SEO PRICING: How Much Does SEO Cost

The cost of SEO services will depend on your situation. For a local campaign, prices start at $595/month (larger, more competitive suburbs will be more). Major City / National / International SEO campaigns range from $2,000 per month to $10,000+ per month. A one-time consultation starts at $5,000, and execution of findings by a qualified SEO expert is charged at $150/hour.

You can buy cheap SEO and save a little money or
you can invest in quality SEO and make a bunch of money.
You can't have both!

David Krauter

We've been helping clients with their marketing, websites & SEO since 2007. The most common scenario we come across goes a little something like this:

A local business hires a cheap overseas "so-called" SEO Company for a killer $99/month deal.

Result: a "saving" of $1,401 per month on actual SEO costs, no ranking improvements, no extra traffic, no leads, no enquiries, no sales and a wasted 3 months while their competitors surged ahead.

Next step.

They hire an Australian-based agency that at least speaks and understands English (yet has no clue about quality SEO). Pressure sold into a $995/month 6-month lock in the contract. The SEO journey continues...

Result: no reporting, no communication, no clear plan of action AND... still no page 1 ranking,  increase in traffic, enquiries or sales.

9 months later, with $6.3K in wasted SEO budget, we get the call...

Can you help...?

# # #

If the above scenario sounds familiar or you'd like to avoid this kind of situation altogether, here's the kind of SEO we recommend.

We call it our "Targeted SEO Expansion Model", and it works in 3 stages.

10% Strategy - Immediate Money Fast

We research and identify the best, fastest and highest impact opportunities for your website.

We then narrow the focus and increase the power of this opportunity to get results fast.

Typically, the investment for an I.M.F. campaign ranges from $1.5-2K per month.

10 x Multiply The Money

This is where we identify ways to replicate or duplicate money opportunities identified in the I.M.F. phase times 3, but without paying 3 times the price.

Typically, the investment for a 10 x M.T.M campaign ranges from 3-5K per month.

90% Spin The Other Plate (S.T.P)

This is for those companies serious about growth. We help you take market share using content-based market capture systems, geographical expansion models and out-of-the-box marketing to re-invent "what's always worked" in new and better ways.

Typically, the investment for an STP campaign ranges between $5-10K per month.

Click here for a full explanation of our targeted SEO Expansion model
and the kind of results it's been responsible for

How Do You Get A Precise Quote?

Quality SEO doesn't allow for a cookie-cutter approach.

The only way to provide a precise quote is to analyse your website and market. We do this with a free, no-obligation SEO analysis.

We'll show you exactly what your competitors are up to (and simple ways to outsmart them), what is and isn't working on your site and the hidden opportunities to accelerate results. It's perfect for busy people who need answers fast - but you must qualify.

We would love to help every single business that comes to us. However, with the number of clients we already service and more finding us every day, we couldn’t do so even if we wanted to.

Over the years, we’ve realised there are certain types of clients unsuited to our services. And there are certain kinds of clients who are the perfect fit.

One of the main reasons we’re able to help get all of our client's top spots in Google is our client selection process.

That’s because we select the clients we work with very carefully. We’ve got a reasonable set of criteria that need to be met in order for us to work with someone.

Also, we have to be absolutely certain we can get a great return on investment for our clients. If we feel we can’t, then we simply decline to do the work.

Below are the kinds of business owners we work with:

1) You must have an active and healthy business already.

SEO is not a life raft and can’t save a sinking ship. Our services are best suited for a business that’s already up and running.

The kind of business that is looking for a solution to move and grow a lot faster and get ahead much quicker.

We do NOT work with:

Get Rich Quick Schemes
Network Marketing Companies
Adult Themed Material
Start-ups Without Funds

2) You’re already making sales.

What this means is that you’ve already got a system in place that currently generates sales. That’s because SEO works best when you have systems in place for generating leads and sales.

Relying solely on SEO to bring in new traffic and sales is foolish.

Our most successful clients are already running ads, promoting their business on different channels and have processes in place to convert this traffic into sales.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company… but you do need to be ready to convert traffic into sales, and you can’t just be relying on SEO to be responsible for the entire lifeblood of your business.

3) You have a solid product or service and a good reputation.

This is very important to us.

The way we work with every client is not only to generate more traffic, sales, and profits, but our secret system works in such a way that it generates goodwill (good karma if you like) in your market.

Okay, that’s about it… those are our requirements.

If you’ve read the above you know you meet the criteria, you know you can benefit from our services, and you think we’ll be a good fit, then we’d be more than happy to set time aside to help you with your project.