[Infographic] How SEO Works WITHOUT All The Tech Jargon

We get new enquiries every day about our SEO services from business owners & entrepreneurs all over Australia.

After just a few minutes on the phone, it's evident... these business owners want more traffic & sales by getting found on Google.

But when it comes to understanding how SEO works they have no idea.

And of course, they aren't to blame.

No one really is to blame - if you tried to understand EVERY element of how Google chooses to rank a website you'd probably want to pull your hair out from frustration.

And to add to that... you've got geeks & so-called "SEO Experts" trying to explain how it all works - but rather than explain things they start using technical terms - jargon - and BS to make themselves sound smart.

But all they're doing is confusing people.

That's why here at Websites That Sell, we like to keep things simple!

This brings me to an infographic we developed and are now releasing to the public.

The reason we decided to publish this infographic is that YES Search Engine Optimisation has a whole lot of technical factors to it.


The real driving force behind a website ranking really only comes down to 2 key factors. 

  1. Is the website relevant to your keyword?
  2. Do you have more links than your competition?

Yes of course there are more elements to each factor, and that is what the infographic will explain a little bit more - but the core driving force behind rankings really comes down to the above 2 factors.

So with that being said... I hope you enjoy the infographic we have created for you. I hope it explains exactly how SEO really works without all the tech stuff to confuse you.

Enjoy and if you got something out of this infographic please share it around with your friends 😉

- - -


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