How To Increase Your Websites Conversion Rate

Discover How We Built A Website That Generated 377 Website Conversions (calls & enquiriesIN A SINGLE MONTH - At Just $10.50/Conversion!

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Not only did we drive all those phone calls & website enquiries...

The business owner converted 3 out of 5 leads into a sale.

And he's been doing it month, after month, after month ever since!

That's the level of quality in leads, a high-converting website can produce!

We drove traffic to the website via Google, and here’s proof these outrageous claims are true:

For those that like the numbers… this website converted 33.49% of people that landed on it.

We did all this without a big social media following, without a comprehensive online marketing strategy and without the latest “funnel hack”.

What’s the secret?

We know which ingredients turn visitors into buyers (keep reading as I'll lay them all out in this guide).

And this wasn't just a one-time fluke...

Here’s how we’ve done it over and over again for different websites in different industries.

We generated 766 website enquiries for a rubbish company in 28 days

rubbish company conversions

We generated 507 conversions (phone calls, form submissions, emails) for a local builder in 30 days

We helped an eCommerce store generate 4,528 conversions, 445 purchases which resulted in $502,802.68 in revenue - all in 31 days.

ecommerce conversions revenue

If you want to work with me and my team to achieve similar results with your website, click the button below and book a free strategy call via Zoom.

On our call we’ll bring up your website on screen or discuss your ideas for a new website, and within minutes we'll be able to show you what needs to happen to turn visitors into buyers.

It’s simple.

It’s quick.

And if you qualify, it’s free.


If you're not ready to jump on a call with us... here's more good news.

I’ve documented every conversion strategy we used on these websites in this guide, so you can copy what we did yourself and achieve this kind of success too.

And we'll dive right into it in a moment... but before we do, I need to make one thing clear.

This guide is not for everyone!

What I'm about to share will not work for people who just want a “pretty website”.

This doesn’t mean a high-converting website has to be ugly!

It does mean the No.1 priority must be to generate:

  • More downloads.
  • More opt-ins.
  • More enquiries.
  • More phone calls.
  • More sales.

This guide will not teach you how to create an award-winning website design.

It will however teach you how to increase your website's conversion rate, which makes your business grow.

This guide is perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers and has worked for:

  • Services Businesses (eg. Plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc)
  • Professional Type Businesses (accountants, mortgage brokers, lawyers)
  • eCommerce stores

I’ve seen the power of applying just one of the conversion strategies and the impact it has had on our own and hundreds of our client's businesses.

I hope that even if you just apply one of the website conversion strategies, it helps your business grow.

If you’re looking to re-design your website or build a brand new one, this guide will give you the framework you need to design a website that converts.

How To Use This Website Conversion Guide

This is the same guide our team uses as a starting point for every project.

It serves as a checklist of what a site needs or what it might be missing. 

Not every strategy may apply to your website, so here are the 3 steps to get the most out of this guide.

Just consume the information

Read the guide all the way through without stopping. To get even more value, download our highest-converting website template here and use it to follow along with this guide.

Decide which strategy will boost your websites conversions the most

Decide which conversion strategy will give you the biggest bang for buck.

This is where speaking to one of our experts can come in really handy.

If you haven’t yet, you can apply for a free strategy call with one of our website experts, draw upon years of experience and shortcut your journey to success.

You can apply for a free website strategy session here: websitesthatsell.com.au/website-strategy-application

Implement whatever your situation.

Here are the 3 most likely situations you're in:

i) You need a new website. Use this guide as your checklist. Since you’ve got a clean slate - try to implement as many of the conversion strategies into your design.

ii) You need to re-design your website. Make sure you know and keep elements that are working on your website right now. Then pick any additional conversion strategies that will complement what’s already working on your current website.

iii) Improve your website without a rebuild. Take one suitable conversion strategy that you think will boost your website's conversion rate.

Maybe it’s re-writing your headline or adding a sub-headline.

You could simply add reviews to validate proof!

Just clearly adding a phone number to the top of your website might be all it takes to finally make your phone ring.

That's just a taste of what you'll learn in this guide.

