Best SEO Onpage Optimisation Practices For Brisbane Business Owners

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G’day, it’s David Krauter here from Websites that Sell.

And in this training video, we’re going to look at how to optimise your page.

Now, this actually is a follow on video from a previous video.

If you go to and type in keyword research Brisbane, you’ll find a video where I discuss, here it’s right here, the first result, you’ll find a keyword where we discuss how to find the right keywords for your business and it’s all Brisbane related.


You’ll be able to check that out and based on that information you need to take the next step.

Now to get found in the search engines for your keywords you really need to optimise your page.

This is key these days to have a page that’s actually relevant to what Google’s looking for and to have all the right indicators on there to make sure that Google knows what your page is about.

So in the last example, we were looking at lawyer Brisbane.

So let’s just stick with that example.

Now if we have a look here at a few of the first ones, alright let’s have a look at one of these websites here.

I’ll go a bit further down, here we go.

So we’ve got lawyers Brisbane,, they’re a big firm.

Now what you’ll find is they’ve got Shine lawyers Brisbane, this would be more than likely an H1 tag.

So we’re getting a little bit technical here, but you need to have all these elements on the page.

The other thing you need to look at is your title tag.

Up here you can see compensation lawyers Brisbane, Shine lawyers.

You’ve got lawyers Brisbane right here.

That’s a big indicator of what this page is going to be about and then Google will actually go further into the page and check out what the page is about.

As I said, the H1 tag would be very big, we can have a quick look if I look this up in the code behind there, yep it’s got an H1 tag attached to it. So the H1 is lawyers Brisbane again and Google knows straight away, yep this page is about lawyers Brisbane.

Now, these guys they’ve actually gone a little bit further and they’ve implemented this map on the page as well which is kind of a ninja trick.

So it’s something if it’s possible for you to do that and if it makes sense then it’s important to have that there as well, the map right at the top here.

It’s working really well and it gives another factor to Google, it just shows Google that the page is relevant to lawyers Brisbane.

Now further down obviously there’s content here as well, and here again, you can see lawyers Brisbane is on the page here, we’ve got the head office address so we’ve got the address again with the phone number and then it’s got all the other pages.

So those are kind of the key elements to look for on a page.

You can really delve further into it, you can embed videos on there, you can put an H2 tag, an H3 tag and put your other kind of keywords that we found in the keyword research right here all through those.

So if you’ve got more relevant keywords such as solicitor Brisbane that would probably be a relevant keyword as well, you can put that in the H2 and H3 tags.

That way you don’t over optimise the page which you’ll get penalised for.

Now, if all of this is a little bit too technical for you I’ve got good news for you as well because what we’ve created is actually an onsite optimisation test.

And if you go to our Brisbane Office page, which is:

Right at the top here you can actually do a website audit.

And all you have to do is put in your URL right here and start the website audit.

Now our system will go through all the major ranking factors that influence your on-page factors and how well you’ll rank in the search engines based on what is said on your website.

So this report is totally free, I highly encourage you to go there and have a look at it and give it a test drive.

As I said it’s free, all you need to put in is your URL, hit the start website audit and you’ll get a PDF outlining all the areas that you could improve on your website to get a higher ranking.

So I could go through step by step exactly what you need on the website and what you should have on there, but we’ve done it all for you already in this tool.

So I highly encourage you to just take this tool for a test spin, do a quick test on your page and see what areas you can improve on, and then just make those changes and you’ll see your rankings increase.

So this is really kind of onsite optimisation 101 for Brisbane. So check it out, check out this tool, take advantage of it and all the best with your SEO endeavours.