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Our Proven Melbourne SEO Services Predictably Drive New Traffic, Leads & Customers From Google

We’ve been operating our business for over a decade, with locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

Over that time 80% of our client base has come from organic traffic, via Search Engine Optimisation.


We also advertise on Google, Facebook & of course offline – we’re marketers and we know relying on just one traffic channel is dangerous – however the majority of our client base has found us exactly the way you probably found us today:

FREE directly from Google!

We’ve been doing this a long time and for a LOT of clients.

So you’re probably wondering… “How can you do the same for me?

Well… here’s our exact system we’ll implement to get your business found in Melbourne (if you’re accepted as our next client).

Melbourne SEO

Stage 1: Learning & Planning

Your business is unique. Before we can do anything we need to learn everything possible about your business (customers, competitors & industry) to determine which levers are going to drive the greatest ROI from the SEO campaign. To achieve this we leverage our in-house developed processes.

Before we can start with our SEO services we need industry intelligence – which we quickly and painlessly extract from you 😉

No one knows your industry, customers and competitors better than you. To execute a successful campaign we extract the right information from you via our discovery form & competitor analysis – Find out more here.

You can’t track what you don’t measure. So when becoming a client of ours we set up all reporting necessary to ensure you can track what return on investment we’ll be producing for you every month.

We set up:

  • Baseline rank tracking reports which are issued weekly and in the first week of the month you’ll also get an overview of the previous month and an explanation of the developments that have occurred.
  • Analytics set up. We set up all your analytical tracking to ensure we can measure the exact amount of traffic hitting your site, what search phrases are driving results and where the traffic is coming from.
We use industry best practice tools such as SEM Rush, Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer to name a few, to reverse engineer other competitors websites.

This reveals to us what’s working and what’s not!

No use spending time and money on something that isn’t going to give you results… right?

If your website has technical issues, the whole campaign will be a uphill battle.

It’d be like driving a sports car with the hand break on.

That’s why we complete an in-depth 27 point technical analysis of your website to identify and fix any errors that could be holding your site back from more traffic.

We set up conversion goals for you. This could be anything but not limited to tracking of phone calls, completed enquiry forms or purchases.

This way you know exactly which traffic source hit your site, who clicked on what, what actions did they take – did they fill out a form, make a phone call… buy something?

This kind of information is powerful and it’s just another reason why hiring us as your SEO company will be the right choice 😉

Stage 2: Building

Based on the intelligence we gathered in stage 1 we are now able to strategically build and execute a SEO campaign that will drive growth for your company.

But it’s not just strategies and implementation that get our clients results, it’s perfect timing combined with the right momentum that shoots sites to the top of Google.

Using the data we uncovered from the competitor analysis we identify the keywords your competition is actively targeting. We then take this information a step further and find additional keywords that will drive additional traffic opportunities for your business.

Additional Ninja Strategy: on top of these keywords we find related keywords, LSI keywords and suggested terms that when placed on your page in the right places not only gives you the opportunity to rank for even more keywords BUT also makes it much easier for Google to figure out what your page is about – giving you faster results!

Here’s a great video where David Krauter explains how this process works:

We create (if non existent) and optimise what we call “Your BIG SIX” social media properties. These are the properties that pass the most power to your website and we accelerate their results with our secret sauce strategies.

Tip: One of the Big Six is Google’s own Google+, you’ll be surprised how much Google loves their own properties and how easy it is to pass this love onto your site to get it ranking…

Google wants to know that your website is a REAL Brand and Authority on the Internet.

During the authority building phase we not only promote your brand on hundreds upon hundreds of social media properties but we prove to Google that your business is REAL.

A REAL business operating in a REAL location. One of the strategies to achieve this is via Citations and Local Business Listings – combined with our hyper local strategy this supercharges your campaign.

This is of utmost importance to gain the trust of Google and ensure not just short term results, but long term success!

We find powerful link opportunities on theme relevant websites around the Internet and place a link back to your website on these.

Make no mistake!

This is still the No.1 factor that drives website rankings.

Having powerful links, on theme related websites, with the right anchor text pointing to your website is what’s going to move your rankings – period!

Get this one critical step wrong and your website is doomed, but when you know exactly what Google is looking for (and having data from thousands of campaigns, we’ve narrowed this process down to a “systemised, proven process”) ranking on Page 1 becomes easy.

We craft share worthy content on your website. Not only will this content rank on it’s own and drive traffic… but it will also build your website and brand into an authority around the Internet.

But we don’t stop there…

What we do is take your content on a roadshow.

That’s right… in short we take your content on tour and convince industry experts, professionals and influencers in your industry to like, comment and share your content with their audience.


SEO Company In Melbourne
SEO Consultant

Stage 3: Growth

Our smartest and most successful clients never rest! Once we’ve achieved the initial objectives of a campaign there are always new profitable avenues we help our clients pursuit or maintain the success we’ve already achieved.

Sometimes your website just needs some TRUE power to beat out your competition. This is where our power linking comes into play.

We negotiate link placements on some of the Internets’ biggest sites such as (but not limited to) The Huffington Post,,

Don’t underestimate the power of just one of these links, this is the big boys games – and we have relationships with publishers in these circles which all our clients get access to.

Many times we achieve the desired outcome for our clients within just the first six months – after that all that is needed is maintenance to keep the rankings where they are and defend the positions already achieved.
As the Internet continues to evolve new opportunities are created up all the time. We stay on top of trends for our clients and ensure if there is new opportunity in the market that we help you take advantage of these opportunities.


  • Ranking additional properties on the first page for your keywords (eg. YouTube Videos, Facebook Page, Google Sites etc)
  • Drive You Tube traffic via ranking your YouTube videos both on YouTube and Google.
  • Rank your Amazon, Ebay and other “Big Box” store listings.
    and loads more that we can’t’t reveal to the general public to protect our clients.

Are We The Best SEO Company In Melbourne? You Decide… We’ll Let Our Results Do The Talking…

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How does that sound for a SEO campaign?
Pretty powerful stuff right?

And make no mistake, this is not just a well thought out SEO services… you get access to a tested and proven on hundreds of websites (with rankings to show for it) system when you join the Websites That Sell family. So if you’re like most of our clients, the next step is easy.

Either call us right now on 1300 188 662 and speak directly to one of our SEO specialists or request a FREE, No-Obligation ‘Video Analysis’ of your Website which shows you: Exactly what your competitors are doing, Simple ways to outsmart your competitors, What is and isn’t working on your website, The hidden opportunities within your website, Simple fixes to get you ranking on Google – Valued at a very real retail value of $150.00… 

Yours FREE – Click here to see if you qualify.

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