Keep reading and follow along as I break down the 7 most effective website conversion strategies responsible for the results you've seen on this page.

Pick what works for you, implement and start watching your website conversion rate soar.

IMPORTANT: The strategies outlined below work best when driving traffic to your website via Google Ads, SEO or Word of Mouth - customers who are in the "buying phase" of their journey. They will not work by simply posting about your business on social platforms like Facebook. For maximum results, we recommend using targeted advertising that drives visitors who are "ready to buy".

How To Build A High Converting Header

Keep your header simple, logo small and navigation short. No more than 6 top-level menu items.

Feature your primary call to action button(s). These action buttons could include:

  • Phone Number
  • Book A Meeting
  • Request A Quote
  • Visit Contact Page
  • Log In

Try not to add more than 2 action buttons to the header area.

They should be the primary actions you want people to take based on the website/page objective.

6 examples of high converting headers

eCommerce HeaderRubbish Removal Company HeaderCleaning Company HeaderSkin Clinic HeaderPlumber HeaderMedical Clinic Header

How To Write Headlines That Makes Traffic Engage With Your Website Longer

Headline 1 - this is your main headline that needs to let your visitors know they are in the right place.

Keep it simple and to the point. You have a few microseconds to convince your visitor to stay on the page, don't waste this opportunity by trying to be creative, cute or long-winded.

Headline 2 - This headline should tap into your avatar's core desires. What do they really want?

Hint: it's not really your product or service.

You need to ask yourself...

Do they want more time, more money or a better life?

What's the actual outcome they are after?

The secondary headline should tap into this desire and make a promise that you can get them closer to this desire or away from the pain they are currently feeling.

Getting this headline right is what makes visitors stick around and buy.

This is one of the most critical areas of your homepage to get right.

3 real-life examples of high converting website headlines

Some of the highest converting websites we have built have simple to the point headlines.

Remember, the market is ready to buy and actively looking for a solution.

Don’t fall into the trap of writing a “cute” headline.

They just need to know they are in the right place.

Here’s a few examples of this working in action.

Example 1) A construction company

Example 2) A bookkeeping business

Example 3) A local lolly shop

How To Use Proof To Convert Visitors Into Buyers

If your website does a good job of positioning what you sell as desirable, you will no doubt have made claims about how good you are (remember I encouraged you to do this in step 3)

The important thing now is to actually prove what you’re saying is true.

Early on in my marketing career a mentor taught me an important principal around this.

For every claim you make, you need to back it up with proof.

It’s no different for your website. You may not get another chance to prove your case, at a click of a button your visitor could be gone.

There are many ways to prove your case.

Here are...

3 different types of proof which increase website conversions 

1) Stats, research and industry figures.


2) Reviews & testimonials

example of Google Reviews

3) Logos

You can use the logos of companies you have worked for.

This works well if you’re operating on a local level by highlighting other locals or local businesses that you have worked with or on a national level if you have worked with very well-known brands.

trusted by logo example

How To Use "Authority" To Turn Skeptical Visitors Into Believing Buyers.

This is one of those points often overlooked by mediocre web designers who don’t understand marketing.

When people land on your website that have never heard of you before it's important to understand these people are sceptical!

They want to know like and trust you… remember they have a problem to which you have the solution… however, they need to know you are trustworthy and the most authoritative person to help.

The following strategies are proven ways to build trust and increase your websites conversion rate.

  • Time in business
  • Product range
  • Expertise
  • Qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Number of customers
  • Number of jobs completed
  • Guarantees & Warranties

Advanced Tip: we encourage you to go to town telling your visitors how good you are at what you do and why, but make sure you don’t forget to communicate what this means to them.

For example.

We, here at Websites That Sell, are a Google Certified Digital Agency.

Our individual certifications include:

Google Search Ads CertifiedSearch Advertising
This includes creating, managing, measuring and optimising Search campaigns.

Google Video Ads CertifiedVideo Advertising
This includes creating, managing and optimising Video campaigns.

And we showcase these on our website to proof we are actually qualified at what we do.


