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Keyword Research Service

"It's more like a website growth map"
You will get a detailed roadmap which outlines your best customer opportunities and how to tap into these to grow your business. Your website will rank faster, with less budget & most importantly - long term (no matter what algorithm changes loom ahead).
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Why 99% Of The Industry Gets Keyword Research Wrong!

...and why this investment will be the best money you’ll ever spend on SEO!
Before we go through everything you get as part of our keyword research services, let’s quickly
answer why 99% of the industry gets keyword research wrong.

Here’s Why
In the golden days of SEO you could simply pick your main keyword to rank your website for
(eg. for a plumber this may have been “best Plumber in my area”) build one page around this keyword
on your website, rank it and start generating traffic, calls & sales

Those days however, are over...

Times have changed

Google has refined its machine.

This kind of “quick & dirty” approach doesn’t cut it anymore

In fact, by doing things the old way, you’re robbing your website of precious money making
opportunities and in danger of a penalty

Here’s 3 Examples How “The Old Way” Hurts Your Business

Targeting just one keyword causes your website to miss out on additional traffic opportunities.
By not covering all information
your users want, you’re not meeting your prospects full expectations. This is called a bad user experience.
Google rewards websites that paint a full picture of a product or service, not just a one sided pitch!

The big takeaway is, keyword research isn’t just “picking a few random keywords” anymore

  Keyword research done right, ensures your website: 
Taps into what’s going on in your prospects mind before they ever think about your product, service or business
Targeting just one keyword causes your website to miss out on additional traffic opportunities.
Features at the top of Google when prospects are searching at their absolute hottest buying moments.
Ties everything together logically, so Google ranks your website faster, with less budget & most importantly - long term (no matter what algorithm changes loom ahead).
HINT: our keyword research service gives you all this and more... no wonder it’s been dubbed the ultimate website growth map

Who Our Keyword Research
Service Is For

Brands we have worked with:
We’ve worked with marketing managers, business owners and start ups. This is a specialist service that will give you the complete roadmap to grow your website, no matter its current condition. For example:
If you’ve never done SEO before
Our keyword research service will not only map out your websites future but also allow you to get SEO right from day one and save you ongoing promotional budget moving forward.
If you’re not getting results from your current SEO efforts.
This will be the missing piece to remove the “hand break” from your rankings and finally give you the break through you’ve been looking for.
If you’re wanting to expand the growth of your site.
This research will give you market insights, customer acquisition opportunities and content reach you need to breakthrough to the next level of expansion
Anyway... by now you’re properly thinking:
“OK I get it... but what exactly do I get and how does it all work?”
Glad you asked, introducing...

Websites That Sell’s 4 Step Keyword
Research Process

Customer Journey Mapping
We get to know your target market really well. SEO aside, it’s not uncommon we find marketing opportunities you may have never thought about.

We then use this intel to map out your customers entire buying journey from not interested to you becoming the only obvious choice to solve their problem.

We then pinpoint the perfect moments along this journey and get your website in front of your prospect at every sales opportunity
Identify Best Commercial Opportunities
Using the insights gained from the market research, we’ll then separate your content marketing e”orts between “helpful information” & “selling opportunities”.

In short we: 
1)  Identify your best buying keywords (and how to target them).
2)  Plan out a content map to maximise your online reach
Bridge Competitor Gaps
In this step we reverse engineer your top competitors and identify what is and isn’t working for them.

We cherry pick the best ideas and model them to narrow the gap between you and their Websites.
Where The REAL Magic Happens
In this final step we map out and organise all of the research exactly how Google loves it.

You’ll get an easy to follow document that shows you which pages you need, how to structure them and how to group everything together so your website ranks faster, with less effort and long term (no matter what algorithm changes loom ahead).
Where to from here?

Here’s Your Next Step

To get started simply select the size of your website, click add to cart and complete your purchase.

Once your purchase is confirmed, here’s what will happen next:

Our project manager will be in touch via phone to arrange a time for your strategy session.

Leading up to the strategy session we’ll complete our research to ensure we maximise our time together and not waste any of yours

From there we’ll communicate via our project management system and collate all the information into an easy to understand plan ready for implementation.

To get started, select the size of your website add to cart and complete your purchase.

Clients Love The Growth
They Experience From Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my keyword Research?

Typically we take 1-2 weeks to complete the whole process.


Remember this is not just a shotgun approach to give you a few keywords we think you should rank for.


We will map out the full customer journey and what keywords to target along the way.


You'll get keywords relevant to the following phases of your customers/clients buying journey:


Discovery: where the user isn't aware about the product/service/solution however found out about it via a similar search.


