The Definitive Guide To Targeted SEO


The Definitive Guide To The

First, let me say thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to go through this guide.

In this guide, you're going to learn how to use Targeted SEO to take your website & business from generating immediate profit to then duplicating/multiplying that profit and then scaling your business to become the authority in your industry.

To do this, we implement our 10% Strategy to generate IMF (Immediate Money Fast), then apply our 10X MTM (Multiplying the Money) strategy and finally take market share at large... This is something that we have yet to see anyone in the Australian SEO industry do... tapping into a market that is currently untapped using SEO.

We call this final stage "Operation Market Share" and we achieve this using the STP (Spinning The Other Plate) strategy.

With that being said, let's dive straight into this guide.

I'm going to dissect the entire Targeted SEO Expansion model for you AND actually back everything up with real-life case studies and other kinds of proof.

But just before we dive in I need to make this clear:

Our targeted SEO expansion model as it stands is a complete system. It is a standardised process through which we can take any business, in any industry to achieve the kind of results I'll share with you in this guide.

It's not theory! We've tested and implemented this model across our own sites and client site after client site.

It works, you'll see proof of this and is unlike anything any other Australian SEO Company offers... let alone understand how to do it.


Enough harping on about how awesome we are 😉

Let's dive into the Targeted SEO Expansion Model.

The 90/10 Pyramid

Allow me to walk you through a useful little ole marketing principle called the ‘90%/10% target’ rule (for lack of a more professional term).

Here is how it works.

You have your target market as a whole, which we can represent as a pyramid. What you need to understand is that out of this entire target market, only a small percentage — usually around 10% (the top segment of your pyramid) will be ready to buy.

And here's the beautiful thing about Google traffic and ESPECIALLY our unique Targeted SEO approach... Traffic from Google, unlike any other traffic source on the Internet, is made up of ready-to-buy traffic. However, it's our 10% strategy that allows us to tap into the crème de la crème of this traffic.

Those people that aren't just in the market (ready to buy anytime in the next 30, 60 or even 90 days.

No, our unique approach allows us to tap into that 10% segment that is ready to make a buying decision NOW!

It's exciting stuff and further, along with this guide, I'll explain how we do this using our Immediate Money Fast Strategy.

The 45/45 Untapped Market

Let's have a look at the 90% of the remaining market.

You can't afford to neglect this market if you want to become the authority and dominant player in your industry.

Because while this segment of the market isn't ready to buy right now it's a huge share of the money pie in your industry and tapping into it with the right strategy will give you the ability to dramatically scale your business. Keep reading to see results achieved for Aussie business owners who have employed our STP strategy.

But let's get back to this 90% of the market.

Let's suppose that one-half 45% of this market know about your products and services. Yet at present, these people are not ready to buy. They might, however, be ready to buy in the future.

Then we have the other 45%. These people do not know about your products or services, let alone that they may need them. However, if you can get in front of this group and educate them about what you can do... or how you could help them solve their problem - they may quickly turn into 10%'ers or cross into the "ready to buy soon" segment.

So while this 90% of your market isn't going to generate Immediate Money Fast this is the BIG Business growth strategy if you're wanting to take your company to the next level and become the Authority of your market.

The 10% Method. Introducing Our:
Immediate Money Fast (IMF) Strategy

No matter if you become a client of ours or you're learning about Search Engine Optimisation, in the beginning, the No.1 objective of your campaign should be to drive a return on investment as fast as possible.

So you need to switch on your marketing brain before you get your S.E.O. geek on 😉

The problem with the Australian SEO industry is that it's made of tech heads and nerds.

Don't get me wrong... to do SEO there's got to be a certain level of nerd in you...

However, the money is in marketing, especially understanding your market and how different segments of the market search differently in Google.

So our 10% method, our "Immediate Money Fast" strategy, does exactly that.

And we achieve this on 2 levels:

1) 10% Ready To Buy Cash Keywords: We have a unique approach to market research that allows us to uncover the best opportunities in your business, market & industry that tap into "the ready to buy cash market".

2) Easy To Rank Cash Keywords: Choose "ER" over "ING". It's amazing what a difference two little letters can make. But getting this step right could be the difference between driving ready to buy traffic in as little as 3 months or investing and continuing to invest months on end only to realise the target keyword produces lots of information seeking traffic that isn't ready to convert (this isn't lost traffic, continue reading and learn how we turn this traffic into buyers in using our STP strategy)

Still with me?


Let's break it down into easy-to-understand terms.

We've worked with clients in different professions and have found over the years there is a general way and a targeted way people look for products and services.

Let's take one of our plumbing clients as an example.

The "ING" general search term "plumbing city" - while this term in this example drove a lot more search volume it was also going to take longer and more budget to attain... and... once we got there the traffic didn't convert into buyers anywhere near as well as the "ER" version of the search phrase.

The "ER" targeted search term "plumber city" on the other hand, was easier and faster to rank for AND the traffic it produced consisted of people that needed a plumber NOW! Ready to buy traffic.

The good news is "ER" over "ING" is just one of the plethora of 10% strategies we've mastered and apply to campaigns.


I know you must be excited... but before you jump out of your seat to pick up the phone and get in touch with us... it's important to note that this is just the starting point.

Even if you've done SEO before, we usually have ways to find I.M.F ways to get results fast... but for anyone that's hit a ceiling with their current SEO and the natural next step is to move onto our 10X Multiply The Money strategy.

SIDE NOTE: It's important to understand that it doesn't matter where your business is at, nor whether your business ever wants to progress through all the stages of our Expansion Model. What is important is to set your business up for this kind of growth.

