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Our average client has been with us for 9 years. Why? Because our SEO company gets long term results! You deal with specialists, not sales reps. You get results, not excuses. If you want to outrank your competition on Google, get in touch with us today.

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We’re a certified SEO Company on the Sunshine Coast. 

Our focus is driving more
organic traffic, leads & sales. Not just rankings!

Is Search Engine Optimisation a profitable marketing strategy for Sunshine Coast business owners?

Having worked on over 385 digital marketing campaigns, in our experience, SEO on the Sunshine Coast drives more leads, calls & sales for clients than any other digital marketing strategy.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. The Sunshine Coast still has significant untapped potential. While competition on the search engines has increased, there are still industries for which it is easy to get visibility & rank (if you know how).
  2. The population is still growing. The region's population in 2024 is 371,000 (MacroTrends.net, 2024) and is expected to surpass 500,000 by 2041 (Sunshine Coast Council, 2024). Our clients who have invested in SEO in previous years are seeing 2,3 and even four times the return on investment as demand for products & services is soaring on the Sunshine Coast.
  3. The Sunshine Coast has adapted to the shift online. More than ever, people are going to search engines to find local businesses or shops. Getting your website ranked on Google gets you in front of these shoppers!

Based on these facts and 10+ years of experience running SEO campaigns on the Sunshine Coast, we know that Search Engine Optimisation is and continues to be a profitable marketing strategy.

Our SEO Services

Because we are a full-service agency with SEO experts working here on the Sunshine Coast, not outsourced overseas, we have the expertise to provide full campaigns and specialised one-time services.

Local SEO

We have found that Local SEO strategies, such as optimising your Google Business Profile and targeting location-specific keywords, are a must for businesses targeting customers on the Sunshine Coast.

Our local SEO services let you laser target customers in specific suburbs such as Noosa, Coolum, Maroochydore, Buderim, Caloundra or Aura based on where your business operates.

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National & Multi City SEO

If you want to attract new customers & sales outside of your local area, we have found a national or multi-city SEO campaign is the perfect fit to build your brand presence in other locations.

The way it works is that we help you set up city pages and satellite offices you can leverage to attract more customers across other cities in Australia.

A lot of our Sunshine Coast clients can easily travel to Brisbane or Gold Coast, so these cities are usually the first ones we focus on.

We have found the Gold Coast mostly has tripled, if not quadrupled, the market size of the Sunshine Coast. And the Brisbane market is often ten times as big as the Sunshine Coast. 

If you're in expansion mode, this is the strategy you need. 

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International SEO

Our International SEO services have helped numerous Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs break onto the global stage.

This type of campaign allows you to reach an international audience even if your operations are on the Sunshine Coast.

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eCommerce SEO

We will help you rank your products, categories and build out a content engine to attract more new & repeat customers to your store. Get your online store found today. 

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SEO Consulting & Strategy

We research what your website needs to rank in your industry. We will then provide a plan, strategy and ongoing advice for your team to execute.

SEO Audit

In our experience a SEO audit is the first step to a successful SEO campaign.

Our audits include a complete analysis of your site. We look at the top-ranking factors and compare your website to your competitors.

This audit gives us all the data we need to structure & launch your campaign.

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Keyword Research

As part of keyword research, we identify keywords your target audience and a typical customer may use to try and find your products or services on the search engines.

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OnPage Optimisation

We have found that basic optimisations such as meta tags, H tags, headings and images are still techniques that get search rankings. When optimising a website's content this way it builds theme relevance, which we have found to be a significant ranking factor in the algorithm in 2024.

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Link Building

As part of our link building process, we first inspect your backlink profile. This gives us an idea of the link profile of the competition that rankgs at the top of the search results. We then map out what kind of link building is required to increase your website's authority over theirs. A few examples of link building techniques we use include: citations, outreach and niche relevant links.

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Our reporting includes everything! You get an online dashboard, monthly reports, and an SEO specialist explaining everything that's been done to help you understand the roi you get from your investment.

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Proof our SEO Agency gets results.

Case Study 1

Local SEO drives 138 phone calls in 30 days.

Local SEO Case Study
The Problem

The client had never done any SEO before and therefore was not ranking on Google.

The Solution

Local SEO campaign targeting service pages around the Sunshine Coast as well as hyper locally in Coolum & Yandina.

The Strategy

Get the website found for service related searches locally.

The Result

After a 12 month period the campaign had its best month driving 138 phone calls in 30 days. The campaign continues to grow.

Case Study 2

eCommerce SEO campaign boosts Sunshine Coast online store from a few local sales to $7,000 in sales a week.

Keto Lean eCommerce SEO Case Study
The Problem

The companies website wasn’t ranking for any related product searches on Google.

The Solution

Optimise the product pages and run a SEO campaign directly at these pages to rank them.

The Strategy

Target high commercial intent product related keywords.

The Result

The company hit the top spots on Google for key product phrases. As a result the site went from a few local sales to $7,000 in weekly sales.

Case Study 3

SEO campaign 5X’s Sunshine Coast construction company’s growth.

The Problem

The client had tried online marketing before but with little result.

The Solution

Local SEO campaign focusing on commercial intent keywords to generate leads.

The Strategy

Implement a SEO campaign to get the website found on Google for relevant searches.

The Result

The SEO campaign helped the company go from 5 to 40 leads per month which resulted in a 5 times growth of the company.

