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  • Secured #1 Google Rankings in Multiple Locations & Recurring Sales of 7+ Figures a Year for a national bookkeeping firm.
  • First Page Domination. 39 first page rankings (14 #1’s, 6 #2’s, 9 #3’s) for an Australian security screens company.
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Website SEO Services For Gold Coast Business Owners

Websites That Sell is an Internet Marketing Firm providing SEO Services on the Gold Coast. We are experts in Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords, Web Design, Social Media Marketing and other online marketing services including Strategic Sales Funnel Development, Website Conversion Optimisation and Content Creation & Syndication.

We help clients across all of South East Queensland with office locations on the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

We believe in results above all – and that means our Services are focused on getting your phone ringing, your web forms getting filled out and Website generating more sales.

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What Makes Us Unique From Other Gold Coast SEO Agencies? Let’s See The Difference!

The Search Engine Company You Should Avoid at All Cost:

These are “Black hat” Agencies that will promise you everything and will trap you in long-term contracts. They buy cheap, unethical, and risky spammy links that will work for a while until Google’s penalty system crashes down on your site. These penalties are going to hurt your website and your business—a lot.

black hat seo

white hat search engine optimisation

The SEO Company That Simply Cannot Deliver

These companies, unlike black hat’s, work well within the rules of the game. They will help you build better quality links which Google will trust. This tactic might work fairly well. However, this strategy will not work in your favour in the long run. Aside from the inability to establish your brand and your authority, it wouldn’t take too long for Google to notice that your site has only one source of quality links. The result? Your website would be close to invisible, hiding in the darkest corners of the web.

All the time and money spent for nothing.

So what’s the right way? How do you get long term success?

Here at Websites That Sell, we carefully craft quality links from your specific niche and market relevant sources. We get right down to your industry’s core and build from there. But that’s not enough; Google looks at the bones of your website and it considers the value your content provides as well as how it is organised. Google watches how people engage with your content and how these people respond to your message in terms of social media activity.

That’s why we build your website from scratch with our Secret Sauce Service. We strategically structure and organise your website while making it easy for Google to recognise what your website is all about—and let them know why you are the authority in your industry.

Not only that, we also implement a “Brand Broadcasting and Syndication System”. A system built not only to broadcast your brand’s voice across different social media platforms, but to build high quality directory links, authoritative gust post links to your website as well. That makes it easy for you to assert your reputation and your authority.


We don’t simply call it Search Engine Optimisation— we call it Digital Marketing.

Being on the top of search engine rankings is just a bonus which can be easily achieved through our Secret Sauce System. We are after your building your brand and its authority across the web. We want you to be the industry leader and stay as one. We’re here to help you achieve that.

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Here’s What’s Included In Our Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

First We Complete A Comprehensive Website Audit

These days this should be the number 1 step in any online marketing campaign. Due to the change in nature in Google it’s important to first look at where you are sitting in regards to your website’s health, competition and what you’re looking to achieve.

Our website audit gives you a clear picture of what’s required to attain that number 1 spot and what kind of resources are needed to get you there.

Baseline Reporting – We Set Up Analytics, Webmaster Tools & Tracking Of Rankings

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why before any campaign begins we set up your benchmark measuring tools.

If you don’t have analytics installed yet, we make sure this is up and running and tracking who is visiting your site, what keywords and what they are doing on your website – this step alone will give you insights about your business you may never have thought of.

We then set up webmaster tools to find out exactly what Google actually thinks about the mechanics of your site. Again, this tool and analysis will give you insights into sites and opportunities you may never have known about otherwise.

And of course we’ll set up the tracking of your rankings – so we can measure the impact of our services on your rankings.

These tools and measures will give you a great snapshot of the impact our services have on your website and business.

Time To Dissect Your Market With Our Unique Marketing & Keyword Research Approach

Sometimes clients hire us just to complete the keyword research for them… yes they think we are that good.

