll be proud of the link building we do. As a SEO client of ours, you get to visit the sites, you get to check the stats of the site and verify everything in your own portal.

We build high quality links and there's need to hide anything. So you get it all when you invest into our link building services.

Website That Sell:
Your Link Building Agency

At Websites That Sell we have been testing, building & refining our approach to link building and in essence our link building services for over a decade. Building links is an essential part of every SEO campaign and still one of the core drivers that moves rankings in the search engines.

We have a team of link building experts that each have years of link building experience, are webmasters of their own sites and regularly test their link building strategies which makes what we think, our solutions one of the best link building services in the market.
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You get to deal with an Australian link building company, we don't offer cheap link building services. So... if you're after search engine rankings that will stick and quality backlinks that stand the test of time - then we are your link building agency.

Learn more about our link builders and the rest of our SEO team on our about us page.

FAQs About Our Link Building Services

How do I know what kind of links I need?

The first step to determining what kind of links you need is to do a competitor analysis.


While the aim is to beat the competition, the first step is to emulate the link profiles of those sites that are currently ranking as much as possible.


Therefore, if the No.1 ranking website has a lot of local links, that's the best place to start.


If the top rankings sites in the search engines all have video links, focus first on video links.


If the top ranking sites all have high quality backlinks from relevant sites, Guest Posting will be one of those great link building tactics that would be required to compete.


It's highly recommended to not just buy any old link building packages, which link building companies who don't understand the full SEO strategy offer, but rather complete a link audit and match your website's profile to what Google currently rewards.

Can I buy backlinks?

No. Google and other search engines view links that appear to be paid for as way too easy to obtain. These sites are usually without any credibility or quality content on them, and penalties can occur.


It's one of the updates they released which actually went after these kind of link building tactics.


However you can engage our link building service to help you build quality links from relevant sources.

How much does link building cost?

Link building services & full campaigns typically consists of a multitude of links from a diverse list of websites. Since it's impossible to determine all factors, the price is usually determined by the type and level of service provided. Typically, a starting fee can range anywhere from $150 to $500 for a basic link building request depending the objective of the SEO strategy.

What does a link builder do?

A link builder is responsible for engaging with websites and blogs to help promote a given brand by employing techniques, such as guest blogging or outreach, that result in the inclusion of their desired resources.


Link builders build links from third-party sites to a website intended as a reference for another site to refer to. This helps companies who have created products or services answer questions regarding what it sells.

Is link building worth it?

Link Building isn't about getting pages to link to you as much as it's about making your content worthy of linking to. The more quality, informative content you create the more likely somebody will link to yours.


With this approach link building is 100% worth it, because not only will you increase the quality of your website you will also attract links.


Link building is frequently disregarded by people who use search engine optimization (SEO) for their business because of its cost and time intensity. Part of developing an authentic presence on the web is ensuring that people are not only linking to your brand but also talking about it. When you invest into Websites That Sell's link building services you get all of this and more.

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