Proof I.M.F. Works In The Real World

Zero to $3 Million In Less Than 2 Years

Websites That Sell first implemented the IMF strategy and helped increase our traffic to our website by 3,704%. But the real result was an increase in sales from zero to $3 Million in Less than 2 years. We just launched our business, but the experience & expertise brought to the table in driving traffic via ads and then supplementing this traffic with SEO was genius.

Crystal Pools - Client

Alan Thompson - Crystal Pools

39 First Page Rankings

We've engaged Websites That Sell ongoing for our SEO needs. The first time we worked together they helped us dominate the first page of Google using their 10% Method and targeting IMF keywords. We achieved 39 first-page rankings (14 #1's, 6 #2's and 9 #2's) for our local security screens company. The beauty is that the work they deliver is of high quality and gets long-term results!

East Coast Screens - Client

Cameron Tilbrook - East Coast Screens

Duplicate or Replicate. Introducing Our:
10X Multiply The Money (MTM) Strategy

This strategy is for those companies that are hungry for growth, want to scale their business or simply have hit a ceiling with the available SEO traffic from the IMF opportunities in their market.

The next step in the Targeted SEO expansion model is to either duplicate or replicate the success we've achieved in phase 1.

And here is how it works.

We identify further opportunities to apply IMF to the business.

i) are there other products or services we can target?
ii) are there new Geographic locations we can target?

Let's break each one down.

Product/Service Duplication:

In the IMF phase of the expansion model, we only target one product or service - we narrow the focus and increase the power.

This ensures maximum results in minimum time.

However many times a business will offer more than just one service or product that has buying traffic opportunities.

The next logical step is to start targeting these other services also.

Fact is, by now you've seen results. You know SEO works. So now it's time to re-invest and Multiply The Money available in your market using the duplication process.

Geographical Replication:

In the IMF phase of the expansion model, we only target one geographic region - we narrow the focus and increase the power.

As you may have guessed... this ensures maximum results in minimum time.

However many times companies will start to dominate one geo area, yet still ready to further grow and scale their services.

If the ability to deliver their services in new regions exists our MTM strategy is the perfect solution.

We simply duplicate the entire strategy that has yielded results in the first geographical area and replicates it across the new target area.

SIDE NOTE: once you really get this Targeted SEO approach, rather than just applying a shotgun approach hoping rankings for random keywords stick - it makes sense how we are able to get results and case studies like these:

Proof M.T.M Works In The Real World

Holding Top 1st Page Positions Across 6 Major Cities

We switched from another SEO provider to Websites That Sell. It was a breath of fresh air... we never received the level of reporting we do now from any previous provider. Wish we found Websites That Sell earlier. But the best part is the results. Websites That Sell have helped us secure & hold first page top positions across 6 major Australian cities for our national garage door company. 2 Years and counting..."

Steel-Line - Client

Lyn Beaumont - Steel-Line Garage Doors

7+ Figures In Yearly Recurring Sales

The crew at Websites That Sell played an integral part in securing #1 Google rankings in multiple locations around Australia. As a result we've been able to grow our sales to a recurring 7+ Figures a year for our Bookkeeping firm. The level of work is highly professional and reporting is the best we've received in the industry.

Darcy Services - Client

Richard Darcy - Darcy Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Operation Market Share. Introducing Our:
Spin The Other Plate (STP) Strategy

Spinning The Other Plate is the strategy we activate when a campaign hits the ceiling for Immediate Buying Keywords but still wants/needs to grow.

Operating in the realm of STP means we are not purely operating in the space of targeted traffic & rankings - but rather targeting customers/clients.

We call this "Operation Market Share".

Because not only are you taking a share of the Ready To Buy customers in exact keyword space, but in this strategy, we are now also targeting customers using content angles.

Either evergreen content opportunities to get in front of customers or trending topics to become the authority in the market.

This stuff isn't easy... it's not just about publishing any old piece of content - it again comes down to marketing.

We employ our advanced keyword and search tools to identify trends, gaps and opportunities in the market - then devise a strategy to take market share.

It's not the best next step for every business, and some businesses will never reach this stage...

However, for those companies who have hit a ceiling in the ability to drive traffic or are looking for long-term business & traffic growth, with the aim of becoming the dominant authority in the market - this is the next step.

Proof S.T.P Works In The Real World

$42K Per Month & Ready To Spin the Other Plate

When I started working with Websites That Sell I was only selling 1 box of supplements a month, now I have a warehouse and staff in running the business all in under 12 months. We first set up an SEO campaign of $4,000 and once the campaign was executed I started generating a return of $45,000 per month.

Lean For Life - Client

Jaxon Calder - Lean For Life

Small Local Business to $60K Weeks

We first engaged David for our local Skip Bins Company. After securing top spots across a variety of keywords on a big city level it was time to scale. We launched our second skip bins company operating on a national level. We are now in top spots across several cities and becoming the leader in our industry in city after city. We just had a record 60K week and we're still growing while tapping into new traffic opportunities.

AOT Services Group - Client

Beau Schutz - AOT Services Group

What's Your Next Step?

If a targeted approach to SEO makes sense to you, and you find yourself thinking, “Hey, I really want to talk to these guys,” I encourage you to do so. Either you can click on the button below, or you can reach us on 1300 188 662. Similarly, if you want to learn a little bit more about how our three-step plan would work for your business, please get in touch. This phone number will be answered by real people, living here in Australia. Few people in the SEO industry offer that kind of service anymore. But we are different. I think you have realised that by now.

Here is what will happen next: You will talk to one of my team. They will take down your details, and then I personally will review your business. I will do an analysis of your website. I will do an analysis of your target market, of your competitors. From there I will provide you with an outline of a tailored IMF plan.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

David Krauter