And we have results to prove it too. Just check out the testimonials page on our site and results we’ve achieved with our Secret Sauce System.

So how do we get such incredible results?

We understand that google now, rather than just looking at a keyword, looks at the products and services and terms you want to rank for as more of a theme cluster.

Knowing this gives you incredible insights on the exact words that need to be mentioned on your site that give you page that EXTRA horsepower your competitors have no clue about and gives you the edge to keep well away from any penalties while still implementing all the techniques that get incredible results.

Our Competitor Analysis Gives Us All The Info We Need

This is again is something essential to your SEO success. You need to know what you’re up against… and then use this information to your advantage!

That’s right, before anything starts you need to know what your competition is doing, what kind of power their website has and what you’re up against.

We do all this research for you to uncover the exact strategies your competitors are using to rank… and then use these strategies PLUS more to outrank them all day long 😉

Time To Prime Your Website With Onsite Optimisation & Website Fixes

This step alone could be the make or break of any search marketing campaign. Your site needs to be of the highest quality otherwise you’ll have a Panda Penalty against it and any promotion you do will only give you half the milage it could if you had a high quality site.

This is where we get into technical SEO and make sure all the geeky stuff under the hood not only works but is set up exactly the way Google loves it.

Our Google Penalty Audit Let’s Us Decide How Quickly We Can Move

We complete a full Google Penguin & Panda audit to work out if there are any penalties against your site.

Having a penalty will hinder all efforts of any website promotional campaign.

Every one of our campaigns includes some level or degree of link clean up and Panda fixes.

We have yet to come across a site (unless it’s brand new and then we usually still find Panda issues) that isn’t affected by a Google penalty in some way, shape or form.

Let’s Distribute Your Content With A Strategic Content Marketing Strategy

This is where things really start to get going for you.

Using our Secret Sauce set up you are now able to distribute, market and promote the content that we develop for you as part of your campaign.

Yes, you can easily write your own content… but why do so when you have expert writers at your fingertips that understand how to write articles that get likes, shares, pins, tweets and what not else.

It’s how we do content marketing and we plug this knowledge and experience right into your online marketing strategy.

Make Your Visitors Love Your Site With Our User Experience Optimisation (UXO) Recommendations

The future of getting found in Google is pretty much User Experience Optimisation or UXO for those in the know how.

The fact is, if you don’t have a site where people have a good user experience and easily find what they are looking for then Google doesn’t think it should be found.

It’s as simple as that.

Lucky you have us on your team…

We give you proven insights and strategies that engage users with your website and ensure your site is seen as a easy to use high quality site in the Search Engines eyes.

We’ll Make You Famous – Link Building, Outreach & Social Media Promotion

This is where the rubber really meets the road… Our link building consists of outreach and social media marketing.

We ensure that the leaders in your industry know about your content… but more importantly… start talking and mentioning your content and your business on their websites and social profiles.

This in return gives you publicity on some of the best and most authoritative sites in your industry and the added benefit is that this sky rockets your rankings through the roof!

No Lock In Contracts EVER With Our Flexible SEO Services Pricing

We don’t have lock in contacts! As simple as that.

We do have different services ranges and it all depends on several factors.

How healthy is your website? Does it need a clean up? Is your site quality up to scratch?

All these questions need to be answered and if problems are apparent fixed.

Only then can promotion begin, and promotion all depends on the competitiveness of your industry.

However to give you an idea of pricing, most of our campaigns start at $1,495 per month level and run for a minimum of 6 months.

This is what it takes to get results these days.

Having said this there are always exceptions and in the instance where you’re operating in a non competitive industry in a small town or suburb the costs can go as low as $595/month to see good results.

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Scott Whimpey

5 out of 5 stars

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These guys had a good honest look at my website and SEO on the Gold Coast, I found them to be realistic, helpful and offer real tips for my site!

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Tammy Rice

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

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