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Meet Our SEO Specialists

Camilla Hansen
"Swedish mafia SEO"
SEO strategising and execution
User Experience flow
Weaving UX design principles into SEO
Website planning and wireframes
Camilla Hansen
Luke Burrell
Content is King
Client relations
Digital marketing
Graphic design
Content coordination
Luke Burrell
Alannah Picking
Content is my happy place
Content strategy
Project management
SEO friendly copywriting
SEO Audits
Alannah Picking
Sanjay Maharjan
"I started in seo back in 2008"
Technical SEO
Comprehensive site audit
Best practices
Maintain SEO friendliness
Sanjay Maharjan

Ready to rank your website on Google?

Speak to our team and we will help you choose the right SEO strategy to get long term results.

Additional Services That Complement SEO

PPC Advertising

PPC Ads such as Google Ads or Facebook ads help you increase your market share across key sites your customers visit. We can help you get set up on these ad platforms as well as manage your campaigns for you.
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Content Creation

Our copywriting team will write new or provide improvements to your current content marketing efforts. We can also map out a full content strategy based on a content analysis of your target market and the customer journey. 
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Social Media Marketing

This is not a big factor that would determine your SEO success. However, we’ve seen a positive correlation between an active social media presence and rankings improving.
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Web Design

Our website design experts can help you improve the user experience of web pages and landing pages. We are well versed in conversion rate optimisation and we can help you boost your conversions as well.
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Web Development

Our web developers can help you with all the technical SEO stuff such as URL structures, Google Analytics & tracking integrations and other technical issues you may have with your website or systems; as well as general support to improve the overall website performance.
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frequently asked questions

How much does SEO cost?

In 2024, the average cost of an SEO campaign for our Sunshine Coast clients is $1,852+GST per month.

The final cost of SEO depends on the competition and the type of campaign you'd like to run. 

For example, we worked with a Pool Builder on the Sunshine Coast in 2018 with a budget of $1,500/month and reached a No.1 ranking for his main term within six months. This industry has dramatically grown since then, and the same campaign today requires a budget of $3,300/month to achieve a similar result.

The only way to get a precise quote is to get our team to complete an SEO audit and strategy plan for you. You can apply for this for free here.


What are the benefits of hiring a Sunshine Coast based company?

We service clients from our Brisbane location as well as our Gold Coast location, as well as work with clients in other major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

However, nothing beats having our team on the ground where you can come into our office in Forest Glen.

Meet us face to face and talk about your strategy.

For example, we were working with a client in Noosa. We completed all of the intake and onboarding of the campaign via Zoom. But it wasn't until one of our team members travelled to Noosa to meet with the client in person that we discovered all the business opportunities that hadn't been mentioned over the phone or Zoom to date. 

If you've been in business for any amount of time, you'll understand that nothing beats a face-to-face meeting.

SEO's that go fully remote and don't understand their client's business, like a local agency does, will miss key things that stop the campaign from reaching its full effectiveness.

How long does it take to see results?

When a business targets all of the Sunshine Coast we usually see impactful results within 6-12 months.

Having said this, we have run hyper-local campaigns targeting only suburbs like Caloundra or Beerwah; in these cases, we've experienced websites rank on the first page within 3 months.

The time frame of results will depend on the competitiveness of the industry and what regions on the Sunshine Coast are targeted.

Do you have a proven track record?


Our SEO company has been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 2013.

Since then we have worked on over 385 different digital marketing campaigns.

Here are a few case studies of SEO results we have achieved and what clients have said:

SEO Campaign Boosts Sunshine Coast Based eCommerce Store From A Few Local Sales To $7,000 In Sales A Week

Results Driven SEO Campaign 5X's A Sunshine Coast Construction Firm's Growth

"We engaged David Krauter to help us with our SEO as we saw our rankings drop after several Google updates...I was already more than happy with this result as we were getting more enquiries coming through every day, but then 2 weeks after the completion of the campaign, David followed up again, shortly after yet another Google update and informed us that after applying their new SEO strategies combined with this update we now had 9 our keywords ranking at No.1, 5 at No.2 and 3 at No.3 and in Total 30 keywords ranking on the first page. When it comes to generating more traffic from the Internet I would highly encourage you to get in touch with David from Websites That Sell.

Not only did he deliver everything he promised and continued to work for at no cost when he could have just walked away, but his approach to SEO is long term and has now delivered above and beyond what was promised in terms of Google rankings."

Cameron Tilbrook - Sunshine Coast


"Firstly, thank you for the latest update you have sent. This shows that we are performing extremely well with our positioning on so many first-page rankings. Well done. I would like to mention that as a business owner with not a lot of internet experience, we have been very lucky to select you as our SEO guy. Working with a new website you have achieved a great result with our positioning on all searches relating to our main products. This has created a new and exciting lead source for our company, one that has proven to be a lot more economical than print media. You have been professional and helpful as we strive to embrace new ideas to advance our business model.

We would be happy if you could contact us to discuss our Australia-wide online business."

Steve Walton - Sunshine Coast

Websites That Sell's SEO Services helped us increase our traffic to our website by 3,704% and increased sales from zero to $3 Million in Less than two years. Great results backed by good old quality customer service."

Alan Thompson - Crystal Pools Sunshine Coast

How can I get started?

The best way to get started with an SEO campaign is to reach out to us here.

We will first have a chat over the phone to work out what you'd like to achieve and if we're a good fit. 

If we find that we can help you we'll complete a free assessment and campaign strategy for you.

If the campaign is within your budget and you can see how it will work with your business, we can get started working on your campaign. 

Your next step is to reach out to us here.

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