If we simply said “Certified Digital Agency”, yes it would add some level of authority to our website, but to the majority of our market, this doesn’t mean much. 

On the other hand...

If we said “We are a Google Certified Agency, which means we have been trained to get the best result for your hard-earned money, making your ad campaigns more profitable” all of a sudden not only have we achieved authority status, but we’ve communicated how our certification makes & saves you more money!

And that's got to be a good thing.

Establish yourself as the authority while wrapping this in benefits that make people buy.

How To Use "Call To Actions" (CTA's) The Right Way.

Your website must have calls to action.

We usually like to have a primary call to action (eg. Phone number to call, or form fill) however it depends on your business.

Whatever next step it is you would like your visitors to take needs to be clearly displayed and repeated throughout the homepage.

Remember on the internet we are dealing with click-trigger-happy, fast-scrolling, attention-deficit people.

I’m one of them.

That's why at every step of the way, we have to give our visitors directions.

If you want phone calls, make sure you feature your phone number loud and clear.

If you want enquiries via email, have an enquiry form on the site with a call to action to fill out the form.

If you want people to download something, tell them how to download it.

Whatever the goals and objectives you want to achieve on your website, make sure you give people direction on how to go about it.

How To Give Visitors "A Reason To Choose You" And Watch Conversion Rates Soar

Your website needs to clarify what makes you different and what benefits your product or service provides.

You need to answer:

“Why should the visitor choose you over every other business out there?"

We call this "tapping into the customer's core desire".

Think “sell the sizzle, not the steak”.

Then package this with all the reasons that make you different.

For example, is it price, location, speed of service, product range... are you a one-stop-shop... do you go above any beyond?

Doing this exercise alone will give you better clarity about your business and what kind of message to lead with, in your marketing.

HINT: Having a list of "7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US" is a website conversion strategy proven to work very well. Just list the 7 reasons why you're different/better than everyone else - simple as that.

How To Use Your Footer To Get Clicks That Would Otherwise Bounce.

This is one of those functional areas you do not want to neglect. Historically your footer will have your

About Us & Contact page links.

A really good tip is to place some of your best content for prospects to consume in this area also.

A lot of the internet still uses this area to navigate to these pages.

Fill your footer with the most important top-level pages you want your visitors to find.

4 Examples Of High Converting Website Footers 

footer example 3footer example 2footer example 1footer example 4
You’ve now got all the information you need to start deploying our most effective website conversion strategies on your website.

These same strategies are responsible for taking many of our clients companies from 6-7 figures and from 7 to multiple 7 figures in sales a year.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

Where To From Here?

Fact is... I didn't just stumble onto these strategies one day and made them work the next.

There is a steep learning curve to executing everything correctly yourself without spending hours designing the website elements, fixing code or breaking the website altogether before you even start.

I've seen this in my business especially.

I’ve broken sites trying to do things myself, and spent hours on website work when I should have been running & growing our company.

But this all changed when I employed some of the smartest designers & developers I know to help me do it all.

The day I combined my marketing brain with the design & development skills of my team our company doubled in less than 6 months.

And that’s what I want for you too.

A website that’s going to take your business from 6-7 figures and from 7 to multiple 7 figures in revenue per year.

Yes, you can trial and error everything I showed you today on your own.

Just understand there is a big upfront cost of time & money to get it right.

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An easier way.

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I’ll pinpoint your best customers or clients and what your website needs to say to make them stick around and buy.

On top of this, I’ll show you something extra special we applied to one of our clients websites who went from being a single operator... trying to do everything on his own, to now running a team of 15 employees.

When his website started producing more and more phone calls and enquiries he needed a system to help him keep up with the demand.

Our “Velvet Rope” lead nurturing system takes prospects by the hand and automatically qualifies them so you don’t have to.

This system is awesome.

On our strategy call not only will I show you which conversion strategies will give you the quickest growth...

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A quick message from our founder:
"Our true north at Websites That Sell is "results for clients". If it doesn't work, we don't do it... and we damn well won't charge for it. It's what's allowed us to build client relationships spanning over 15 years. When you decide to work with us, you get:
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