Website SEO Audit

"seo audit checklist for quick and long lasting wins"
You get a complete crosswalk of your website based on how good Google thinks your website is; completed and assessed by an SEO professional (not some automated tool). In your SEO analysis we will:
  • Assess the "quality" of your site from Google's perspective
  • Prune low performing pages (plus recommendations on what to do with them)
  • Identify quick SEO wins
  • Provide a long term SEO strategy
We do this by assessing & studying various data inputs & SEO metrics such as internal and external links, on-page content, site architecture, organic traffic performance, keyword ranking, SERP click-through rate and other SEO issues that may be hurting your website. Secure your Website SEO Audit now.


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Why You Need This SEO Analysis 

Search Engines, particularly Google, love "high quality" websites and rewards them with more traffic. Google cares so much about the quality they openly provide in-depth webmaster guidelines which more or less explain that they will reward a website if:

All technical SEO aspects of the website are on point.
The site provides high quality, authoritative content which satisfies "search intent".
The website is popular and gets mentions (aka backlinks) across the Internet.
In short, if you want to increase rankings and the amount of traffic your site receives, you need to get these three points right.

That's why... 

If you know your site has SEO issues - you need our audit. 

If you are unsure why your website has ranking issues - you need our audit.

If you want a strategic long term SEO strategy - you need our audit.

Companies we've completed this seo audit for:

What You Are Going To Get 

You will get an easy to read & implement report outlining where your site currently sits, what needs to be changed and further recommendations to improve your websites traffic. 

Here's a quick outline of our process:

Remove poor quality pages

Your report will outline every poor page that's hindering your websites' crawl rate and quality score. 

We'll complete a URL inspection which assesses different SEO metrics (traffic, engagement, external links, thin content etc) to determine quality. 

Because you get an SEO expert running their eyes over every page, it's the ultimate content audit - you will not find a better content audit tool on the market.

Identify pages with "quick win" opportunities

Your report will show you which URL's are on the verge of winning in Google. 

You'll get specific instructions what needs to happen to push these pages onto the first page and start to increase traffic.

Provide a long term SEO Strategy Outline

This audit is the starting point of every successful SEO campaign we've run. 

It's that important. 

It gives you guidance where your site lacks and what needs to be fixed for maximum results in minimum time.

(it's the ultimate guide to SEO - at last you'll know where to invest your budget for quick returns without blinding committing to a SEO campaign).

What Data Points We Analyse 

  • Site Crawl

    Site crawling means we're accounting for every URL on your website. 

    In addition to each URL we integrate key SEO data like word count, thin content/duplicate content, title tags, meta tag, meta description, status code, canonicals and page type to help us provide educated recommendations to make your website please Googles ranking algorithm.

    XML Sitemaps

    Using a sitemap ping we ensure we find any other pages that might be missing to paint the full picture of your site. 

    We ensure if multiple sitemaps are used (eg images, posts, site sections, video etc) all of them are included.
  • Rankings

    We outline every pages best target keyword. 

    Using a industry standard tool called SEMrush we identify and provide you with the best keyword for each page. 

    You'll be able to use this data to understand the performance of every page and the relevant keyword. 

    Google Analytics

    While SEO is all about rankings & traffic one of the most important parts of a quality site is to make sure leads & sales data is considered in the decision making process as well. 

    We look at the sites history in regards to organic sessions & users, conversion goals and traffic trends (up or down).
  • Search Console

    Using data provided by Google search consoles data portals we add number of clicks, impressions and click through rate of all pages into the audit. 

    (HINT: this data is what gives us inside information around the pages that we can improve SERP engagement to achieve quick wins) 

    External Links

    We use data provided by Ahref's for our backlink audits. 

    This allows us to judge the ranking power of your site as we compare the FOLLOWED links and referring domains across every URL in the report.

What SEO Tools We Use

In the online marketing world, there is no one tool to rule them all.


Neither is the case with site audits. 


This is why our website SEO audit goes above and beyond any other seo tools capability and quite frankly what many other SEO companies provide. 


We combine the power of all the most successful seo software and seo reporting tools on the market AND get our veteran SEO professionals to complete our website audits. 


Here's a peek at the SEOs toolbox our team will use for your website audit:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Search Console (webmaster tools)
  • Google Analytics

Here's Who Will Be Completing Your SEO Analysis

We don't just have 1 SEO expert working on our team. Meet our team of SEO's who will help  improve your websites quality and in effect, traffic to your site.
Sanjay Maharjan
"I started in seo back in 2008"Specialisations:
  • Technical SEO
  • Comprehensive Site Audit
  • Best SEO Practices
  • Comprehensive Audit
Anna Buck
"Creating quality content since the 90's!"Specialisations:
  • Strategic Content Writing
  • User Experience Flow
  • Weaving SEO Principles Into UX Design
  • Website Planning And Wireframes
David Krauter
"I've seen every Google update to date - right from the beginning..."
  • Effective SEO Strategy Formulation
  • Web Design For Successful SEO strategy execution
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • User's search query/page matching
  • SEO marketing

Check Your Website To Improve Quality & Boost Traffic 
To Your Website

To get started simply click the buy button below and get ready to start seeing your search engine results improve.
As you can tell by now, we're not your average marketing agency - and we don't deliver typical results. 

Watch other business owners just like you who took advantage of our site audits to increase their websites keyword ranking. This works for both local SEO & national SEO. The main outcome you'll see is your business grow.

Website SEO Audit FAQs

Does this audit take care of all my technical SEO problems?

This audit is the first step to increase the quality of your website and quickly discover major sticking points in your SEO campaign. It's not a full technical SEO audit, as a full technical audit is the next step following on from this audit.

A full technical audit will also include internal link structure, structured data analysis, anchor text analysis, onpage SEO audit, pull in bing webmasters tools data, looking at core web vitals, site structure, site speed/loading time, robotstxt file and other offpage SEO elements. It's a lot more involved and if this is something you're interested in, reach out to our team directly on 1300 188 662.

Does this audit also address onpage SEO?

No. While some onpage elements will be commented on it is not a full onpage SEO service. You can learn more about our full onpage SEO services offering here. This is where we deep dive into problems and fix issues such as thin content, alt texts, link structure and user experience and much more.

Does this audit include link building?

No. While the audit will comment on your internal and external links, actual link building is not included. To learn more about our link building services click here.

Does Social Media play a part in the audit?

Not in this audit. We have test results showing just how much social media plays a part in SEO, however as part of improving the quality of a website via this website SEO audit, social media does not come into play.

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  1. Les Pearce

    I had the pleasure of working with David and his team as I worked my way through the daunting task of creating a fully functioning E-commerce website that would work seamlessly with my in-store systems. The team were able to help from logo design through to launch of the site and SEO that has seen us cement a 1st page ranking on Google.

    I will continue to use David and his team as I grow.

  2. Anastasia Paraskevos

    Thanks for building another great website for us and SEO'ing it to get it found on the Sunshine Coast. Will be recommending you to everyone.

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