In 3 Easy Steps. Takes Less Than 10 Seconds.

This is a test one of my marketing mentors Ryan Deiss taught me.

It’s simple.

It’s quick.

And it works.

To give some context, this works to get you started and out of the gate.

Long term the market will tell you if your website will be a success.

ADVANCED TIP: We always recommend testing your website on real life traffic to get a true idea of its effectiveness - not well-meaning family, friends or employees.

However for a quick test to ensure you’re on the right track, this test is great.

3 Quick & Easy Steps To Conduct Your Test

STEP 1) Find a person willing to become a test subject. This subject must not have seen your website or homepage wireframe before. Tell them what target market they represent.

Use this script “You are a (insert your target market) and you’ve gone to Google to look for a company that can help you with (insert your target markets main problem).

Here’s a real life example “You are a homeowner with a termite problem. You’ve gone to Google and looked up “pest control company” now you have landed on this Pest Control website.

STEP 2) Show them your websites homepage for a total of 7 seconds.

STEP 3) Ask for feedback using the following questions...

  • What does the company do?
  • Is the company able to help you solve your problem? How?
  • What next steps should you take to get help from the company?

The next step is to write down your test persons responses and study where they may have gotten lost.

What do you need to make clearer?

Do you need to refine your headlines?

Do you have enough call to actions?

Are your call to actions clear enough?

The more times you can run this test across different test candidates the better. Once you start to see consistent patterns in responses you’ll have a pretty good idea which areas on the website need fixing or are good to go.

How Did Your Website Rate?

How did you go?

If you’re still reading, either you already know your website isn’t converting to the best of its ability or you are about to build a new website and want to make sure you launch a one that’s going to grow your business - a Website That Sells. 

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