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We have a team of social media specialists each with proven results across different markets, platforms and specialities.

Denika Broad"shining light on your business through social media"Specialisations:
  • Strategic hashtags
  • Social stats & data analysis
  • Social content & posts syndication
Marina Krauter"positioning you for a purpose"Specialisations:
  • Social reels & video creation
  • Social media coaching
  • Social stats & data analysis

Does Social Media Get Results For Business Owners On The Sunshine Coast?

How effective is social media marketing on the Sunshine Coast?

Social media marketing on the Sunshine Coast is incredibly effective. 82% of the Sunshine Coast population uses Facebook, meaning they're more likely to engage with local businesses online actively.

Here's what this means in numbers.

According to Facebook's audience targeting tool, it shows that the estimated audience size using Facebook on the Sunshine Coast is between 284,500 - 334,700 people.

Sunshine Coast Audience Size on Facebook

Given the coastal vibe and lifestyle, visual platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram, offer a significant advantage. Through genuine local content, consistent posting, and audience engagement, businesses here can expect higher conversion rates than the national average.

Boost your brand awareness and drive sales using tailored social media campaigns. It's not just about posting; it's about crafting the right social media content to engage and resonate with your local audience.

Is my target market local to the Sunshine Coast and are they using social media?

Absolutely! The world of social media platforms has transformed how businesses operate, even those targeting smaller demographics like the Sunshine Coast population. While Facebook remains the top platform of choice, other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit are among the most popular.

Whether you're targeting the younger crowd on Snapchat, professionals on LinkedIn, or the wider Sunshine Coast community, the potential is immense. Social media campaigns, when done right, can skyrocket your brand awareness and sales.

Have business owners on the Sunshine Coast adopted social media as a marketing strategy?

Business owners on the Sunshine Coast have increasingly recognised the power of social media. 61.5% of people across Australia aged 16 to 64 use social media to interact with and research brands and businesses -- and Sunny Coast residents are no exception.

That's why so many local businesses have integrated social media into their marketing strategy.

The growth and engagement rates have prompted traditional businesses to explore platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest to connect with the local population and boost their brand presence.

How can social media be used to target specific demographics on the Sunshine Coast?

Leveraging advanced advertising tools provided by social media platforms, businesses on the Sunshine Coast can hyper-target their audience.

If you're launching a new product or offering an exciting service, platforms like Facebook allow you to tailor campaigns based on age, interests, profession, and even local events.

This ensures that your advertising budget gives you the best rate of return possible. With the right strategies and targeted content creation, even a small budget can yield impressive results, capturing the interest of the right audience on the Sunny Coast.

Tips For Choosing The Best Social Media Marketing Agency On The Sunshine Coast

Does the agency understand the local Sunshine Coast region, how it relates to social media and your business goals?

An agency tuned into the trends, lifestyle, and pulse of the Sunshine Coast offers an invaluable advantage. Localised content sees 6x more engagement than posts designed for the global market.

If they understand the world of social media platforms specific to your business's target area, you've found the right agency. They should not only be experts at crafting posts or videos. Still, they should also understand the culture, values, and events of the region to make your social media resonate with the local target audience.

Have they worked with other businesses on the Sunshine Coast?

Previous local experience speaks volumes. Agencies that have successfully worked with Sunshine Coast businesses will have invaluable insights into local customer behaviour and preferences.

The stories of their past successes prove their expertise in driving brand awareness and sales through targeted social media content.

To put it simply? An agency with Sunny Coast experience will make a powerful social media strategy tailored to your target customers and clients.

Does the agency have a good reputation on the Sunshine Coast?

Reputation is everything. 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a critical influencer in their purchasing decisions, with 88% of customers trusting online reviews.

Before partnering with an agency, consider seeking feedback from other local businesses, checking online reports and reviews, and exploring the agency's case studies to gauge their reputation, level of expertise, and effectiveness in the region.

Who should create the content for your social media campaign?

Content creation is pivotal for a campaign's success. While an agency offers expert knowledge and tools, combining their expertise with your unique business insights and brand voice can craft content that stands out, especially in an area as vibrant as the Sunshine Coast.

Whether it's a text post, video, or any other form of social media content, it should reflect the heart and soul of your brand.

How much does social media management cost on the Sunshine Coast?

Costs can vary based on an agency's offerings and your requirements. Data from Seek shows that the average salary of a full-time social media manager is roughly $80,000.

Ultimately, it would be most cost-effective to hire the services of a digital marketing company. They've internally built a team of experts in design, Google ads, SEO, branding, communication, web design and other aspects of digital marketing.

Your products and/or services deserve to be seen by the largest audience. Let Websites That Sell take over your social media management and create high-quality, engaging content for everyone to see.

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