Informational: where the user is aware that they have a problem and are seeking a solution.


Navigational Keywords: help users find a specific brand, product, or service. They are already aware of the options and now are trying to make a decision.


Transactional Keywords: match the final stage of the buyer’s journey – when a user has done their research, explored their options, and is ready to buy, sign up, or hire.


Transactional content is the content that draws in the users that are most ready to buy. You will typically have less of this content, especially if you only have one or a few sales pages.


Post Purchase Keywords: After a product or service has been bought there may well be follow-up questions a consumer has.


We'll sit down together to get all the information we need about your business/products/services and from this information complete our research, then map this out how it should be structured and displayed across your website.


By now it's probably setting in how much more than just "keyword research" you get as part of this service.

Will this work if I’ve previously done SEO or am in the middle of a campaign?

Yes. In fact we'll use or improve on things that are done "half right" already and fix and use elements that are done wrong in our process to give your site maximum ranking & marketing power.


Here's how we do this.


We'll go about our research and structure as per the normal 4 Step Process.


We'll then do a comparison with your live site to determine where things are done right and wrong.


Based on this comparison we'll map out where changes need to happen and give you the blueprint to implement these things or you simply hire us to execute on the information as well.

Will you implement the keyword research on my website

We can, however this isn't included as part of this service.


Our keyword research provides you the full content roadmap as well as the structure in which you should be implementing the research we complete.


The execution of these elements can take weeks, months even years depending on how deep you have asked us to go with our research.


To execute these content creation, design and development is required.


We can help with all of these services, in fact it's what all our SEO clients hire us to do.


If that's something you're interested in we'll map out a execution plan to complement your website growth map you'll receive.

What tools do you use to complete keyword research?

There are various tools we use, which we'll outline below.


However the biggest tool and what's sets our keyword research apart from every other competitor is us!


You get our marketing brains, our SEO brains, our website brains.


This is really where the magic happens.


Of course we use all the industry standard tools to gather data like Google Search Console, The Google Keyword Planner, aHrefs, SemRush, Screaming Frog and a few more secret tools we won't reveal here...


However the real value in what you're going to get is how we think, operate and generate marketing ideas for your website.


Our ability to research and create your ideal customer avatar.


Then connecting this avatar with the customer journey they will go through.


And the magic touch... mapping out content points that your website must have to get in front of this customer at every stage of the journey is the true value that you'll get.


While the tools we use help us determine the opportunity, volume and intent of keywords it will never replace the marketing brain power you get from our team.

Can I do keyword research for free?



There is a boatload of information on YouTube & Google that will help you along the journey.


The question is do you have the time, marketing & SEO expertise to do your own keyword research?


You've seen our process, you've seen the expertise we bring to the table.


Based on the information we've provided on this page you'd probably do keyword research better than most so called "SEO Experts" the real questions you need to ask yourself however are these:


"Is my time better spend growing my business instead of learning how to do keywords research myself?"


"Have I got the marketing brain required to get the process right?"


"Do I have the SEO expertise to tie all the information together?"


"Do I have the money to spend on all the tools required to get things right?"


"And again... Isn't my time better spend focusing on what I'm good at... selling my products/services, running/operating and growing my company?"


These answers to these questions will help you determine if doing free keyword research is the right choice for you.

How much do you charge for your keyword research services?

Pricing for our services is outlined above.


Prices start at $1,995+GST for 20 or less pages.


It all depends on how deep you'd like to go.


To help you identify what level of research you need please watch the training provided "How to Choose The Right Package For Your Website"

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3 reviews for Keyword Research Service

  1. Beau Schutz

    We have been blown away by the service from David & his team. David implemented one silo and has been running SEO for us for two months now, and the results speak for themselves. We don't totally understand the technical side of SEO, but with David you don't need to, they do it all for you. The results speak for themselves; our incoming calls have increased, our website has taken more online orders and our bins are currently going out at a faster rate than ever before, so much so, we are looking at buying another truck to deal with the increased workload. Not a bad problem to have for a relatively new business! I cannot recommend David & his team highly enough, they are helpful, punctual with deadline and most of all, get the job done and results in.

  2. ESL Tutoring

    I've been very happy with the service and quality of the SEO for the right price.

  3. Jan-maree Wilson

    It is with great confidence that I recommend Websites That Sell. When I first contacted David I was disillusioned after paying another company to create my e-commerce website, a website that was not professional and barely even functional. Now my website is responsive and allows my customers to order products easily on their computer, smart phone or tablet. David kept the communication lines open throughout this process advising me of timelines and pricing options. It has been a long time since I have dealt with a business that is as professional and customer focused as David and his team.

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