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We have a team of social media specialists each with proven results across different markets, platforms and specialities.

Denika Broad
"shining light on your business through social media"Specialisations:
  • Strategic hashtags
  • Social stats & data analysis
  • Social content & posts syndication
Marina Krauter
"positioning you for a purpose"Specialisations:
  • Social reels & video creation
  • Social media coaching
  • Social stats & data analysis

Does Social Media Get Results For Business Owners in Brisbane?

How Effective is Social Media Marketing in Brisbane?

Social media marketing in Brisbane has shown impressive effectiveness. The Brisbane Times reported back in 2016 that 57% of people access social media every day or most days, and 26% of people check social media up to five times per day. This means people in Brisbane will likely actively engage with your business online if they find you on social platforms.

In addition, in 2023, Facebook's audience estimation tool shows an estimated audience size of 1,400,000 - 1,600,000 people using Facebook in Brisbane.

Brisbane Audience Size on Facebook

Given Brisbane's dynamic business environment and tech-savvy population, local brands have found significant engagement and sales conversions through targeted social media campaigns.

Leveraging Brisbane's vibrant culture, communities and events, businesses have successfully harnessed the power of social media advertising to boost their brand visibility and results. With some strategic planning, you can reach the full potential of your social media campaigns for powerful growth.

Is Your Target Market Local to Brisbane, and Are They Using Social Media?

Absolutely! Reports show that 18–29-year-olds are most likely to use visual platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram, while 30–49-year-olds primarily use Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar social media platforms.

Whether you're targeting the city's youth or its established professionals, a range of social media strategies are being used to promote businesses across Brisbane.

A significant chunk of your audience, be it residents or the large influx of students and tourists, is accessible through strategic social media marketing. You need the right digital marketing agency to connect them to you!

Have Business Owners in Brisbane Adopted Social Media as a Marketing Strategy?

Yes! Brisbane business owners have actively embraced social media marketing — for good reason. Did you know that 61.5% of people across Australia aged 16 to 64 use social media to research and interact with brands and businesses?

The digital marketing landscape is constantly growing, allowing businesses to reach more and more potential customers and clients. Even traditionally offline businesses in Brisbane now leverage platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to reach their target audience and enhance their brand story.

Simply put? Social media has become THE best way for businesses to manage their branding, public relations, digital marketing, and general communication. Don't let your business miss out on this unbeatable approach to advertising.

How Can Social Media Be Used to Target Specific Demographics in Brisbane?

Social media platforms offer extensive targeting capabilities, making them invaluable for any Brisbane business. You can craft campaigns tailored to specific age groups, professions, interests, and more using platform insights and data.

Let's say a local event like Riverfire is happening, which happens in Brisbane every year around September. Businesses can target ads to those showing interest, maximising the campaign's impact and relevance. Or, if you're targeting Brisbane foodies, you can direct your digital marketing towards people who regularly go to Eat Street, connecting directly to the right people.

You can be confident that your products and/or services will easily reach your target audience thanks to the internet's power.

Tips for Choosing the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Brisbane

Does the Agency Understand the Local Brisbane Region, How It Relates to Social Media and Your Business Goals?

The agency must have a firm grasp of Brisbane's unique market dynamics. This city has its own culture, trends, and business landscape, which should be reflected in your social media strategy.

A social media agency that understands Brisbane's local nuances will be prepared to align your business goals and experience with highly effective and dynamic social media marketing campaigns.

You want an agency that knows Brisbane just as well as it knows the web — and just as well as it knows your business! The right digital marketing team will combine technology, insight, and advertising expertise to craft a powerful campaign for your brand.

Have They Worked With Other Businesses in Brisbane?

Prior experience in the Brisbane area will amplify your social media success. Agencies familiar with Brisbane and its digital landscape will have insights into local consumer behaviour and preferences and how to find leads and turn them into customers effectively.

It's always a good idea to check out client testimonials, case studies, and other feedback on the agency's work. This will give you an understanding of their process, from how they search for critical SEO data to why they're a worthy investment for your business.

You want experts in Brisbane AND digital marketing. You can have both, so don't let yourself, your business, and your audience settle for less.

Does the Agency Have a Good Reputation in Brisbane?

Reputation is everything, especially online. Word of mouth and online reviews can give you a clear picture of an agency, the ways they operate, and the level of success they've achieved through their marketing solutions.

Consider seeking feedback and advice from other Brisbane businesses or checking Google reviews to understand the agency's local reputation, level of expertise, and impact on previous clients.

All things considered, you want an agency that consistently delivers good news for your business thanks to thorough research, reporting, and plans for growth.

Who Should Create the Content for Your Social Media Campaign?

Combining an agency's strategic direction and expertise in digital marketing with your business's unique insights and ideas can lead to powerful content creation. And that's not even mentioning your knowledge of your chosen industry!

This kind of collaboration will make your brand's voice resonate with authenticity while leveraging the agency's knowledge of what works best across different social media platforms.

Long story short, you want a Digital Marketing Agency that will consistently increase traffic to your social media accounts and web page through strategic search engine optimisation, content marketing, and an engaging online presence.

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost in Brisbane?

Costs can vary based on an agency's offerings and your requirements. Data from Indeed shows that the average salary of a full-time social media manager in Brisbane is $79,855.

Ultimately, it would be most cost-effective to hire the services of a digital marketing company. They've internally built a team of experts in design, ads, SEO, web design, branding, communication, and other aspects of digital marketing.

Your products and/or services deserve to be seen by the largest audience. Let Websites That Sell take over your social media management and create high-quality, engaging content for everyone to see.

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